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This southern Perth suburb near the Kwinana Freeway is noted for its very busy light-aircraft airport. As late as 1987 there was very little in the area apart from the airport and the adjacent suburb Canning Vale was also almost totally undeveloped. Apart from some local light industrial land, a lot of the suburb is reserved as a buffer zone around the airport. Early spellings of the name include Jandicoot, Jandakoot and Jandakott. It is of Aboriginal origin


Jandakot - Airport Tower

In the southern suburbs is the very busy Jandakot airport, the home of light aircraft. This is the control tower. The airport opened in 1963. In those days this was rather desolate bushland but suburbia has encroached. Jandakot airport is on record (at least in 2011) as being the busiest airport in Australia, recording over 275,000 aircraft movements. June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND001


Jandakot - Airport Aviators Cafe

The rather stylish looking Airport Aviators Cafe at Jandakot airport. Out of this airport operate a number of flying schools and clubs, plus it is the location of pilot training and flying colleges of Singapore and China Southern Airlines. June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND002


Jandakot - Airport Parked Light Aircraft

Light aircraft dressed and tethered on a Sunday afternoon. Prior to Jandakot airport opening in 1963, light aircraft operations were conducted from the Maylands Aerodrome (1924 - 1959) and then for four years (1959 - 1963) from Guildford (Perth Airport). June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND003


Jandakot - Airport Flying School

In this building you can sign-up for flying lessons and subsequently book your times etc. You can also buy tickets for joy flights in here. June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND004


Jandakot - Airport Light Aircraft

More light aircraft enjoying a Sunday rest on the apron. June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND005


Jandakot - Airport Rottnest Air Taxi

This little building is across the road from the main hustle and bustle of the airport. Here you can buy a ticket for a flight to Rottnest Island. June 2010. Photos Ref: JAND006


Jandakot - Airport China Southern Air School

It might seem a little odd that China Southern Airline should choose Jandakot as its air school location but then why not? October 2016. Photos Ref: JAND007


Jandakot - Airport Pilot's Shop

The Pilot's and Parts Shop very close to the main airport aprons. October 2016. Photos Ref: JAND008


Jandakot - Airport Tower

A close-up of the top of the Jandakot tower. October 2016. Photos Ref: JAND009

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