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Beaconsfield is a suburb of the City of Fremantle, located slightly to the south and east of the city. Beaconsfield takes in an area bounded by South Street, Hampton Road, York Street and a number of minor streets mark the southern boundary, off to the north and east of Douro Road. The suburb was thought to have taken its name from a local property named thus, which in turn would have come from the UK. Settlement in the area started in the 1880's

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Beaconsfield - Post Office

This is the former Beaconsfield Post Office on Hampton Road (early called Prison Road). This was constructed in 1896. From 1904 it was known as the South Fremantle Post Office. It ceased operating as a post office in 1985 and was sold to a private interest. It has since been used as a medical clinic.  January 2009. Photos Ref: BFLD001


Beaconsfield - Primary School

This is the former Beaconsfield Primary School. These days it serves as the Fremantle-Peel District Education Office. The school was constructed progressively between 1894 and 1914. It is located on the corner of Hampton and Lefroy Roads. July 2011. Photos Ref: BFLD002


Beaconsfield - Primary School

Again the old Beaconsfield Primary School, this time looking from the north, inside the courtyard. The buildings are very well preserved and are heritage listed. July 2011. Photos Ref: BFLD003


Beaconsfield - St Paul's Anglican Church

This is St Paul's Anglican Church on Hampton Road. The Foundation Stone was laid on 23 August 1905 by Admiral Sir Frederick Bedford who was the then Governor of Western Australia. July 2011. Photos Ref: BFLD004


Beaconsfield - St Paul's Church Hall

Behind St Paul's Church is the Church Hall. Construction commenced in the 1870's and although originally built as a hall, is was in fact used as a place of worship until the Church at the front was constructed years later. July 2011. Photos Ref: BFLD005


Beaconsfield - St Paul's Church Rectory

At the front of St Paul's compound and to the left of the Church is the Rectory. July 2011. Photos Ref: BFLD006


Beaconsfield - Heritage Listed Cottage

Immediately to the left of the above church rectory is this fine stone cottage at 160 Hampton Road. It is recorded as being built in 1910 although to me it looks older. The building is in fine shape. July 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD007


Beaconsfield - Former Butcher's Shop

At 146 Hampton Road, on the corner of South Street is this building. It was constructed in 1910 as the Baker Bros Butcher's Shop. The attached limestone residence was built 14 years earlier. Until recently this looks to have been a liquor store or wine bar. Inside is now littered with rubbish and the building appears to have been abandoned. July 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD008


Beaconsfield - Hampton Road Shop Pair

This very smart brace of old shops is at 178 Hampton Road. They must have been constructed in 1898 as that date is up on the parapet, in the stucco. July 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD009


Beaconsfield - Catholic Church

Christ the King Catholic Church on Lefroy Road in Beaconsfield. The Foundation Stone was blessed and laid by The Most Rev. Redmond Prendiville, Archbishop of Perth, on August 18th, 1936. November 2015. Photos Ref: BFLD010


Beaconsfield - South Street Shop

At 83 South Street on the corner of Solomon Street is this fine example of 1940 architecture. The building was originally commercial premises with accommodation. Today the premises is split into three units. One unit, downstairs front, is occupied by a firm of Architects. June 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD011


Beaconsfield - Ocean View on Solomon Street

This fine building, Ocean View, is on Solomon Street, just south of South Street. It was erected as a residence for businessman and former Mayor of Fremantle Mr Elias Solomon in 1887. Between 1917 and 1920 the building served as a military hospital. Between 1920 and 1940 it was a maternity hospital. Since 1940 this has been the residence of various families across the decades. It doesn't look very lived in at present. July 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD012


Beaconsfield - Church House

How about this for an interesting house? This is on Baker Street which runs parallel to Hampton Road. It is built to look like a church but I don't believe it ever was a church. The doorway and windows on the far side all have Gothic style architecture. There are also what look like a couple of period replica stone cottages on the street. July 2016. Photos Ref: BFLD013

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