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Nedlands is located between Crawley and Claremont and bounded by the Swan River and Stirling Highway. The land was bought by Colonel John Bruce in 1854 as an investment for his son, Edward. The land was referred to at the time as Neds Land. Some 29 years later the son visited the area and he used the name Nedlands, as it appeared on his inheritance documents. Despite early interest, development in this area did not occur until the 1910's and 1920's


Nedlands - Broadway Fair

The shopping centre, Broadway Fair on Broadway. You can glimpse a bit of Broadway (the road) over there in the distance. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL001


Nedlands - Broadway Fair

Again in Broadway Fair, this time right down the back, but again looking towards the street. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL002


Nedlands - Boats on River

A view of Perth City through the many boats moored and anchored here in Matilda Bay. March 2008. Photos Ref: NEDL003


Nedlands - Jojo's Restaurant

Here is Jojo's restaurant and function centre from the shore. Many people in there on this Sunday relaxing and enjoying a long Sunday lunch. And what a setting. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL004


Nedlands - Jojo's Restaurant

This is the entrance to Jojo's restaurant on the river. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL005


Nedlands - Jojo's Restaurant

A non-paying "customer" hanging around the restaurant for a free snack? Well it's got good taste. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL006


Nedlands - Chelsea Village

In Chelsea Village this was the entrance to what was the Chelsea Tavern. The premises is now used as a health or "wellness" centre. Chelsea Village was constructed in 1972. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL007


Nedlands - Chelsea Village

Inside the Chelsea Village, here are some office and professional suites now in use. This complex used to have a tavern and few food and general shops. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL008


Nedlands - New Steve's on Broadway

This new building is on the corner of Broadway and The Avenue, down at the river end of Broadway. This is called Steve's Fine Wine and Food. The old Steve's next door closed due to excessive noise which was considered inappropriate for this primarily residential district. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL009


Nedlands - Old Steve's Tavern

Here is the original Steve's Tavern. This building is being turned into four stylish apartments. This was built in 1908 and at various times in its history it has been known as The Nedlands Hotel, The Nedlands Park Hotel, and Sutton's Nedlands Park Hotel. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL010


Nedlands - Old Steve's Tavern

Steve's again this time showing another profile. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL011


Nedlands - Memorial Rose Garden

The Peace Memorial Rose Garden on Stirling Highway was established in 1950. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL012


Nedlands - Renkema Building

This fine structure, the Renkema Buildings, on the corner of Stirling Highway and Dalkeith Road, has graced the site since 1937. This was constructed specifically as a group of shops. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL013


Nedlands - Flats on Broadway

Back on Broadway. Despite the "upmarketness" of Nedlands there are still many of these 1960-ish blocks of flats. Most flats are small with a single bedroom. They used to serve as good budget accommodation for university students and perhaps continue to do so. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL014


Nedlands - Masonic Hall

At the top of Broadway almost at Stirling Highway is the former Nedlands Park Masonic Hall which was constructed in 1935. January 2013. Photos Ref: NEDL015


Nedlands - Apartments on Broadway

Just past old Steve's Tavern, down towards the river there is this building of new apartments. Great location. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL016


Nedlands - Windsor Theatre

The Windsor Theatre on Stirling Highway in Nedlands was built in 1937. It suffered fire damage in the 1970's and was closed in 1983 but re-opened in 1988. In 2005 the theatre became part of the Luna-Palace group. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL017


Nedlands - Windsor Theatre

Here's the theatre again, this time a little closer. February 2010. Photos Ref: NEDL018


Nedlands - Captain Stirling Hotel

On Stirling Highway on the corner of Stanley Street is the famous Captain Stirling Hotel. Plenty of greenery on the road side makes it hard to photograph. This is a front view, looking slightly west. January 2012. Photos Ref: NEDL019


Nedlands - Post Office

The former Nedlands Post Office at 35 Stirling Highway is now the premises of Globetrotter Corporate Travel. The post office was opened in 1934. February 2015. Photos Ref: NEDL020


Nedlands - City of Nedlands

City of Nedlands buildings at 71 Stirling Highway. These were built in 1937 and included the local Road Board office. February 2015. Photos Ref: NEDL021

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