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Moora is a major commercial and rural centre located some 174 kilometres north of Perth on the former highway to Geraldton, which is now called the Midlands Road. Moora is on the Moore River and was established in 1894. It takes its name from Aboriginal moora-moora meaning good spirit. The town was one of the original stations on the Perth to Walkaway railway line. The town suffered damage in the floods of 1932 and was flooded twice more in 1999

West to Dandaragan  

Moora - Welcome Sign

The welcome sign to Moora approaching the town depicting a small flock of sheep. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR001


Moora - Road Board Building

Arriving in Moora from the south, one of the first significant buildings to be seen is the Road Board Building which was built in 1913. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR002


Moora - Road Board and Town Hall

A side view of the Road Board Building. At some stage the building was extended at the rear to accommodate the Town Hall. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR003


Moora - Shire of Moora

Next door to the Road Board and Town Hall is the Shire of Moora offices. This complex was erected in 1959. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR004


Moora - Padbury Street

This is a look down Padbury Street, the main street of Moora. This is looking south. You can see the shops on the right and beyond them the Drovers Inn Hotel. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR005


Moora - Horse Memorial

This memorial is a tribute to the role the Clydesdale horse played in doing most of the hard haulage work in opening up this area in pioneering days. The dog gets a mention as well. The park and statue were opened in 2001. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR006


Moora - Horse Memorial Mural

A close-up of part of the wall mural in the Horse Memorial park. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR007


Moora - Uniting Church

A wonderful example of 1909 church architecture. The building has four Foundation Stones laid by The Rev. Joseph Snell, Mrs M. T. Padbury, Mrs James Drummond and Mr Arthur Waldeck, all on the 5th September, 1909. This was built as a Methodist Church. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR008


Moora - Bakery

On Padbury Street is the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant where we stopped for a bite of lunch today. This is on Padbury Street and was formerly known as Doubakin's Bakery. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR009


Moora - Drovers Inn Hotel

A typical grand country hotel, this is the Drovers Inn Hotel on the corner of Padbury and Dandaragan Streets. It was erected in 1908. The first licensee was Mr Lamzed (1908- 1912). Mr Lamzed then moved on to manage the Queens Hotel in Highgate. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR010


Moora - Drovers Inn Hotel

The Drovers Inn Hotel again this time taking in the side and rear, viewed a little way up Dandaragan Street. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR011


Moora - Post Office

The Moora Post Office constructed of sturdy stone is on the opposite corner of Padbury and Dandaragan Streets to the hotel. This opened in 1912. The first Moora post office commenced operation in 1894 from makeshift premises. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR012


Moora - Newsagency

A little further north up Padbury Street is this fine trio of shops - the Moora Newsagency, The Hair Shoppe and Central Midlands reality. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR013


Moora - Railway Station

The local railway station seems to be of a much more recent vintage than most old country stations we've seen. My correspondent advises me that this was built post 1959. Up until at least that year the station was on the other side of the tracks, alongside Gardiner Street. These days it is used as a home for the Moora Community Resource centre and Moora Visitors Centre. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR014


Moora - Old Locomotive

An un-badged diesel locomotive is plinthed a couple of hundred metres south of the railway station. This is almost certainly F class number 41. The weather, lack of maintenance and people climbing all over it, over the years, has taken its toll to make it look quite forlorn. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR015


Moora - Toy Story

The Toy Story shop with Moora Sports next door on Dandaragan Street. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR016


Moora - Moora Hotel

Across the rail tracks from the commercial centre of town is the Moora Hotel on Berkshire Valley Road. This was built in 1907. An earlier Moora Hotel, which was not much more that a galvanised iron shack, burnt down in 1906. Robert James was the first licensee of the present premises. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR017


Moora - Anglican Church

This is the St James Anglican Church of Moora. The Foundation Stone was laid by Walter Padbury Jnr on 4th March 1911, son of a well-known pioneer of the same name who landed in the state in 1829 and passed away in 1907. Walter Padbury Sen. was an avid benefactor to the Anglican Church and his generous donations and support assisted the establishment of the Diocese of Bunbury. The Padbury family is particularly remembered in the Guildford and Bassendean areas. Photo - July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR018


Moora - Anglican Church Surrounds

St James Anglican Church in its surrounds. This was taken only a few minutes after dawn. Photo - September 2014. Photos Ref: MOOR019


Moora - Historical Society

The home of the Moora Historical Society pictured just after sun-up. This was erected in 1936 as the Moora CWA rooms. It remained with the CWA until 1983 when it became the SES Headquarters. Photo - September 2014. Photos Ref: MOOR020


Moora - Round Hill Hall

This is not in Moora at all, but some 20 kilometres east of town on the Miling Road but still within the Shire of Moora. Sitting all by itself on the corner of Nibby Nibby Road is the Round Hill Hall. This was built in 1934. The hall official address is 744 Miling-Moora Road, Berkshire Valley. July 2012. Photos Ref: MOOR021

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