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A country town situated 87 kms north of Perth. The town of Gingin was gazetted in 1871. Interestingly, another town only 4 kms from here was planned and it was to be called Granville but it never eventuated. Explorer Mr George Moore in 1836 (hence Moore River) denoted the place as Jinjin on his papers, its Aboriginal name. Mr W. L. Brockman was an early settler and his property was called Gingin Station. When the town developed, it adopted this name

West to Gravity Centre  

Gingin - Road Sign

This Welcome to Gingin road sign is set a few metres off the passing Brand Highway. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN001


Gingin - Railway Station

The Gingin railway station is being well preserved and maintained. The Midland Railway Company's line north reached Gingin in April 1891 then this station was built and opened the following year. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN002


Gingin - Railway Station

This image of the Gingin train station looks down the platform. Years ago, Geraldton-bound passenger trains would have stopped here. These days just the occasional freight train trundles through. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN003


Gingin - Railway Station

Here is a view of the railway station track side. That black guard rail separating the platform from the platform edge is a recent addition. A bit unsightly but perhaps necessary. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN004


Gingin - Post Office

The Gingin post and telegraph office was opened in 1886. A telephone exchange opened here in 1914. The 6503 post code came much later. This building still functions as a post office today. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN005


Gingin - Philbey's Cottage

This building was constructed almost single-handedly by William R. Philbey (wheelwright, blacksmith and many other trades) in 1903. He even cut and carted his own limestone building blocks. It's set on Brockman Street between the shops. Mr Philbey occupied this cottage until his death in 1933. Mr Philbey was the local Road Board Secretary when the cottage was built. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN006


Gingin - Shops

Here are some of the Gingin shops on Brockman Street. Philbey's Cottage (above picture) is located just to the right of this row. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN007


Gingin - Shops

The IGA store sits on the corner of Brockman and Weld Streets. This is the main all-purpose store in town. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN008


Gingin - Waterwheel in Park

In the centre of town is Granville Park. The centre-piece of the park is a creek, waterfall and this old water-wheel which turns around quite majestically as the water passes through its blades. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN009


Gingin - Waterwheel in Park

A closer look at the waterwheel. This is a replica of the one which was used in the Cheriton Farm flour mill back in 1855. Only the axle is original. Since the above (2010) photo was taken, the whole wheel has been rebuilt and it was re-opened on May 20th, 2012. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN010


Gingin - Brook and Shops

The Gingin Brook flows through town. A dam near the waterwheel produces this high-water area. This view is from near the waterwheel footbridge looking up to Weld Street and across to the shops on Brockman Street. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN011


Gingin - C.U. Cafe

Set in Granville Park is the C.U. Cafe. Parts of this place look pretty old and was maybe an original residential cottage. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN012


Gingin - Football in the Park

Today is 2013 grand final day - Hawthorn versus Fremantle. Many people are in the outside area of the cafe watching the game. At half time patrons decided to get in a kick of two of their own. You can see the cafe in the background. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN013


Gingin - Anglican Church

St Luke's Anglican Church is slightly west of the town centre and is set amongst a well-treed cemetery. The church was built in 1860 and was opened on 23 February 1861 by The Rev. George Boston, the then Chaplain. The bell was added in 1862. The church was used as a school room in the 1860's and 1870's. The surrounding picket fence was added in 1908-9. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN014


Gingin - Anglican Church Gravestone

Here is a pioneer grace in St Luke's churchyard. The grave marker is not stone though, it's actually made of wood. It reflects the length of settlement in the Gingin area and its rich history. Elizabeth Rudrick was born in 1795, 34 years before W.A. was founded. August 2011. Photos Ref: GNGN015

(On my February 2016 visit, I note this grave marker has been devastated by what appear to be ants)


Gingin - Catholic Church

St Catherine's Catholic Church. An elegant old wood and iron building set in the northern side of town. It was constructed in 1931. By the 1990's the building had fallen into considerable disrepair and close to demolition. It was saved by a huge amount of restoration work done by the Father Paul Fox and the parishioners. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN016


Gingin - Uniting Church

On Weld Street is the Uniting Church. This building was constructed as a Wesleyan Church in 1870. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN017


Gingin - Headmaster's House

From 1899 to the mid-1920's this cottage was the school headmaster's house. Mrs W.G. Gordon subsequently lived here as a private resident and in the 1950's the building became the CWA Rest Rooms (thanks to Mrs Gordon). Today it's home to an Arts and Crafts centre. August 2011. Photos Ref: GNGN018


Gingin - Hotel

The Gingin Hotel. The hotel is generally one of the grandest buildings in town. This hotel is across the road from the railway station. It was constructed in 1902. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN019


Gingin - Hotel

A view of the front of the hotel taken early on a Sunday morning prior to all the patrons' cars obscuring the street level view. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN020


Gingin - Hotel Motel Units

To the left side of the hotel is this small block of motel units. I've stayed in a few similar in other towns and usually they are fairly good. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN021


Gingin - Road Board Building

The Gingin Road Board building was commissioned in 1910 and opened by local MLA Mr S.F. Moore on 29 April 1911. The building cost 310 pounds to construct and continued operating as a Roads Board until 1968. These days this building is used as a pre-school and Red Cross centre. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN022


Gingin - Masons Hall

The Masonic Hall on Edwards Street looks 1950's or 1960's in design. September 2013. Photos Ref: GNGN023


Gingin - Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is across the road from the Anglican Church.  It was built as a memorial to local, Mr Jim Gordon. There is a wooden-decked walkway on the other side of that building that goes through the bush, crisscrossing a creek for a couple of hundred metres. August 2010. Photos Ref: GNGN024


Gingin - Jim Gordon Trail

At rear of Pioneer Park is the Jim Gordon Trail, wooden docking crossing parts of the Gingin Brook, and featuring almost rain forest like vegetation. A very pleasant 10-15 minute stroll. Mr James Heather Gordon was long long time resident of Gingin. He won a Victoria Cross whilst serving in the Australian Army in North Africa during World War II. February 2016. Photos Ref: GNGN025

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