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Margaret River

Margaret River was established in 1910. By 1912 there were only three houses in town. The town is named after the nearby river which in turn was named after Margaret Whicher, the cousin of Mr John Bussell, the founder of the town of Busselton. The railway arrived in town in the early 1920's but was closed in 1957 due to poor economies. Margaret River is 277 kms south of Perth and 9 kms from the ocean and is famed for its wines, its caves and ocean surfing


Margaret River - Bussell Highway

Bussell Highway running through the town centre of Margaret River heading south. On the left is the Margaret River Hotel. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG001


Margaret River - Goodfella's Cafe

"Breakfast on the Balcony" at Goodfella's Cafe at 97 Bussell Highway. At street level is The Good Olive, regional foods and gifts. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG002


Margaret River - Hotel

The Margaret River Hotel is one of the few remaining original buildings on the main street. The hotel opened in 1936 and at that time boasted a rarity - running hot and cold water in all of its 16 rooms. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG003


Margaret River - Shop Fronts

Shop fronts on the main street. A few decades ago, this town was a popular settling place for some seeking at alternative lifestyle from the city stresses. Now in 2013 the town is booming with hardly an original building left down the Bussell Highway and back streets have sprung up with modern houses. Perhaps a case of being a victim of its own success, Margaret River is now no longer the sleepy bush town but perhaps a microcosm of city living. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG004


Margaret River - Shops on Main Street

A look at just a few of the newer shops on the main street. In this group is the ABC Centre Bookshop, Margaret River Travel and Walkabout Souvenirs. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG005


Margaret River - Street Scene

A quiet, very early Sunday morning look south down Bussell Highway, not long after sunrise. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG006


Margaret River - Settlers Tavern

The Settlers Tavern in the centre of town facing the Bussell Highway. This was built in the 1970's and was popular then with those pursuing the surf culture. It continues to cater for the younger set today. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG007


Margaret River - Food Room

Catching the early morning sunlight on Fearn Avenue is this building with Food Room at street level and Lightwater Legal upstairs. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG008


Margaret River - Anglican Church

St Margaret's Anglican Church on Station Road. The church was built in 1927. There is no Foundation Stone on the church. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG009


Margaret River - Masonic Lodge

Masons Lodge 166 WAC on Station Road. This building was opened on October 31, 1936. Extensions were made in 1953. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG010


Margaret River - Mechanical Cow

Standing outside a hardware store is this curiously decorated cow. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG011


Margaret River - CWA

Located on a side street just east of the main street is the local Country Women's Association building. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG012


Margaret River - River Mouth

For most of the year the Margaret River mouth is blocked from the ocean by a sand bar. Here you can see a section of sea in the foreground and the Margaret River beyond the bar. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG013


Margaret River - River Mouth

Upstream a little from the river mouth, people enjoy boating, walking along the beaches and swimming in calm waters. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG014


Margaret River - Ocean

The rocky coastline makes natural elevated fishing spots such as this. Children were enjoying peering into rock crevices looking for crabs. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG015


Margaret River - Ocean

From the vicinity of the Margaret River mouth, here is a view across the rocks looking towards Cape Mentelle. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG016


Margaret River - Ocean

A view south along the coastline from the river mouth area. Around the corner is Prevelly and Gnarabup with their popular surfing beaches. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG017


Margaret River - Shire

The Shire of Augusta - Margaret River in sparkling new premises on Wallcliffe Road. Behind the building is Gloucester Park which contains sports facilities including a football oval. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG018


Margaret River - Woolworths

A sign of expansion of the town. Woolworths new store on Town View Terrace and Willmott Avenue. BWS and Red Dot also have shops in here. Construction of the rear section seems yet to be completed. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG019


Margaret River - Water Towers

Water towers on Willmott Avenue. This would be the source of the town's scheme water supply. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG020


Margaret River - Admiral Stirling Inn

The Admiral Stirling Inn, made mostly of wood, appears to blend in quite nicely with the surrounding trees. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG021


Margaret River - Bridgefield

This property is the original Higgins House now known as Bridgefield. In was built by the pioneer Higgins family in 1884. Higgins House served as a coach staging station and from 1910 as the first post office in town. These days Bridgefield offers accommodation and includes the La Scarpetta Trattoria restaurant. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG022


Margaret River - Road Bridge

The Bussell Highway crosses the Margaret River at the north end of town. This is a view looking north. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG023


Margaret River - The River

A look at a section of the river from underneath the Bussell Highway road bridge. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG024


Margaret River - River Footbridge

Perhaps one hundred or so metres upstream from the Bussell Highway road bridge, this footbridge spans the river. The bridge was constructed by Michael Coffey as a memorial to his family who migrated from Scotland to this district in 1927. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG025


Margaret River - The River

Here is a view of the river from the footbridge. Upstream from here, perhaps 500 or so metres, is a weir. Water here is flowing slowly during the summer. It was easy to spot a few really good sized marron in the shallows by one of the banks. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG026


Margaret River - Rotary Park Station

In Rotary Park just to the north of the Bussell Highway river road bridge is a Margaret River Railway replica, Rotary Park Station. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG027


Margaret River - Kate

Inside the Rotary Park Station sits "Kate". This engine was built in England in 1889. The locomotive worked in the district timber industry from 1890 to 1909. Between 1917 and the early 1950's Kate ran in Wyndham. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG028


Margaret River - Historic Village

Adjacent to the river at the northern end of town is an historic village. This building was the blacksmith's shop. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG029


Margaret River - Historic Village

In the historic village is this pioneer cottage constructed out of local timber. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG030


Margaret River - Historic Village

Next to the old cottage is this building which was at one time a dairy. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG031


Margaret River - Historic Village

This old hall is a dominant feature in the historic precinct. The far end has been renovated (or extended) with stonework and new timber. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG032


Margaret River - Historic Village

A final look in the old village. This building appears to be a former school room. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG033


Margaret River - Gum Trees

Eucalypts swaying in the breeze and catching the late afternoon sun. These trees are in Gloucester Park off Station Road. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG034


Margaret River - Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is to the west of the Margaret River townsite on Caves Road. This is the entrance to the cave area. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG035


Margaret River - Mammoth Cave

After buying your tickets, proceed along this walkway to enter the caves. You can see the rocky entrance. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG036


Margaret River - Leeuwin Estate

This is the main entrance to the Leeuwin Estate winery. Directly through the door behind the sign is the tasting and sales area. Off to the left is a large restaurant. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG037


Margaret River - Leeuwin Estate

Each Australia Day weekend there is a concert-under-the-stars hosted here. The performer is usually a big name and many times accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Rather an up-market event. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG038


Margaret River - Leeuwin Estate

Adjacent to the main sales and restaurant building is this lake and wooden pontoon. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG039


Margaret River - Geese at Cape Mentelle

A fine brace of common or pilgrim geese keep watch over the comings and goings at Cape Mentelle winery. December 2013. Photos Ref: MARG040


Margaret River - Railway Station

At Yoongarillup some 11 kms east of Busselton. This is where the former Margaret River railway station is now located. The buildings were moved here from their original site in in mid-1980's. This place at Yoongarillup used to be known as the Whistlestop Miniature Railway but it is all locked up today and there are no signs meaning that it might have closed down altogether. January 2015. Photos Ref: MARG041

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