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Henley Brook

Henley Brook is a verdant locality at the northern end of the Swan Valley, on West Swan Road. This district bears one of the earliest place names bestowed in Western Australia. On Captain Stirling's 1827 exploratory Swan River voyage, this place was the limit of navigable waters his boat could take. He named the area Henley Park. The local brook was named as Henley Brook in 1842. The suburb name was officially approved only as recently as 1972


Henley Brook - West Swan Road

A view down West Swan Road looking south. That road there off to the right - Millhouse Road - is the turn-off to The Vines. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL001


Henley Brook - Paddocks

Looking across the fields from West Swan Road near the Millhouse Road junction. In the centre of the picture and slightly to the left is the junction of West Swan Road and the Great Northern Highway. The water is the Swan River. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL002


Henley Brook - Ellen Brook

Lovely green valley in which you may be able to glimpse some water? That is the Ellen Brook. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL003


Henley Brook - Vineyard

Grape vines abound in this area. These are some near the junction of Millhouse and West Swan Roads, with the view looking over towards the hills. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL004


Henley Brook - All Saints Church

Right down at the end of Henry Street (which is almost an extension of Gnangara Road), down at the river, is an historic church. This gateway is the entrance to the Anglican All Saints Church and churchyard. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL005


Henley Brook - All Saints Church

This is the Anglican All Saints Church, Henley Brook. It is the oldest still-functioning church in Western Australia. The first church service was held in this building on 10th January 1841 and in those days this was in the Diocese of Adelaide. At this site, Governor Stirling camped whilst exploring the Swan River in 1827. The Foundation Stone of the church was laid on October 31st, 1831. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL006


Henley Brook - All Saints Church

Here is a view inside the church. It is very well kept and the atmosphere reeks of history. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL007


Henley Brook - All Saints Church

Along the walls of the inside of the church are a number of memorial stones. This photograph captures the story of local James Minchin. The memorials give an incredible insight into the long history of this area and the pioneers who lived here and opened up the land. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL008


Henley Brook - All Saints Church

In the churchyard are graves dating from very recent but with some going back to the beginnings of European settlement in Western Australia. This is the headstone of Henry Morley who was born in 1802 - 25 years before Captain Stirling came through this area. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL009


Henley Brook - Mitchell Cottage

Adjacent to the All Saints Church is Mitchell Cottage. It appears to be a private residence but connected with the church in some way. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL010


Henley Brook - Charlie's Estate Winery

The fine old Chevrolet sits out the from of Charlie's Estate Winery on Swan Street. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL011


Henley Brook - Henley Park Winery

Henley Park Winery is on the corner of Swan Street and West Swan Road. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL012


Henley Brook - Henley Park Winery

And this fine old cart sits out the front of Henley Park Winery. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL013


Henley Brook - The Henley Brook

Henley Brook flowing strongly through this lovely green paddock on a July winter's day. This is adjacent to John Street. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL014


Henley Brook - The Wine Place

Another winery, this time The Wine Place which is located on West Swan Road. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL015


Henley Brook - Valley View Restaurant

This is Valley View Restaurant and inside looks quite sumptuous and doing a good trade this day. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL016


Henley Brook - Alpaca Plus Barn

Alpaca Plus - Swan Valley Alpaca Stud. Upstairs in this barn you can purchase fine garments made from alpaca wool. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL017


Henley Brook - Alpaca Plus Paddocks

Upstairs in the Alpaca Plus barn is a small verandah. This is a view across the paddocks where the alpacas graze. Beyond is the Darling Range. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL018


Henley Brook - The Mallard Duck

The Mallard Duck is set in peaceful surroundings next to a lake (you can see a bit of that in the foreground). This restaurant is on the west side of West Swan Road. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL019


Henley Brook - Oggie's Ice Cream Cafe

Oggie's Ice-cream Cafe is on West Swan Road. They specialise in gelato but they also serve light meals (sandwiches, chips, soups, pizzas etc), plus cool drinks and desserts. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL020


Henley Brook - Oasis Resort

The Oasis Resort on West Swan Road caters for functions, weddings etc. Lovely buildings and well-designed grounds. Their maxi-golf is always very popular and good family fun. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL021


Henley Brook - Oasis Resort

Here is a view across a lake, bridge and waterfall across to Oasis maxi-golf entrance and cafe. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL022


Henley Brook - Mash Brewing

Mash Brewing and Brasserie is right next to the Oasis resort on West Swan Road. They craft their own beer in here and you can watch it being made whilst you eat a meal selected from their extensive menu. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL023


Henley Brook - Old School

On West Swan Road, this complex of buildings stands out. This is now the Doorndjil Yoordaniny Aboriginal education and training centre. Years ago this was the West Swan primary and pre-primary school. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL024


Henley Brook - Old School House

This old building which looks like it used to be a dwelling - probably the old school house - is part of the Doorndjil Yoordaniny Aboriginal education and training centre. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL025


Henley Brook - Strawberry Fields Forever

Rows and rows of strawberries protected from the elements grow happily in the Swan Valley. July 2011. Photos Ref: HENL026

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