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Grass Valley

A small hamlet some 15 kms east of Northam, just off the Great Eastern Highway, and situated in the Avon Valley region. The section of the railway between Northam to Southern Cross was constructed here in the period 1893-4 and Grass Valley was one of the original stations on the line. The town is named after a nearby property of the same name owned by Mr William Nairn from 1833. In town is a major pumping station for the Kalgoorlie water pipeline


Grass Valley - Hall

This is the rather sturdy looking Grass Valley Hall. Is was opened by Sir James Mitchell, Premier of Western Australia on 31st August 1921. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY001


Grass Valley - Old School Site

There is no school here now but during the period 1899 to 1945 a school stood on this site. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY002


Grass Valley - Tavern

Not long after sunrise on a Sunday morning, the slanted beams bring out the beautiful colours of the Grass Valley Tavern. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY003


Grass Valley - Tavern

The main entrance of the Grass Valley Tavern. This place is actually for sale. Not only a tavern, it also boasts superior owner accommodation according to the "For Sale" sign. This was formerly known as the Grass Valley Hotel and it was built in 1898. The first publican was Mr Timothy O'Driscoll. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY004


Grass Valley - Post Office

How about this for a post office? It's just a metal garden shed with an entry door at the rear, a little service window at the front, and a number of private post office boxes. Looks like it's been here since 1986. It has been included on the State Heritage list. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY005


Grass Valley - Pumping Station

This is one of a number of stations used to pump the water along the Mundaring to Kalgoorlie pipeline. It is located between those at Wundowie and Meckering. This is a water flow booster station and is operated only when needed. The original numbers 2 and 3 pumping stations were at Mundaring and Cunderdin. This Grass Valley station came later. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY006


Grass Valley - Bus Shelter

An innovative small shelter at the road end of someone's property, perhaps to provide shelter for children waiting for the school bus. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY007


Grass Valley - House

A few lovely old rustic homes in Grass Valley. This is just one of them. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY008


Grass Valley - Railway Cutting

The east-west standard gauge railway line runs past Grass Valley, indeed close to here is a complex of silos for storage and transportation of grain. This very steep cutting is close to the townsite. The bridge also carries a water pipeline over on the other side. June 2011. Photos Ref: GRVY009

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