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This small town is located on the Great Eastern Highway between Northam and Cunderdin. Meckering is 132 kilometres east of Perth. When the railway to Southern Cross was constructed in 1894-95, Meckering was chosen as a rail stopping point. The town was originally called Beebering and was gazetted as such in 1895. This name changed in 1897 to agree with the rail siding name. Meckering was almost totally destroyed in the 1968 earthquake


Meckering - Earthquake Fault Line Sign

On October 14th, 1968 an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 struck Meckering, destroying just about all of the town. This is the fault line, where it crosses the Great Eastern Highway a few kilometres to the west of town. Perhaps a lesser known fact is that Meckering was rocked by earth tremors on 9th December, 1916. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK001


Meckering - Earthquake Fault Line

These paddocks are directly on the fault line. Nothing to see here after 43 years though. The earthquake did not create a fissure, rather the opposite, it raised a ridge of ground to a height of up to 4.5 metres at its highest point. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK002


Meckering - Earthquake Display

This park marks a memorial to the event and displays examples of damage caused. The town of Meckering was re-located to this new site after the earthquake and obviously all buildings here were constructed post-1968. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK003


Meckering - Earthquake Display

A display depicting damage to homes and buildings that many residents experienced during the earthquake. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK004


Meckering - Earthquake Display

Buckled rail lines show the might of the event. However, photos taken at the time, included in the display, show remarkably more extensive buckling of the rail tracks. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK005


Meckering - Earthquake Destroyed Farm House

A couple of kilometres north of the present townsite is this farm house wreckage which has been preserved as a memorial. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK006


Meckering - Old Tractor

Adjacent to the earthquake display park is a group of old farm implements. Here is an ancient tractor. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK007


Meckering - Store in Shopping Centre

This small, modern shopping complex services the needs of residents. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK008


Meckering - Colton's Cafe

Colton's Cafe is just across from the Earthquake display, and set between the main shops and the Big Camera. Photo - October 2018. Photos Ref: MECK009


Meckering - Big Camera

The Big Camera museum of photography is one of the local attractions. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK010


Meckering - Hall

The Meckering Hall stands a little behind the earthquake display area and the shopping area. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK011


Meckering - War Memorial

The Meckering War Memorial situated in the park across from the main shops. Photo - October 2018. Photos Ref: MECK012


Meckering - School

This building is part of the Meckering School. It is actually two old buildings joined together, most probably moved more-or-less intact from the old townsite. The buildings have name shingles. The part on the right is 'Warding 1942 to 1947 (formerly Waeel 1925 to 1938)'. The left building says 'Greenwoods - 1938 to 1945'. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK013


Meckering - House

Most of the houses built in the new townsite post 1968 were constructed of pre-fabricated materials, such as shown in this photo. The washing machine in the front yard however is not typical. Some fine brick residences can also be found in town. Photo - July 2011. Photos Ref: MECK014


Meckering - Sporting Club

The only licensing premises to be found in town appears to be the Meckering Sporting Club. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK015


Meckering - Railway Station

Meckering is on the main Perth - Kalgoorlie railway line. Many long interstate freight train roll through here, plus the Indian Pacific, the Avon Link, and the Prospector. The latter two stop here on demand. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK016


Meckering - Grain Silos

Meckering grain silo complex including large wheat bins and rail loading facilities. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK017


Meckering - Paddocks and Silos

The silos viewed across a green paddock from close to where the earthquake ruined farm house is located. Photo - June 2011. Photos Ref: MECK018

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