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A suburb of Perth in the south-eastern corridor along Albany Highway about 20 kilometres from Perth. The area was developed as far back as 1829 due to the fertile soil and proximity of the Canning River. Early pioneer John Okey Davis owned this tract of land. He sold it to Mr Charles Gosnell in 1862. The suburb is therefore obviously named after Charles Gosnell. The municipality was gazetted in 1907. The City of Gosnells was declared as such in 1977


Gosnells - Train Station Artwork

Sculpture or artwork out the front of the Gosnells train station. When Gosnells was a young municipality back in 1907, the area was surrounded by farms. Some notable farm names at that time were Kenwick, Maddington, Seaforth and Thornlie. These names are all now used as area suburbs. July 2008. Photos Ref: GOSN001


Gosnells - Railway Station

This is inside the Gosnells railway station. The whole structure looks quite impressive. Along with Armadale and Kelmscott in the area, the station has been considerably redeveloped in recent years as a modern railway complex together with its complimentary bus transfer station. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN002


Gosnells - Hotel

The Gosnells Hotel alongside Albany Highway. The hotel was built for the Connell family in 1907. When built the hotel included an Assembly Hall which was used for various purposes including holding Catholic Church services. July 2008. Photos Ref: GOSN003


Gosnells - Hotel

Another aspect of the Gosnells Hotel. Despite only being 12 miles (about 18 kilometres) from Perth, in 1907 it was something of an arduous trip and therefore the hotel was popular for weekenders. Lodgers enjoyed the proximity of the Darling Range foothills and the Canning River (which was flowing in those days). The hotel was extended in the 1960's and 1970's. In the 1990's the then owner Mr Geoff Ogden renovated the buildings and established a large restaurant. July 2008. Photos Ref: GOSN004


Gosnells - Looking South down Albany Highway

This is a view looking south down Albany Highway from near the traffic bridge. Looking past the old railway signals you can see (amongst other things) the Gosnells Hotel. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN005


Gosnells - Railway Markets

The grand looking Gosnells Railway Markets. It's quite a big structure and was opening around 1990. Well worth calling in and having a look around. It was quite busy this Sunday afternoon. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN006


Gosnells - City Council Offices

The rather futuristic City of Gosnells Council Offices. They are off to the left of the Albany Highway (travelling south), just before it reaches the Canning River traffic bridge. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN007


Gosnells - Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is located adjacent to the City of Gosnells offices. A very peaceful and picturesque park. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN008


Gosnells - War Memorial in Pioneer Park

An avenue of splendid white roses leads up to the War Memorial in Pioneer Park. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN009


Gosnells - War Memorial in Pioneer Park

A close view of the War Memorial. Looking past the memorial, families picnic and play games on the finely kept lawns. In the distance is the Albany Highway road bridge. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN010


Gosnells - Under Road Bridge

Underneath the Albany Highway road bridge. Immediately above is the original bridge, largely made of timber. This bridge used to carry traffic in both directions. A more recent addition is the concrete bridge on the right. So now the old bridge only carries south-bound traffic. The bridges span the now-dry Canning River. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN011


Gosnells - Fish & Chip Shop

There are far too many empty places like this around Perth - my suburb is no different. This is (of course) an ex-fish and chip shop just up from the highway. May 2011 footnote: This building still looks the same 3 years on (as do others around here). My guess is that these businesses have moved to newer and brighter premises on the Highway where exposure to potential passing trade is much higher. July 2008. Photos Ref: GOSN012


Gosnells - Gostronic

Great looking shop with an original and catchy name. This is on the west side of Albany Highway. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN013


Gosnells - Tree Top Walkway

In the Centennial Pioneer Park close to the centre of town. This tree-top walk starts up near the library and wends its way down to playing fields, picnic areas and on to the Canning River. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN014


Gosnells - Footpath Sculpture

A clever sculpture on the footpath near Centennial Pioneer Park depicts animals escaping from a drain down below via this manhole. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN015


Gosnells - Track Over River

South towards the Seaforth end of town at the end of Manning Avenue. This track and bridge cross the Canning River. Despite a very long and dry summer, there is still a bit of water in the river at this spot. Since the Canning Dam was built in 1940 the river has rarely had any decent water flow. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN016


Gosnells - Seaforth Station

The Seaforth station on the Perth - Armadale line, just a few kilometres south of Gosnells station. Next stop south is Kelmscott. While we're on the subject, who can remember Stokely station which was 2 kilometers north of Gosnells? May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN017


Gosnells - Seaforth Station

Seaforth Primary School artwork on Seaforth station. Great idea - it adds colour and life to the station. This practice is quite wide-spread on many of the smaller stations on the Perth rail network. May 2011. Photos Ref: GOSN018


Gosnells - Locomotive In Railway Markets

A front section of diesel locomotive XA-1403 "Wanbiri" pokes its nose out of the brickwork to read a few of those books in the Gosnells Railway Markets. August 2013. Photos Ref: GOSN019


Gosnells - Locomotive In Railway Markets

Steam locomotive Dd596 sitting in the middle of the Gosnells Railway Markets. There is a "staff" changing machine (a staff was a rod which gave a train driver authority to travel on a particular section of single rail track) to the front/left of picture. Many more of these devices are scattered around in this part of the market. August 2013. Photos Ref: GOSN020


Gosnells - Metro Retro Signs

The very colourful Metro Retro Signs shop on the eastern side of Albany Highway just south of central Gosnells. Well worth a visit. October 2017. Photos Ref: GOSN021


Gosnells - Corfield Street Deli

On Corfield Street is Coral & Shaz's Gosnells Deli. It has a certain appeal to me. October 2017. Photos Ref: GOSN022

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