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Fremantle - Port

When Captain Fremantle arrived here in 1829, the boundaries of the mouth of the Swan River were somewhat indistinct. The principal port in the state was then Albany. Much land reclamation occurred around Fremantle, notably along the southern bank of the Swan and the area which is now known as the Esplanade Reserve. Elevating the river banks, dredging the harbour and building the protective north and south headwalls led to the creation of this harbour


Fremantle - Passenger Terminal Front

So many immigrants stepped through these doors in the 1960's and 1970's. This is the front of the Fremantle Passenger Terminal at Fremantle port. The building was completed in the early 1960's. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP001


Fremantle - Passenger Terminal Customs

The entrance to the customs hall and embarkation/disembarkation point up on the first floor inside the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP002


Fremantle - Passenger Terminal Lounge

Looking east through the coffee lounge and towards the function area on the first floor of the Fremantle Passenger Terminal building. This building hasn't changed much over the decades and looks decidedly dated. Passenger services all but ceased in the 1970's because of cheaper and quicker air travel. In the last 10 years or so there has been a resurgence in holiday sea travel and an increasing number of cruise ships are calling at the port. March 02, 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP003


Fremantle - Diamond Princess

A cruise ship arrives at Fremantle. Here are some tugs guiding into place this passenger ship, the 'Diamond Princess'. This photo taken from the North Wharf. March 03, 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP004


Fremantle - Diamond Princess

The front of the Diamond Princess at Fremantle. This is apparently the largest passenger ship ever to visit Fremantle (to date). Built in the U.S. and registered in Hamilton, Bermuda, this ship displaces 113,000 tonnes (compare P&O Pacific Eden at 55,820 tonnes). This ship has 11 passenger decks, has 900 crew, and a passenger count of 2,670. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP005


Fremantle - Diamond Princess

The stern of the Diamond Princess which is tied up alongside the Fremantle Passenger terminal building.  March 03, 2009. Photos Ref: FTLP006


Fremantle - Maritime Museum

At the west end of Victoria Quay in the Port of Fremantle, next to the entrance to the port, is the Fremantle Maritime Museum. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP007


Fremantle - Maritime Museum

Behind the Maritime Museum and one of its exhibits, is this submarine in dry-dock. The vessel is the HMAS Ovens, an Oberon submarine class. It was commissioned in 1969 and served until 1997. It was acquired by the museum in 1998. The Museum offers tours of the interior. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP008


Fremantle - Maritime Museum Cranes

These are old port cranes at the back of the Maritime Museum. The cranes were used to load and unload merchant ships until they were superceded with the advent of container shipping and the implementation of modern, efficient freight handling technologies. They remain here as a memory of the past. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP009


Fremantle - Maritime Museum Window Reflection

There is a wooden walkway from the front leading to back of the Maritime Museum and around to where you can see the submarine. Here is a reflection through the building windows looking west down to the harbour entrance. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP010


Fremantle - Maritime Museum

From the west extremity of the Maritime Museum walkway, here is a look down the harbour overlooking wooden and concrete mooring points and off to the south-head lighthouse and on out to sea. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP011


Fremantle - Child Migrant Statue

At the front of the Maritime Museum is this statue, erected to remember so many child migrants who landed at the Port of Fremantle in the last century, and who endured so many hardships but helped build Western Australia into what it is today. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP012


Fremantle - Migrant Welcome Wall

At the front of the Maritime Museum, near the statues, are rows of migrant welcome walls such as this. Migrants were invited some years ago to have their names included. The walls were opened by Premier Geoff Gallop in 2004. Unfortunately, quite a few of these inscriptions are hard to read now probably due to the weathering. The lowest entry on the right side is Wickham, the year is 1913, and the ship is the Australind. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP013


Fremantle - Pilot Vessel

Pilot boat 'Parmelia' returns to port after dropping off the pilot on the arriving vessel 'Viking Diamond' to guide it to its berth. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP014


Fremantle - Viking Diamond

Vehicle carrier Viking Diamond, registered in Singapore, arrives at Fremantle. A kindly ex-merchant seaman on the spot advised me this ship has come from Adelaide and when the cargo is discharged it will leave for Singapore. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP015


Fremantle - Arriving Ship

A ship arrives in the Port of Fremantle. This is the 'Livestock Express', one of a fleet which transports live sheep and cattle overseas. A controversial activity. The Pilot would be on board and a couple of tugs are escorting the vessel in to its berth. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP016


Fremantle - New Vehicles

Much of the central and eastern end of Victoria Quay is now used for the temporary storage of new motor vehicles after they have been off-loaded from ships coming in from mainly Japan, Korea and China. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLP017


Fremantle - Harbour

Arriving at Fremantle Port on a Captain Cook river cruise from Perth. That rather dark looking ship (flying the skull and crossbones) is the Sea Shepherd which goes off into southern waters from time to time to scrap with Japanese whaling boats. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLP018


Fremantle - Port Authority Building

The Fremantle Post Authority building has long been a landmark in Fremantle. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP019


Fremantle - E-Shed Markets

The old shipping sheds on the Victoria Quay have changed very little over the years. The E Shed is now a popular weekend marketplace with restaurants many stalls. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP020


Fremantle - Sailing Ship Leeuwin

Sitting low in the water is replica vessel, Leeuwin 2. This a tourist attraction and also a training vessel. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP021


Fremantle - Motor Museum

I ducked my head into this museum to take this photo and am rather glad I did because in 2010 it's no longer there. The Motor Museum was in the Victoria Quay B Shed. This was Mr Peter Briggs Motor Museum and it closed in 2008. The Motor Museum in York, which houses many of Mr Briggs historic vehicles, still exists. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLP022


Fremantle - A Shed

The A Shed viewed from near the wharf looking west. Beyond the A Shed the Maritime Museum is visible. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP023


Fremantle - B Shed

B Shed has been somewhat re-developed. There is a cafe at this end. Off to the background left is the Port Authority building. This is a view looking west. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP024


Fremantle - B Shed

Here is a look inside the B Shed. Part of the cafe is visible. Captain Cook Cruises has moved from a shed outside to rather more comfortable accommodation in here. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP025


Fremantle - B Shed

Alongside the water is this sign emblazoned on the side of the B Shed. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP026


Fremantle - B Shed

The B Shed looking west complete with a couple of anchors in the foreground. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP027


Fremantle - E Shed

A new view of the E Shed which houses the popular markets, complete with the display crane and the Port Authority building over in the background. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP028


Fremantle - Slip Street

This little street slides off to the north from near the port exit road which joins Phillimore Street at the west end. This is Slip Street. These are probably storage sheds for goods being imported or exported. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP029


Fremantle - Weigh Bridge

At the port exit point onto Phillimore Street is the old weigh bridge. This was built in 1921. The first weigh bridge was installed here in 1897. The facility closed in 1984 and since then the building was used as a tourist office and now HQ for Scoot Car and Scooter Hire. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLP030


Fremantle - Victoria Quay Police Station

The former Victoria Quay police station within the Port. August 2015. Photos Ref: FTLP031


Fremantle - Victoria Quay Immigration Centre

The former Victoria Quay immigration centre within the port. In 1989 this became the C. Y. O'Connor Centre. Today the building is vacant and some doors are boarded up. August 2015. Photos Ref: FTLP032


Fremantle - P&O Pacific Eden

P&O vessel Pacific Eden seen guiding through the harbour heads on a blustery winter's day, Sunday 10th July 2016 at around 12.30pm. The ship has come from Indonesia and will turnaround here and head back there. Pacific Eden is registered in London. Fairly small by today's standards, displacing a mere 55,820 tonnes. The lower sections look like a coat of paint might be good. This photo was taken from the north head near the lighthouse. July. Photos Ref: FTLP033

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