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The Ferguson Valley is a verdant area to the east of Dardanup and lies within the Shire of Dardanup. The locality and a nearby river were named after Dr John Ferguson who was an early property owner in the vicinity. The Ferguson region has been traditionally used as cattle raising and dairying country. Wine production is now becoming common. Its picturesque qualities and proximity to Bunbury has made this valley an increasingly popular tourist destination


Ferguson - Locality Map

A roadside information map located on the Ferguson Road not far from Dardanup. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG001


Ferguson - St Aidan's Church

On the Ferguson Road is the St Aidan's Non-Denominational People's Church. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: 'St Aidan's Church of England - Congregational - Presbyterian Church, 1953'. July 2014. Photos Ref: FERG002


Ferguson - St Aidan's Church

This is a side view of St Aidan's Non-Denominational People's Church. There is quite an extensive cemetery located next to the church. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG003


Ferguson - Paddock

Lush green pastures and healthy cattle in the area. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG004


Ferguson - St Aidan Wines

Right next to the church is St Aidan Winery. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG005


Ferguson - Moody Cow Brewery

A short distance east from the church and winery is the Moody Cow Brewery. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG006


Ferguson - Hall

Set just off the Ferguson Road is the Ferguson Valley Hall. This was built in 1966. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG007


Ferguson - Farm Sheds

This reminds me of fruit sheds found in other areas but it could equally be a livestock loading dock. July 2018. Photos Ref: FERG008

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