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A small settlement between Harvey and Yarloop, set about 2 kms west of the South Western Highway. This is a farming centre with a store, railway station and a few dozen homes. Cookernup was gazetted in 1894 and is named after Mr Joseph Logue's farm. An early spelling was Kookernup. When Mr Logue was farming here in the 1850's, the nearby brook was called Cookernup Brook. This was later changed to Logue Brook and Kookernup to Cookernup


Cookernup - Welcome Sign

This great piece of artwork on a tree cross-section welcomes us to Cookernup. January 2012. Photos Ref: COOK001


Cookernup - General Store

What a surprise finding such a large, modern and well-equipped store in Cookernup. Unless you are a local, there is no way you'd know this was here. There is a small sign on the highway which could be easily missed. January 2012. Photos Ref: COOK002


Cookernup - Bus Stop

One of many interesting bus-stops around the hamlet. There are a number of well-appointed homes around the townsite. January 2012. Photos Ref: COOK003


Cookernup - Railway Station

A white park bench sits besides the railway line waiting for the Australind to pass through. Years ago the Bunbury Shopper stopped here as a matter of course. January 2012. Photos Ref: COOK004


Cookernup - Community Centre

The Cookernup Community Centre and Bushfire Brigade buildings. The Community Centre occupies the buildings off to the left. At the rear is a playground and sports facilities. July 2015. Photos Ref: COOK005


Cookernup - Old School

Constructed in 1895, this is the original former Cookernup school. It also doubled as teacher accommodation. The actual classroom was a single room at the front of the building (to the right in this photo). A later school was built next door to this building but that was closed in 1953 and removed and relocated to Hoffman Mill in 1957. This building is now a private residence. July 2015. Photos Ref: COOK006


Cookernup - Anglican Church

This was once the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Cookernup. It was erected in 1908 but is now seemingly abandoned. Overall, the building is in quite good condition and it probably wouldn't take much to bring it back up to scratch. The interior is bare apart from a pile of old carpets on the floor and some bee nests high up on the walls. July 2015. Photos Ref: COOK007

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