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Gingin Gravity Centre

The Gravity Centre and Observatory is off the Wanneroo-Lancelin Road, a bit past the Two Rocks turn-off. This centre is off Military Road which runs between the Lancelin Road and the town of Gingin. As the name implies, this is a science centre, most suited to primary school aged children, with an accent on astronomy and physics. However, it's a great place for older children and adults. Entry fees apply. Opening times vary. Check their website before going


Gingin Gravity Centre - Military Road Entrance

The Gingin Gravity Centre (and Observatory) is 15 minutes or so west of Gingin off Military Road. Equally, it's only about 15 minutes north of Yanchep. This is a look south on Military Road showing the entrance to the centre. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGC001


Gingin Gravity Centre - Military Road Entrance

Another view of the entrance road. The Gravity Centre is 2 kilometres down this sealed road. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGC002


Gingin Gravity Centre - Leaning Tower Base

Here is the base of the 'Leaning Tower of Gingin', one of the main features here. It can sway slightly in a strong wind. You can drop water balloons off the top though, plummeting at a speed at 32 feet per second squared. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGC003


Gingin Gravity Centre - Leaning Tower Top

This is the top of the tower. It's the equivalent height of a 13-storey building. When people climb up, underfoot (apart from the step) is nothingness. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGC004


Gingin Gravity Centre - Observatory Dome

Part of the Observatory section of the Centre which was not open on this Sunday. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGC005


Gingin Gravity Centre - Space Exhibition Building

This building is linked by an upper walkway to the main Gravity Centre building. It's full of space-themed pictures and exhibits. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGC006


Gingin Gravity Centre - Exhibition Area

This photo is part of the main exhibition building (it's next the domed one above) at the Centre. There is also a shop in here selling all sorts of scientific gizmos you'd never find in shops anywhere else. So if you have an inquisitive child, this would be a great place for buying a birthday or Christmas present. It is not particularly expensive either. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGC007


Gingin Gravity Centre - Foucault Pendulum

A major exhibit is the Foucault Pendulum. Perpetual motion drives the pendulum and it appears to move throughout the day due to the revolution of the Earth. It maintains celestial orientation, rather than that of the Earth. Remarkable. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGC008


Gingin Gravity Centre - Radio Telescope

A new science exhibit being constructed is what looks like a radio telescope. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGC009

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