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Henderson is a locality approx 22 kms south of Perth and is situated at the northern end of Cockburn Sound. In 1915 the land here was set aside for a defence base but this never eventuated. Admiral Sir Reginald Henderson was to be responsible for the base. The land lay untouched for decades. From about 1980 development commenced. Cockburn Road was re-aligned, Jervoise Bay boat harbour was constructed and Australian Marine Complex was established


Henderson - Ship Building

Here in Henderson is this most impressive boat building 'shed' belonging to the Australian Marine Complex. It appears to be a facility for all the local boat builders to use, not just the owners. January 2010. Photos Ref: HEND001


Henderson - Shipyards

Ship building in Henderson. Those red boats look like fishing vessels. Henderson is just south of Woodman Point and Munster. These days Cockburn Road has been re-aligned to give a Henderson a wide berth, so to speak. This is boat building country and has been for decades, and it is also now home to the Jervoise Bay boat harbour and the Australian Marine Complex. January 2010. Photos Ref: HEND002


Henderson - Shipyards

A fabulous looking trimaran tied up at its jetty I believe awaiting sale. Here is a world-class maritime construction facility. May 2012. Photos Ref: HEND003


Henderson - Shipyards

Cranes dominate the skyline in the shipyards. You can see the seaward side of that building in the first photo on this series. Smoke in the area comes from Naval Base industries. Those rocks in the sea make up an island complete with a navigation beacon. May 2012. Photos Ref: HEND004

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