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Fremantle - Central City

The principal shipping port of Western Australia, Fremantle was named after Captain Charles H. Fremantle who arrived here in 1829 aboard his ship the HMS Challenger. It was Captain Fremantle who planted the Union Jack near where the Roundhouse is today, claiming all of the country (other than the pre-claimed New South Wales colony) for King George IV of England. The Port of Albany pre-dates Fremantle. Here is a look around the central part of this historic City


Fremantle - Town Hall

The Fremantle Town Hall, library and municipal offices sit in St John's Square at the eastern end of the High Street Mall. The front of the hall faces west down High Street. The Hall was constructed between 1885 and 1887. It underwent significant restoration between 1985-86 and was re-opened by R.J. (Bob) Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia, on November 16th, 1986. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC001


Fremantle - Town Hall

A view of the Town Hall clock tower from inside the building. The rear of the above view. I rather feel that the glass roof over this part of the building is a later addition. This is a view looking up (of course) after walking in through the main doors you can see in the above photo. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLC002


Fremantle - Tom Edwards Memorial

In King's Square, near the Town Hall (visible in background) is the Tom Edwards Memorial Fountain. Mr Edwards died as a result of his involvement in the 1919 riot at the Port which escalated from an industrial dispute as to which union (WWF or NWWU) members could work there. Tom Edwards was hit in the head by a police baton and died in hospital three days later. A later inquest found his death to be accidental. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLC003


Fremantle - Mills Record Bar

Mills Record Bar at 22 Adelaide Street along with neighbour Freo's Lounge. This building commenced construction in 1885 and has a long and chequered history. Mills has been here since 1945. Amazing. Here I bought my first copy of George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" triple LP just before the Christmas of 1970 and then went to Perth station to catch "The Mullewa" train. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLC004


Fremantle - St John's Anglican Church

St John's Church, also known as St John the Evangelist Church, faces onto Adelaide Street in Fremantle and is located in St John's Square, along with the Town Hall. This side view was taken from Kings Square. The original church, built in 1843, was located where the Town Hall now stands. The pictured church was completed in 1882. The Foundation Stone was laid on 28th January 1879. February 2009. Photos Ref: FTLC005


Fremantle - High Street Mall

A busy autumn Sunday afternoon in the High Street mall. You can see well-known Culleys Tearooms and the entrance to Atwell Arcade across the road. That whole building pictured is the Atwell Building. Construction commenced in 1893 and building and changes continued until 1929. Mr Henry Atwell owned the building in it's earliest days. Pellew's Drapery Store was a significant occupant from 1898 to the 1990's. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC006


Fremantle - Atwell Arcade

Atwell Arcade runs between this end on Cantonment Street through to the High Street Mall. It runs through was was known as the Doig and Horne Building which is adjacent to the Atwell Buildings on High Street. The Doig and Horne Building was constructed in 1895 and later purchased by Mr Henry Atwell in 1903. The arcade was constructed in 1929. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC007


Fremantle - Mannings Chambers

Mannings Chambers curves around from William Street into the High Street Mall. This is opposite the Town Hall. This structure was completed in 1902. The street level houses retail shops. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC008


Fremantle - Markets

Looking across South terrace, this photo shows the front of the Fremantle Markets. Construction of the building commenced in 1897. Public markets continued to operate here from then until the 1950's. After a period of being used as packing sheds and then some years of vacancy, the City of Fremantle restored the building and then re-opened it as markets in 1975. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC009


Fremantle - Markets

It's a busy day at Fremantle Markets today. Here is an entrance on Henderson Street, just opposite the Sail & Anchor Hotel. Inside the building are around 160 stalls selling products including fresh and cooked foods, fashion, music, a bar, and most other things you'd except to find in such a place. Market days are generally on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC010


Fremantle - Market Street Boarding House

This building started out as a boarding house and was constructed in 1892. It is at 99 Market Street. From 1954 until recently it served as an office and waiting room for Dave Johnson Motors. Now the building is the Sandrino Restaurant. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC011


Fremantle - Norfolk Hotel

On the corner of South Terrace and Norfolk Street is the Norfolk Hotel. This was constructed in 1887 as the Oddfellows Family Hotel, that name prevailing until the Norfolk name was adopted in 1985. The hotel was significantly re-modelled in 1985 before the America's Cup defence. Verandahs on both storey's were removed well before the 1985 changes. Indeed, they were not there in 1970. The current building barely resembles the original. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC012


Fremantle - Beers Buildings

Beers Buildings which are retail premises on the east side of South Terrace near Norfolk Street. Behind the shops is the old synagogue which was built in 1902. The Star of David is still there at the top. The synagogue only operated as such for a handful of years. The shops were constructed in the 1930's by Mr Beer. The 1924 on the building is probably the year Mr Beer first established his business. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC013


Fremantle - Synagogue

This is the rear of the synagogue which is behind the Beers Buildings. This view is as seen from near the main entrance to Fremantle Oval. Construction work is being undertaken on the land on this side of the building so this view may be lost in time. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC014


Fremantle - Coffee Club

The Coffee Club building at 85 Market Street, on the corner of Bannister Street. This was constructed in 1894 and then used as a butcher's shop until 1915. After that is was offices for A. E. Davies & Co until the 1980's. Bowra & O'Dea occupied the premises thence until 2002. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC015


Fremantle - Evan Davies Building

The Dome at 13 South Terrace, on the corner of Collie Street. This is the Evan Davies Building and was built in 1899. At one time this was the Literary Institute. The building has a long history of being involved in educational pursuits. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC016


Fremantle - Scots Church

Here is the Scots Presbyterian Church which is located on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street, very close to the Fremantle Oval. The Church was established in 1886. The Foundation Stone of this building was laid by Hon. John Forrest on March 26th, 1890. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC017


Fremantle - Maritime College

On South Terrace is the Fremantle Technical College Maritime Studies building. This is close to being opposite Beers Buildings. The Foundation Stone was laid by Lady Ord and Major General Sir H. S. George Ord, Governor, on December 5th, 1877. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC018


Fremantle - Sail and Anchor Hotel

The upper part of the Sail and Anchor Hotel which is on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street. Those people are all watching some street theatre which is popular around this area on weekends. February 2009. Photos Ref: FTLC019


Fremantle - Sail and Anchor Hotel

The Sail and Anchor Hotel on a wet winter's day. This hotel was constructed as the Freemason's Hotel between 1901 and 1903. The 1854 atop the building was the establishment date of a previous hotel which stood on this site. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC020


Fremantle - Technical School

The Technical School is on South Terrace directly opposite the end of Henderson Street. Today is Easter Sunday and a crowd enjoys street theatre in front of the building. This building was formerly an Infants and Girls School. Construction took place between 1877 and 1913. A Foundation Stone was set by Hon. Thos Walker, Minister for Education, Hon. J. Scaddan, Premier, and Hon. W. D. Johnson, Minister for Works, on October 31, 1912. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC021


Fremantle - Henderson Street Terraced Houses

On Henderson Street looking east from South Terrace. These terraced homes were originally built as residences for prison warders and the Enrolled Pensioner Force who worked in the Fremantle Prison. They were built progressively, in three blocks, between 1851 and 1858. They continued to be occupied by prison staff until at least the 1970's. In 2014 they are unoccupied and undergoing renovations. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC022


Fremantle - Former Courthouse on Henderson Street

This is the old Court House on Henderson Street. At the rear is the police station. The front building was built using convict labour in 1850. The police complex was added at the rear in 1897. The Fremantle Court moved to the new Fremantle Justice Complex on Holdsworth Street in 2001. In December 2014, the entire court and police compound is undergoing restoration works. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC023


Fremantle - Artillery Drill Hall

Behind the old Henderson Street Courthouse and Police Station, around facing Holdsworth Street, is the former Artillery Drill Hall and Police Barracks. This complex was constructed in 1896. The Hall has recently been used as the Fly By Night Club. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC024


Fremantle - South Terrace

A view along South Terrace looking south, towards the cafe strip, markets etc. To the left is the Newport Hotel. The street running off to the right is Bannister Street. The large blocky building in the distance is the Fremantle Hospital. The Technical School is also visible. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC025


Fremantle - South Terrace

South Terrace looking north from near Collie Street. The Dome is on the left (Evan Davies Building). In the distance is the end of Market Street. The Coffee Club building is easy to spot. The Newport Hotel is next to the bus. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC026


Fremantle - Newport Hotel

This is the Newport Hotel on South Terrace. This was originally constructed as the Newcastle Club Hotel back in the late 1800's. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC027


Fremantle - National Hotel

The National Hotel sits on the corner of South Terrace and High Street. It was boarded up for about three years after it suffered fire damage in 2007. The building was previously damaged by fire in 1975. The hotel was built in 1895. The upper floors were added in 1902. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC028


Fremantle - Bank of Adelaide Building

On High Street is the Bank of Adelaide building. This is on the corner of Pakenham Street. The first two floors of the building were constructed in 1910. The upper floor was not added until decades later. Amongst other current tenants of the building is the Navy Club. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC029


Fremantle - Fothergills Building

Fothergills Building, otherwise known as Adelec Buildings, is on the corner of High and Henry Streets. It was constructed in 1906. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC030


Fremantle - Buffalo Club

The Fremantle Buffalo Club building on High Street is adjacent to the Fothergills Building. This was built in 1938 and seems had some re-modelling in 1986. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC031


Fremantle - RSL Club

At 81-83 High Street is the Fremantle Wyola R.S.L. Club Inc. This building goes back to 1903. It appears to be undergoing some renovations at present. The structure on the left looks a little older. The Record Finder is a popular haunt of audiophiles. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC032


Fremantle - Commonwealth Bank (Former)

On High Street just west of the National Hotel is the New Edition Bookshop. This is at 82 High Street. The building was constructed for the Commonwealth Bank in 1934. "Fremantle Branch" can still clearly be seen over the doorway. Later this became an ANZ Bank branch. From 1977 to around 2002 the Hospital Benefit Fund of W.A. occupied the premises. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC033


Fremantle - Commercial Hotel

Next door to the New Edition is the Commercial Hotel which is now a back-packers retreat. This is a close view of the entrance. This hotel was built in 1908. From around 1850 another hotel stood on this site. It was first called the Albert Hotel but changed its name to the Commercial in 1888. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC034


Fremantle - Cleopatra Hotel

This is the former Cleopatra Hotel on High Street. This building was constructed in 1907. Formerly on this site stood the Crown and Thistle Hotel which was demolished in 1906 to make way for the current premises. In 1985 the hotel became known as 'The Auld Mug', referring, or course, to the America's Cup. It's on High Street, near Mouat Street. In 2012 the building is owned by Christian Brothers and used largely for their community programs. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC035


Fremantle - Oceanic Hotel

Here is the former Oceanic Hotel on the corner of Collie and Pakenham Streets. First on this site was the Welsh Harp Inn in 1866. It became the Collie Hotel in 1900. By around 1904 it had adopted the Oceanic name. The premises were bought by the Rajneeshie (Orange People) in 1980. Now it appears to be made up of private apartments. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC036


Fremantle - Rosie O'Grady's

Rosie O'Grady's on William Street just up from the Town Hall. The hotel was constructed in 1887 and extended in 1904. This used to be a worker's corner pub called the Federal Hotel. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC037


Fremantle - Phillimore Street

A view along Phillimore Street looking towards the west. To the left is Genesis Travel. In the distance off to the right are the old and new fire stations. This road leads around to the harbour. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC038


Fremantle - Genesis Travel on Phillimore Street

At 49 Phillimore Street (corner Pakenham Street) is what is now the Genesis Travel building. This was built in 1890 as the Robert Harper Building. Later it became known as Jebsens Building. This is a classified National Trust property. It has long been associated with the shipping activities and was originally used for offices and warehousing. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC039


Fremantle - Customs House on Phillimore Street

Customs House on the corner of Phillimore and Henry Streets. This was apparently built in 1888 as the Falk and Company Warehouse. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLC040


Fremantle - Market Street

A view from near the railway station looking down Market Street. You can see the Post Office on the right and the old Pump House on the left. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC041


Fremantle - Market Street

This is a look along Market Street towards to north. On the right is Higham's Buildings, then the National Hotel following by Imperial Chambers and the Princess Theatre. Away in the distance is the railway station. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC042


Fremantle - Railway Station

The facade of the Fremantle railway station. This was built in 1907. However the first Fremantle station was constructed in 1881 and was located further west, near Cliff Street, on land where the Customs House was later constructed. The front section of the station features Donnybrook stone. This building was classified by the National Trust in 1974. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC043


Fremantle - Railway Station

A closer view of the arched entrance to Fremantle station. Notice the white swans on the parapets, on either side of the archway. These were crafted by Mr Walter Burvil, a local artist, when the station was built and they were created white. However, by the early 1950's. some of the swans had been painted black, probably as the black swan is the state emblem. The Heritage Council later recommended restoring the birds to their original colour. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC044


Fremantle - Railway Station

At the Fremantle railway station. This is platform number 1 where an ABB 'A' series electric set has just arrived after its 18 kilometre journey from Perth. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC045


Fremantle - Railway Station

A closer view of the railway station inside. The archways and wrought-iron gates lead from the platform to the outside of the station via a large entrance hall. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC046


Fremantle - 1905 Watering Trough

Across the road from the train station and also the post office is the old pumping station. Next to the pumping station (visible in the background) is this watering trough built in 1905 as a memorial to two West Australian pioneering sons from their Dad. This was erected by John Taylor of London, in memory of his sons Ernest and Peter who perished in Western Australia. November 2008 . Photos Ref: FTLC047


Fremantle - Post Office

The Fremantle Post Office still looks as grand as it ever did. It is on the corner of Market and Short Streets. This was a purpose built post office and it continues operates as such to this day. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC048


Fremantle - Post Office

The Fremantle Post Office showing most of the north side. The building was erected in 1906 and opened in 1907. As with a number of buildings in town, it was renovated in 1987 in readiness for the America's Cup challenge. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC049


Fremantle - Princess Chambers

Next to the Post Office is this building containing Princess Chambers. To the left is the old Princess Theatre Building. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC050


Fremantle - Princess Theatre

A closer look at the old Princess Theatre building on Market Street. Street level businesses include Kakulas Sister (fine grocers) and nvmen hairdressing salon. The theatre was built in 1912 and operated as such until 1969. The old theatre seated some 1,850 patrons. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC051


Fremantle - Imperial Chambers

On the corner of Market and Leake Streets is Imperial Chambers. The corner shop now is The Home Provedore. Strand Arts book shop was in here a few decades ago. A rather genial chap ran it. "Hello Laddie - science fiction isn't it?". Imperial Chambers was erected in 1896. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC052


Fremantle - Imperial Chambers

Further south along Market Street here is a closer look at a section of the Imperial Chambers building which was built in 1896. A few decades ago I recall solicitors Frank Unmack and Cullen occupying at least part of the upper floor. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC053


Fremantle - Higham's Buildings

Higham's Buildings is on the corner of Market Street and South Terrace. Reeds Tobacconists have occupied the corner store for many decades. Mrs M. Higham operated a store and had a residence here in from the 1850's. The pictured building was constructed in the 1890's. The Higham family continued to own this building until 1974. March 2013. Photos Ref: FTLC054


Fremantle - Uniting Church

A prominent feature of central Fremantle, across the road from the Post Office and on the corner of Market and Cantonment Streets, stands the impressive Uniting Church. This is the Wesley Church, Fremantle. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. Shenton on March 7th, 1888. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLC055


Fremantle - Terminus Hotel on Pakenham Street

The former Terminus Hotel on Pakenham Street. This was constructed in 1887 as the Pearler's Hotel. It became known as the Terminus Hotel from 1905. In 2002 this was being used as Westport Medical Centre and for Homeswest accommodation. Lately it is being used by South Metropolitan Personnel (SMP Lifeskills to Work) who assist people with disabilities to achieve their goals. March 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC056


Fremantle - Ship Stores on Pakenham Street

On the opposite corner of Leake Street to the Terminus Hotel is the fine old Ship Stores Australia building. Now used as an Arts centre. I think you can rent space in here. March 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC057


Fremantle - Fowler Building on Pakenham Street

A little further south of Leake Street and still on Pakenham Street is the old D. & J. Fowler Limited building. This is now part of the Antipodium (or at least next to it) and is used by Notre Dame University. March 2012 . Photos Ref: FTLC058


Fremantle - Waterfront Marine Services on Pakenham Street

And still further south on Pakenham Street is the Waterfront Marine Services building which looks like it is undergoing major repairs and renovation. Update in December 2014: The roadway has been remodelled slightly and now shrubs and a few small trees adorn the building front. Inside is now "Bread In Common", a licensed restaurant and bakery. March 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC059


Fremantle - Banks

A modern Fremantle building for a change. This structure is on the corner of Queen and Cantonment Streets. This building and others off to the left are all banks, at least at street level. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC060


Fremantle - Prison

The grim old Fremantle prison has long been closed and been lately turned into a tourist attraction. This is the main entrance off Holdsworth Street. The high perimeter walls that surrounded the entrance have gone but they remain in place for much of the rest of the prison. This was built between 1852 and 1859 probably due to size limitations of the old Round House prison. January 2009. Photos Ref: FTLC061


Fremantle - Prison House

This building is just south of the prison main gate. Looks very picturesque. Went in to have a look at what it is but the sign says 'Private'. This might have been a home to the prison C.O. in the old days? January 2009. Photos Ref: FTLC062


Fremantle - Football Oval

Inside Fremantle Oval. This is the home of the South Fremantle Football Club. That big building on the left is the Fremantle Public Hospital. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLC063


Fremantle - Oval Broadcast Box

Inside the Fremantle Oval is this broadcast and media box. This is used by television, radio and press journalists covering the football games. The box has been dedicated to the memory of the late George Grljusich. Mr Grljusich was an extremely witty broadcaster, he was always interesting to listen to, and he had a vast knowledge of many sports certainly not limited to Australian rules football. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC064


Fremantle - Oval Grandstand

A view inside the old wooden grandstand which backs onto Henderson Street, inside Fremantle Oval. This is the Victoria Pavilion constructed in 1897 and named thus in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in that year. The pavilion was opened by Premier John Forrest on November 6, 1897. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLC065

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