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Crawley is an inner-city suburb next to Nedlands and is sandwiched between the Swan River and Kings Park and is home to the University of Western Australia. Mounts Bay Road hugs the river between Perth and Nedlands and most of Crawley is set in elevated land on the west side of the road. Mr Henry Charles Sutherland acquired this area in 1837. He was one of the first surveyors in the colony and he named the area after his mother, Anna Crawley


Crawley - U.W.A. - Winthrop Hall

The magnificent Winthrop Hall stands guard over the University of Western Australia. The University was established in 1911 largely through the efforts of Sir John Winthrop Hackett. The university buildings in Crawley were funded through a bequest from Sir John's estate. Construction commenced in 1929 and Winthrop Hall was completed in 1932. The University was previously located in Irwin Street, Perth. September 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW001


Crawley - U.W.A. - Winthrop Hall

A closer look at those fine front arches of Winthrop Hall, taking in a slice of the water feature where the resident ducks (not dux) live. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW002


Crawley - U.W.A. - Winthrop Hall

The rear of Winthrop Hall looks as equally as impressive as the front. September 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW003


Crawley - U.W.A. - Pillars

Pillars adorn this walkway just to the south of Winthrop Hall, outside the Administration block. September 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW004


Crawley - U.W.A. - Pillars

The pillars again this time more side-one, looking across the greenery to the adjacent building. September 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW005


Crawley - U.W.A. - Arts

The Arts building is only a stone's throw from the Octagon Theatre and other music auditoriums. September 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW006


Crawley - U.W.A. - Gums

The University glimpsed through some grand gums trees. April 2008. Photos Ref: CRAW007


Crawley - U.W.A. - Sandstone

Lovely sandstone structures south of Winthrop Hall. April 2008. Photos Ref: CRAW008


Crawley - U.W.A. - Winthrop Hall

Inside Winthrop Hall. An orchestral concert was in progress this day. April 2008. Photos Ref: CRAW009


Crawley - U.W.A. - Library

A slice of the University library partially eclipsed by a large palm. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW010


Crawley - U.W.A. - Cricket

Behind the library is the University Cricket Club. University is a team in the Western Australian grade cricket league. I understand that to qualify to play for this team you actually have to be enrolled at the university. That would be in keeping with traditions for which such academic institutions are renowned, world-wide. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW011


Crawley - U.W.A. - Cricket

Sitting alongside the cricket ground is the inevitable pavilion, and this one would do any ground proud. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW012


Crawley - St Georges College

On the northern side of Mounts Bay Road is St Georges College. This is the oldest residential college in Western Australia. This is a view of the road side featuring its impressive architecture. Building was completed in 1931 and along with University, funding of the College construction was made possible through a bequest from Sir John Winthrop Hackett's estate. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW013


Crawley - St Georges College

Inside St Georges College. After walking through the archway you can see in the above photo, you enter into this lawned area and here you can see some of the red brickwork of the northern face gleaming in the afternoon sun. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW014


Crawley - St Georges College Chapel

At the rear of the College is the Chapel. January 2013. Photos Ref: CRAW015


Crawley - U.W.A. - Boat Club

On the Swan River this delightful wooden boat shed and clubrooms, home of U.W.A. Boat Club and established in 1919. July 2012. Photos Ref: CRAW016


Crawley - Boat Shed

This rather humble-looking structure is perhaps oddly one of the best-known landmarks in Perth! "Crawley Edge" boatshed sits at the end of that jetty on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley. It was built in about 1930. February 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW017


Crawley - Eliza Statute Crawley Baths Site

At this site once stood the Crawley Swimming Baths with buildings and jetties - an enormously popular swimming place in its time. Eliza was erected on a plinth in the river to commemorate the baths. The statue is popular with pranksters for dressing it in topical attire or hanging politically motivated signs upon it. Today a couple of birds have taken over as well. This is a Tony Jones creation as is the statue of C.Y. O'Connor in the sea at Coogee. July 2012. Photos Ref: CRAW018


Crawley - Apartments on Mounts Bay Road

Some rather swish apartments on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley. February 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW019


Crawley - Apartments on Mounts Bay Road

Fine Crawley apartments on Mounts Bay Road with a glimpse of the Swan River in the foreground. February 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW020


Crawley - Apartments on Mounts Bay Road

Fine Crawley apartments again, this time seen from a riverboat en route to Fremantle. You can see the boatshed on the edge of the river. October 2010. Photos Ref: CRAW021


Crawley - Perth through Royal Perth Yacht Club Boats

Perth City skyline viewed through squillions of dollars worth of boats belonging to the Royal Perth Yacht Club members. September 2012. Photos Ref: CRAW022


Crawley - Matilda Bay Restaurant

Fine wining and dining with fresh spring air overlooking the river with city views. Can it get any better? September 2012. Photos Ref: CRAW023

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