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Minnivale is a small town located 5 kms north of the Dowerin to Wyalkatchem Road, the road junction being about half way between those towns. It is also on the Dowerin - Wyalkatchem rail line. The locality was named by A. Forrest after Miss Minnie Frazer, daughter of the then Commissioner of Crown Lands, in 1880. The town was gazetted in 1911. Initially it was known simply as 36 Mile Post on the Rabbit Proof Fence. The rail siding was first called Nenin


Minnivale - Store

In the centre of town is this old shop which now appears to be a private residence. It is in excellent condition. Visible on this side of the building in that yellow panel is "Olympic". July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV001


Minnivale - House Ruins

All that remains on this house site is the old chimney stack and fireplace. This block is next door the the former shop. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV002


Minnivale - Bakery

The ruins of the former bakery oven and surrounds. The stove set in the brickwork is a large Metters. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV003


Minnivale - Church

The Minnivale church was originally established as a Methodist Church in 1925. These days it is used mainly by the Church of Christ although all denominations are welcome. There is no foundation stone. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV004


Minnivale - Church

Another view of the church viewed through the surrounding gardens. It is all very well kept. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV005


Minnivale - Hall Site

Here is the site of the former Minnivale Hall (1914 - 2004). This is on Dowall Street. The old hall was set on stumps and constructed out of wood and asbestos sheeting. It must have fallen into disrepair then demolished or else was relocated elsewhere. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV006


Minnivale - Rail Yard

The railway line runs between Dowerin and Wyalkatchem via Minnivale. Here is the rail yard and grain handling equipment. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV007


Minnivale - Camping Ground

A well-equipped camping ground in the centre of town. There is a small shower block, toilet, washing line, cooking places, benches and night lights. All very crisp and tidy. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV008


Minnivale - Sports Pavilion

Next to the camping grounds are former tennis courts. This shed sits next to the old courts. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV009


Minnivale - School Site

Many a school in the smaller towns has disappeared as it became unsustainable due to decreased enrolment. A school existed on the site between 1923 to 1974. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV010


Minnivale - House

Adjacent to the old school site is this fine house. There are only three or four homes in town. By the look of this building, it may have been a former school room (or school house). It appears to have been extended and altered. July 2015. Photos Ref: MINV011

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