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Woodman Point

Woodman Point is recreational area off Cockburn Road within the suburb of Munster. A large area of the northern section of the park used to be rail marshalling yards. It is named after Thomas Woodman, who was with Captain James Stirling in his 1827 exploratory voyage. This is not a suburb in its own right. Woodman Point is the area where the Quarantine Station existed and operated from around 1880 until 1979. The Woodman Light was built in 1902


Woodman Point - Woodman Light

Adjacent to Woodman Point but on the east side of Cockburn Road is the Woodman Light. A prominent lighthouse that is still functioning today. This was constructed in 1902. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT001


Woodman Point - Jetty near Cockburn Power Boat Assn

A view of a jetty near Cockburn Power Boat Association and Sea Rescue. This is a little east of the Woodman Point and Woodman Spit. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT002


Woodman Point - Cafe

Down where they launch all the boats (Power Boat Association and private boats) is the Woodman Point Cafe offering hamburgers and coffee for sale. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT003


Woodman Point - Breakwater

This is looking south down the main breakwater which provides shelter for Woodman Point boats plus vessels in the Jervoise Bay Boat Harbour. Out here are some purpose-built fishing protrusions which were all in use today. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT004


Woodman Point - Beach

Looking south from up near where Woodman Point actually is. Nice sheltered beach and if you look closely you might see the Woodman Light on the horizon. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT005


Woodman Point - The Point

This rocky outcrop is Woodman Point. In the old days this might have been an island? High water might cut this point off. Plenty of people out here and many pelicans swoop in, deftly catching favourable winds, to land at this place. Maybe lured by the chance of a free fish? Garden Island is off on the horizon. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT006


Woodman Point - Pelican at Point

A majestic Australian pelican bobs on the water just off Woodman Point. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT007


Woodman Point - Old Magazine

Just off Nyyerbup Circuit, one of the entry roads to the Woodman park is an old magazine. This is a World War II munitions dump. There is a circuit road into here but it has been closed off perhaps due to asbestos contamination in/on the old buildings. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT008


Woodman Point - Old Magazine

The magazine - this is just one of a few buildings - is surrounded by concrete bunkers such as this. The concrete blocks looks like they were set in hessian bags. There also used to be a quarantine station in this area, keeping apart vessels who had stricken passengers aboard until they were cleared. May 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT009


Woodman Point - Holiday Park Reception

At the end of Magazine Court, off Cockburn Road, is the Woodman Point Holiday Park. This is the reception and shop. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT010


Woodman Point - Holiday Park Cabin

A look inside the Wooden Point Holiday Park revealed this very attractive looking holiday cabin. Spick and span. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT011


Woodman Point - Holiday Park Cabins

Still in the Woodman Point Holiday Park is this row of cabins. The whole place is a picture, very clean and tidy, loads of facilities and close to the beach. Looks like a good place to book in and spend a holiday. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT012


Woodman Point - Jetty

The Woodman Point jetty reaches out into the winter ocean with dark clouds threatening. The jetty is part of Cockburn Cement's operations. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT013


Woodman Point - Woods Reserve

This old building is called Woods Reserve. It is located near Cockburn Road, on O'Kane Court. This looks pretty old and I think this might have been once used as a power station - see the outlet nodes on the top right. You might make out the Woodman Light off on in the distance to the left of the building. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT014


Woodman Point - Woods Reserve

Inside the Woods Reserve building. Leave anything open long enough and someone will come along and vandalise it. See those three power outlets up in the roof. They match the same on the outside, above photo. Yes, an old power station I'd say. August 2012. Photos Ref: WDPT015


Woodman Point - Cockburn Road Building

Just to the south of the Woodman turnoff on Cockburn Road is this old building on the eastern side of the road. This area is Water Supply land and is fenced off. I wonder what this building once was? October 2013. Photos Ref: WDPT016


Woodman Point - Cockburn Road Building

This is the side and rear of the building set on Water Corp land (above picture). It seems to have deteriorated somewhat since I was last here. June 2016. Photos Ref: WDPT017

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