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Nollamara is a suburb located on the east side of Wanneroo Road bounded in the north by Amelia Street and Ravenswood Drive and in the south by Morley Drive. The locality was developed by the then State Housing Commission in the 1950's along with a few surrounding areas to provide affordable housing. The name Nollamara was decided upon in 1954. It is an Aboriginal word for the Western Australian floral emblem, the red and green kangaroo paw.


Nollamara - Primary School

On Harrison Street is the Nollamara Primary School. Here is part of a wing of classrooms plus the administration centre. This place is heritage listed though the school website offers no historical information and nor does the City of Stirling site. A plaque next to the entrance of the admin centre says that this section was opened by Bob Kucera, Local Member, on November 16, 2007. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL001


Nollamara - Primary School

The school music room, just to the right of the administration centre. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL002


Nollamara - Kakulas Sister

These shops always have such a wonderful aroma. Kakulas Sister is in the shopping centre on the corner of Nollamara Avenue and Hillsborough Drive. The other Kakulas Sister store is in Fremantle. The Kakulas Brothers have a shop in Northbridge. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL003


Nollamara - RSA Hall

On Sylvia Street right next door to the Nollamara shopping centre is the local RSL. This one also has a licensed bar for members. The Nollamara-North Perth sub-branch was founded in 1957. The pictured building, the home of the Nollamara RSL, was opened on February 1, 1964. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL004


Nollamara - Buddhist Temple

Quan The Am Buddhist Association Temple on Nollamara Avenue near Flinders Street. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL005


Nollamara - Community Centre

Right next door to the Buddhist Temple on Nollamara Avenue is the Nollamara Community Centre, home of the Nollamara Autumn Club. This is in the City of Stirling. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL006


Nollamara - Baptist Church

The local Baptist Church is on the corner of Hillsborough and Ravenswood Drives. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL007


Nollamara - Grace Church

The Grace Church on the corner of Nollamara Avenue and Flinders street. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL008


Nollamara - Church of Christ

This is the Church of Christ on Carcoola Street. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL009


Nollamara - Lourdes Catholic School

Our Lady of the Lourdes Primary School sits next to the church though the school entry is at the "rear", on Marda Way. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL010


Nollamara - Lourdes Catholic Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church on Flinders Street. The is no Foundation Stone. The rear was constructed from 1964. The front additions were opened by Fr Brian O'Loughlin, Vicar General, on September 23, 2007. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL011


Nollamara - Phone Booths

Across from the shopping centre on Hillsborough Drive are these phone booths. The look rather stark and alien. I wonder when Telstra will withdraw this technology? Surely they can't be used a lot? Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL012


Nollamara - Steiner School

West Coast Steiner School on Mayfair Street. This is a primary school practising the educational ideology of Mr Rudolph Steiner. His philosophy revolves around a holistic and integrated education approach. This is also known as Waldorf education. The first Waldorf school opened in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL013


Nollamara - Steiner School

A side building at the Steiner School. A very pleasant looking green area, well treed with eating tables. Those chairs on the verandah look comfortable. Photo - July 2019. Photos Ref: NOLL014


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