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Hamilton Hill

Hamilton Hill is a suburb to the south of Fremantle which occupies quite a large parcel of land. One of the earliest developments in the area was Captain George Robb's Farm by his agent Mr Sydney Smith. In 1830 Smith gave his address as Hamilton Hill, the named Hamilton being derived from a Capetown shipping company which owned the vessel Leda, which brought both Robb and Smith to W.A. Robb is remembered by Robb's Jetty, slightly to the south


Hamilton Hill - Newmarket Hotel

Here is the former Newmarket Hotel constructed c.1912. It's on the fork in the road where Hampton Road turns into Rockingham and Cockburn Roads. The hotel has a long history with local horse racing identities and at one time even had a horse water trough on the west side of the building. In the early days it was also popular with market gardeners in the district. It ceased operating as an hotel in approximately 2002. July 2011. Photos Ref: HAMHL001


Hamilton Hill - Wood Company

Just slightly down Rockingham Road from the old Newmarket Hotel is the Fremantle Wood Company which doesn't look like it's in business right now. Beyond that building is a row of modern villa homes which occupy the land formerly used by the business of Westwood Timbers. July 2011. Photos Ref: HAMH002


Hamilton Hill - Memorial Hall

The Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall looks resplendent. It looks to have been recently renovated. The Hall is on the corner of Carrington Street and Rockingham Road. The building has two Foundation Stones, both were laid on March 21st, 1925. One was laid by Mrs W.M. Winfield and the other by the then Governor, Sir William Campion. April 2016. Photos Ref: HAMH003


Hamilton Hill - Primary School

At 110 Rockingham Road and next door to the Memorial Hall is the former Hamilton Hill Primary School. Construction of the school commenced in 1903 and the pictured building looks like the oldest on the campus. April 2016. Photos Ref: HAMH004


Hamilton Hill - Primary School

Here is a look at the other side of the above building. These premises are now used by Fremantle Christian College. At one stage this place was known as Calvary Christian School. According to the W.A. State Government Inherit site, this land may be used for future road works. April 2016. Photos Ref: HAMH005

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