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Coomberdale is a very small town located directly north of Moora and situated on The Midlands Road. A railway siding was established here in 1895. Several decades ago, before the Brand Highway was built, all road traffic heading north to Geraldton, Carnarvon and beyond passed through here thus surrounding towns prospered. Coomberdale is named after nearby Coomberdale Well which was thus named by settler Edmund King circa 1866


Coomberdale - Road Sign

A roadside sign announces the township approaching from the south. This is just after dawn on a foggy morning. September 2014. Photos Ref: COOM001


Coomberdale - Houses

A couple of residences. Local roads are unsealed as is evident in this picture. Quite a number of structures look temporary or unoccupied. September 2014. Photos Ref: COOM002


Coomberdale - School

What seems to be a school room although no longer in use as such. Local children would now be schooled in Moora, some 20 kilometres to the south. The Coomberdale school was established in 1909. It expanded over the decades but was eventually closed in 1990. September 2014. Photos Ref: COOM003


Coomberdale - Hall

The local hall looks fairly substantial in size and of fairly recent vintage although its origins appear to date back to the 1920's. September 2014. Photos Ref: COOM004


Coomberdale - Trees in Mist

A line of trees appears to fade away into the morning fog. September 2014. Photos Ref: COOM005

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