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Fremantle - West End

The west end of Fremantle which contains many historic sites. The locality abounds with solid old shipping stores, agencies, bonded stores, customs houses and hotels, all now well preserved, as well as the Round House and the Fishing Boat Harbour. Up until the time Alan Bond won the America's Cup in the mid 1980's much of this area was somewhat down-trodden and therefore unattractive for redevelopment and thankfully escaped wholesale demolition


Fremantle - Trades Hall on Collie Street

The Fremantle Trades Hall on Collie Street has recently undergone renovations and painting and it looks magnificent. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest, Federal Minister for Defence, on March 26th, 1901. Another stone was laid by W. H. Carpenter M.H.R., the first labour representative for Fremantle Division in the Federal Parliament, on January 23rd, 1904. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLW001


Fremantle - Former Traffic Office

Kailis Australian Pearls on Collie Street. Up until at least the early 1970's this building was the Fremantle Traffic Office where you could go and take a driving test or renew your vehicle or drivers licence. November 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW002


Fremantle - Star Hotel Building

At 11 Essex Street is the former Star Hotel which is now the Pirates Backpackers and Croat Islands Cafe Restaurant. The former hotel was built in 1878 and then rebuilt in 1914. Some websites place the old hotel at 5 Essex Street but in fact it really is at number 11. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW003


Fremantle - Pump House

This fine pump house is on Marine Terrace, very close to the Carriage Cafe. This was built in 1914. The entire Esplanade Reserve is actually situated on land reclaimed from the sea. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLW004


Fremantle - Carriage Cafe

In the Esplanade Reserve which is between between the Esplanade Hotel and the boat harbour is this 'Carriage Cafe', a converted old railway carriage. The park contains over 100 Norfolk Island pine trees, a large playground, a large Ferris Wheel, and a number of water fountains and memorials. November 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW005


Fremantle - Marine House

On the corner of Marine Terrace and Essex Street stands Marine House. There used to be two other Marine Houses in Fremantle which confuses historical matters somewhat (they were in Leake and Pakenham Streets). This one was built circa 1988. The Sea Freight Council of Western Australia operates from here. July 2010. Photos Ref: FTLW006


Fremantle - Esplanade Hotel

The Esplanade Hotel on the corner of Marine Terrace and Essex Street. The hotel extends out of the left of picture to Collie Street. From 1852 to 1860 Captain Daniel Scott's warehouse stood on this site. In 1875 a brick residence was located here which was later extended and finally converted into an hotel in 1895. The hotel has endured ever since. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW007


Fremantle - Wilhelmsen House

Looking bleached in the autumn sunlight, the old Wilhelmsen House sits on the corner of Cliff and Phillimore Streets. This was built in 1902 and over the years has been variously known as Barwil House, Dalgety & Co., and the Elder Building. More recently this has been the Fremantle Gallery. It is currently up for sale. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW008


Fremantle - Chamber of Commerce Building

Here is the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce building, on the east end of Phillimore Street, near Mouat Street. The Chamber was established in 1873. This building was declared open by the Governor, Sir Gerald Strickland, on 30th October 1912. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW009


Fremantle - His Majesty's Hotel

On the corner of Phillimore and Mouat Streets sits His Majesty's Hotel. This was built in 1890. It was once called His Lordship's Larder and another time the Phillimore Hotel. Currently it is part of the Notre Dame University campus. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW010


Fremantle - Dock Buildings

The Dock Buildings on Phillimore Street near the corner of Mouat Street. This was built in 1899 for Mr Deane Smith. From 1903 Mr Frank Biddles owned the premises. Sumpton & Sons operated from here from the 1930's to the 1950's. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW011


Fremantle - Dock Buildings

Just to provide a better idea of where the above Dock Buildings is, this streetscape takes in the Dock Buildings on the left, centre is Phillimore Chambers and to the right is the former Wilhelmsen House. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW012


Fremantle - Old Fire Station

The old Fire Station on Phillimore Street. This is now used as an International Backpackers Hostel. The pictured building was opened in 1909 and was designed for horse-drawn vehicles. Next door is the new, functioning fire station built in 1977. During World War II, the old fire station was used by the U.S. Military. The building narrowly escaped demolition in 1977 through public outcry. It is now administered by the City of Fremantle. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW013


Fremantle - McIlwraith & Hudson Buildings

These two fine buildings stand just to the west of the Chamber of Commerce. The building on the left is the McIlwraith Building built in 1898. It has also been known as Scottish House and Patrick's Building. To the right is the fine brick Hudson Building constructed in 1922 for Charles Hudson. This building has been used by various shipping lines over the years, and also by George Wills & Co. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW014


Fremantle - Customs House

Customs House towards the end of Phillimore Street. This was constructed in 1907 and occupied by the Australian Customs Department from then until 1986. Prior to this being built, the first Fremantle railway station occupied this site. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW015


Fremantle - P & O Building

More or less across the road from the Fire Station is the very attractive old P & O Building. It was constructed in 1903. It has also been known as the Australian Union Steamships Navigation Company Building. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW016


Fremantle - Union Bank Building

At 5 Cliff Street and 4 High Street is this fine structure. This is the former Union Bank building, the Cliff Street face. Another side faces High Street. This was built in 1889. In 1930 the Union Bank moved further up High Street and this then became the home of the Flying Angel Mission of Seamen. Over the front door is "G.S. Murray Pty Ltd, Customs Brokers". Today it is part of the School of Arts and Sciences, Building ND32, Notre Dame University. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW017


Fremantle - Reckitt & Coleman Facade

On Cliff Street this old facade has been preserved. The facade was built in the 1890's simply to mask what was considered to be an ugly row of cottages behind it. The facade is known as the Reckitt & Coleman building facade or alternatively The Wedding Wall. The cottages were demolished in 1967. Behind now is a carpark. Off to the left is the Samson Building. October 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW018


Fremantle - Samson Building

Lionel Samson arrived in Fremantle in 1829 and since then the Samson name has almost been synonymous with the name Fremantle. This is the Lionel Samson & Son Pty Ltd building on Cliff Street. It was constructed in 1898. The 1829 atop the building refers to the date the Samson company was established, not the date this building was erected. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW019


Fremantle - Shipwreck Galleries Museum

On Cliff Street, at the south end, this is a side view of the Fremantle Shipwreck Galleries Museum. November 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW020


Fremantle - Fremantle Herald Building

On Cliff Street this is (now) the Fremantle Herald building. This is 37-45 Cliff Street. The building row was constructed in 1896. These were first used as warehouses. Renovations took place in 1957. November 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW021


Fremantle - P & O Hotel

The P & O Hotel on High Street still looks glorious and is a well-known Fremantle landmark. In 1870 the Victoria Hotel was built on this site. It was sold and then renovated in 1901 from whence time it became known as the P & O. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW022


Fremantle - Central Chambers

These days it is the Fremantle Surplus Stores. In the old days it was Central Chambers and it is on the corner of High and Pakenham Streets. The paintwork contrasts well with the grey sky. It was built in 1906. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW023


Fremantle - Hotel Fremantle

The former Hotel Fremantle on the corner of High and Cliff Streets. Since 2002 it has been a part of the Notre Dame University, as are now many buildings within this area. The hotel was built in 1899. In World War II it was temporarily adapted for use as a hospital. Prior to the hotel being built, in 1885 a residence was erected at what is now the rear of the hotel. The residency was incorporated within the 1899 structural design so it still exists. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW024


Fremantle - High Street Buildings

A row of buildings lining High Street at the western end towards the Round House. All of these are now part of the Notre Dame University. The dark cream building next to the Stop sign is the Hotel Fremantle's High Street frontage. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW025


Fremantle - Bateman Building

At 41 Henry Street is the Bateman Buildings. J. & W. Bateman Limited was the company which occupied the building, a business established by the Bateman family, who were involved in the shipping industry. This was built as a warehouse for the company in 1870. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW026


Fremantle - Early Courthouse

Located at 22 Marine Terrace, on the corner of Mouat Street is an early Fremantle courthouse which was built in 1884. The premises have also been variably used across the decades as a Water Supply Office, Haven Tanderra and Uniting House. This is now part of the Notre Dame University and used for Law School mooting. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW027


Fremantle - Port Lodge

The Port Lodge building on Marine Terrace. This was opened by The Right Hon. John Forrest on October 9th, 1899. It was built as the Sailor's Rest with bedrooms, a dining room, sitting rooms and a recital hall. It was modified in 1943. It became a boarding house in 1976 at which time the name Port Lodge was adopted. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW028


Fremantle - Pakenham Street

A view looking north along Pakenham Street towards the port. Old shipping buildings on the left stretch into the distance. The Stop sign is at High Street. Just beyond that on the left is the former Bank of Adelaide building. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW029


Fremantle - Orient Hotel

The Hotel Orient, 'The Family Hotel Orient' on High Street, at the corner of Henry Street. Preceding this hotel, on this site stood The Commercial Inn, built in 1849 but later demolished. Construction of the current premises was completed in 1903. The hotel was renovated in 1995. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW030


Fremantle - Fothergill Home

This is at 14 Mouat Street. It was erected in 1896 for Mr Edward Fothergill, who, at the time, owned the Cleopatra Hotel. More than likely it was used for his extensive shipping and insurance business interests. The building became very run down over the years necessitating extensive works after 2002. The building appears to be now used for residential purposes. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW031


Fremantle - Former German Consulate

On the west side of Mouat Street is this attractive, tall, narrow building (centre of picture). It is currently the Fremantle Bed and Breakfast and was once the Tarantella Night Club. It was built in 1903. It is the former premises of the German Consulate and another time was the shipping office of Norddeutscher-Lloyd. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW032


Fremantle - View East Down High Street

A view from the Round House looking east down High Street. You can see the Town Hall off in the distance. That grey building in the right foreground is the Fremantle Municipal Tramways building. The first road crossing is Cliff Street. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW033


Fremantle - Tramways Building

The Fremantle Tramways car barn at 1 High Street. This is obviously just next to the Roundhouse. This was built in 1905 and at its peak had 5 tram tracks coming in for tram garaging and cleaning. By 1911 the building also housed the Electric Lighting Board. The only remaining original section is the building facade. Behind the facade, the architecture is at best tedious. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW034


Fremantle - View West Down High Street

Another view down High Street from Market Street. This is looking west. Right foreground is a section of the National Hotel. In the distance is the Round House. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW035


Fremantle - The Esplanade Railway Station

Here is 'The Esplanade' railway station adjacent to the Esplanade Reserve. This is on the Fremantle to Spearwood section of the line which runs beyond, all the way through to the Armadale line, and was constructed in 1906. This station, along with Success Harbour, South Beach and Spearwood, were temporarily used as passenger stops during the 1987 America's Cup challenge. Only freight trains pass through here now. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW036


Fremantle - Cicerello's Fish and Chips

Cicerello's fish and chips is almost an institution down by the Fishing Boat Harbour. Cicerello's also has another restaurant in Mandurah. The business was established in 1903. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW037


Fremantle - Cicerello's Fish and Chips

Cicerello's again, this time viewed across the railway line from the edge of The Esplanade Reserve. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW038


Fremantle - Joe's Restaurant

Another famous restaurant at the Fishing Boat Harbour is Joe's Fresh Seafood Restaurant and Bar. A nice way to while away a weekend afternoon. At the rear of this building are wooden promenades built over the water where you can take in great views of the harbour and boats. November 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW039


Fremantle - Boat Harbour Statue

On a jetty at the Fishing Boat Harbour is this statue, a fisher and his creel, representing and honouring all of the fishermen and boat crews who have called this their base and worked the waters of Western Australia over the decades. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLW040


Fremantle - Boat Harbour

Looking past Miss Cicerello, a boat which apparently can be rented for functions and is obviously owned by Cicerello's Restaurant, is the Mermaid Vantage, a vessel operated by MMA Offshore. MMA has a fleet of over 50 vessels which are used to provide marine logistic services to their clients who are mainly involved in offshore oil and gas activities. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW041


Fremantle - Boat Harbour

Four fishing trawlers tied up in the Fremantle boat harbour. These are NFT West, M.I.S. Perception, Advancer and CA-Den III. Nice group photo. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW042


Fremantle - Bon Scott Statue

Near Cicerello's and the railway line is this statue of one of Fremantle's latter-day famous people - Ronald (Bon) Scott of the AC/DC rock band. Mr Scott was born in Scotland but spent his teenage years in Fremantle. He was also previously a member of the W.A. band 'The Valentines'. October 2010. Photos Ref: FTLW043


Fremantle - Bon Scott Memorial

Not located anywhere near the west end of Fremantle nonetheless it fits in well here. This is the memorial plaque for Bon Scott seen in the Fremantle Cemetery which is located adjacent to Carrington Street in the nearby suburb of Palmyra. July 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW044


Fremantle - Kidogo Arthouse

Kidogo Arthouse is a limestone building close to the Round House and Bathers Beach, on Mews Road. It was built in 1884 to store kerosene which was used extensively for lighting and heating in those days. The building was later used as a Harbour & Lights Department warehouse, and at another time a shipwright's shed. In 1972 the building was saved from demolition. From 1975 to 1997 it was used as a studio by renowned local artist Joan Campbell. Now it is the home of the Kidogo Art Institute. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW045


Fremantle - Bathers Beach

This is looking south from up at the Round House, across Bathers Beach then across parts of the boat harbour and on down to Kwinana etc. The closest building, the one made of stone, is the Kidogo Arthouse. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLW046


Fremantle - Bathers Beach

A look along Bather's Beach. You can compare this with the photo above and see that foreshore changes have been made in the intervening 9 years. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW047


Fremantle - Bathers Beach

A few years ago this area was natural sand dunes. Since then, the foreshore has been retained, and lawns and parks developed. Here are a couple of bright changing cabins. In the background you can see the lighthouses marking the north and south entrances to Fremantle Harbour, on either side of the pine tree. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW048


Fremantle - Long (Ocean) Jetty

At Bather's Beach, once also known as Whaler's Beach, is the remains of the Fremantle Long Jetty, otherwise known as the Ocean Jetty. The jetty was constructed in 1873 for the berthing of ocean-going vessels. The length increased over time so that by 1896 it extended out into the ocean by over a kilometre but the water was still too shallow for some ships. It ceased use when the Port of Fremantle was established in the late 1890's. The jetty was demolished in 1921. May 2016. Photos Ref: FTLW049


Fremantle - Shipwreck Galleries Museum

The Shipwreck Galleries Museum contains a well presented display of West Australian ship wrecks. This is the former Commissariat Buildings constructed in 1852 and variously modified across the next few decades. At one time the building also served as a customs house and bonded store. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLW050


Fremantle - Shipwreck Galleries Museum

Another view of the Shipwreck Galleries from across the lawns in front of the building. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW051


Fremantle - Round House and Railway

Although passenger trains terminate at Fremantle, the railway line continues on here past the Round House etc on its way to the industrial south. Occasional freight trains pass along here servicing the port. To the right is the Round House tunnel and access steps. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLW052


Fremantle - Round House

The Swan River Colony was established in 1829. Within just one year the Round House was built as the colony prison. This is the Round House from the outside. Around the back is the old military strategic post. This was the first permanent building constructed in the Swan River Colony. It is made from local limestone. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLW053


Fremantle - Round House Tunnel

The Round House tunnel viewed from the west (ocean) end. The tunnel connected shipping berths with High Street. The tunnel was constructed at the request of the Fremantle Whaling Company in 1837. Originally the tunnel was 57 metres long but today it only covers 45 metres due to surrounding cliffs being removed in the late 1880's. May 2008. Photos Ref: FTLW054


Fremantle - Round House

The Round House was built as a jail. In this photo you can see a couple of cell doors, the circular head of the well, and a set of stocks. The well was added in 1833. The prison is circular, it contained just eight small cells and operated thus from its opening in 1830 until 1886 when the Fremantle Prison at the head of Fairbairn Street was completed. From 1886 to 1900 this served as a police lockup. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLW055


Fremantle - Round House

Inside the Round House, the doorway leads to administration offices and the jailer's residence. After the closure of the police lockup in 1900, various attempts were made to demolish the Round House. Obviously all being unsuccessful. In 1966 the public was granted limited access to the facility. The City of Fremantle took over in 1982 affording access as we have today. November 2007. Photos Ref: FTLW056


Fremantle - Round House Canon

Behind the Round House and pointing out to sea is this canon. This small area is known as the Time Ball. It was built in 1900. The canon used to fire at 1.00pm daily so that nearby ships could recalibrate their clocks to assist with accurate navigation. Radio signals superseded the canon shots in 1937. In 1998 the canon was reactivated (minus the canon ball) and it emits a good healthy boom daily at 1.00pm. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW057


Fremantle - Gunner's Cottage

Just to the north of the Round House is the Gunner's Cottage. That's it at the rear. It was built in 1904 as Sergeant's Quarters for the Fort Arthur Battery. Today the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides Association base themselves here. To the left of picture is the 1913 Laboratory. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW058


Fremantle - Pilot's Cottage

A little further north of the Gunner's Cottage are a couple of Pilots' cottages built in 1904. These buildings were used as Harbour Pilot accommodation right up until the 1980's. There is a good view of harbour comings and goings from this high vantage point. April 2012. Photos Ref: FTLW059


Fremantle - View from Ferris Wheel

On The Esplanade Reserve is the Skyview Ferris Wheel. It's been here for some months now. Perth's loss is Fremantle's gain! This is a view through tinted glass of our wheel's capsule, down to Joe's Restaurant and across the boat harbour. There is some inevitable reflection and distortion taking these photos through the glass. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW060


Fremantle - View from Ferris Wheel

This time looking south. Down below is The Esplanade Station. The Ferris Wheel is a pretty good ride. 5-6 rotations - $12 for adults and $10 for children. The city is hard to see through all the pine trees on the east side of the park but the ocean views are tremendous. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW061


Fremantle - View from Ferris Wheel

This is looking more or less due west. Down below is Little Creatures Brewery. Horizon left you can just glimpse the Naval Base chimney stacks. Centre and centre-right horizon is Rottnest Island. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW062


Fremantle - View from Ferris Wheel

And finally a look due north where you can see Arthur Head (south) and Rous Head (north), guarding the entrance channel to Fremantle Harbour. A couple of ships are idling in Gauge Roads. December 2011. Photos Ref: FTLW063

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