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Perth City - Adelaide Terrace

Adelaide Terrace is the eastern extension of St Georges Terrace. It stretches from Victoria Square east to the Causeway, which bridges over the Swan River, to link Perth City to Victoria Park and suburbs south. Adelaide Terrace is a main arterial road to access Perth and is enjoying recent development through the construction of key up-market hotels and many blocks of fine inner-city apartments. The name is derived from the South Australian capital city


Perth - Septimus Roe Statue

John Septimus Roe (1797 - 1878) first Surveyor-General of Western Australia stands at the western end of Adelaide Terrace in front of the Dome Coffee shop seemingly watching passers by cross from St Georges Terrace into Adelaide Terrace. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT001


Perth - Cafe Cilento

At 254 Adelaide Terrace, just east of Dome is Cafe Cilento. Once upon a time this was probably a stately inner-city home. It was constructed in 1905. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT002


Perth - Johnston House

On the southern side of the western end of Adelaide Terrace is the E. B. Johnston House. This was built as a home for Stephen Stanley Parker in 1886 and was transferred to the Johnston family in 1934, specifically to Hildelith, who was the wife of Senator Edward Bertram Johnston. The building in currently occupied by the Noble Corporation. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT003


Perth - R & I Bank - former

Next door to the E. B. Johnston House is this building. It was constructed in 1888 and has variously been known as Kincora, Lyminge and Sydenham (houses) across time. A one stage this was a branch of the R & I Bank. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT004


Perth - Townsend Lodge

Townsend Lodge, at 240 Adelaide Terrace provides budget priced accommodation for students and young travellers. Back in the early 1970's I recall this place as being the Girl's Friendly Society Lodge and it operated much the same then as it does today, except in those days the facility was exclusively to provide a secure home for post high-school teenaged girls. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT005


Perth - Pan Pacific Hotel

The gleaming Pan Pacific Hotel at 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT006


Perth - Novotel Langley Hotel

On the corner of Hill Street are two hotels. Centre of picture is the Novotel Langley and to the left is a part of the Pan Pacific. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT007


Perth - Fenians Pub

Fenians Pub is a colourful Irish-style pub on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Hill Street. It is part of the Novotel Langley Hotel. April 2011. Photos Ref: PADT008


Perth - Hill Street Flats

Down Hill Street on the corner of Terrace Road is this block of flats complete with its own shop. There used to be many of these older style flats on Terrace Road, most of which have now been re-developed. This block remains as does its neighbour further up Hill Street. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT009


Perth - Terrace Road Flats

Terrace Road runs parallel to and south of Adelaide Terrace between Governors Avenue next to the Supreme Court, and Plain Street where the Hyatt Hotel is. This photo is of a block of 1950's flats at 126 Terrace Road looking much the same as I remember when week-ending here back in 1964. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT010


Perth - Terrace Road Flats

The rear of 126 Terrace Road. In view is the 1950's curved brickwork and the external concrete stairways. This is one of a 3-4 blocks remaining. They used to provide handy and affordable inner city accommodation back in the 1960's and I guess they still do. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT011


Perth - Terrace Road Flats

A view between the two 126 Terrace Road blocks. Beyond is Langley Park then the river. It all looks a bit forbidding. Window frames are all wooden with dark paint as are the doors and quite a bit of security evident. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT012


Perth - Terrace Road Flats

Next door at number 124 a new street-side facade has gone up and security gates installed. Despite the bricks being painted white, the flats themselves remain the same. Actually, they are a lot more roomy than flats built in the 1960's/1970's, e.g. in Leederville, Daglish etc. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT013


Perth - Terrace Road Flats

Yet another block, this time number 120. The facade on this building has also been modernised and the security gates are in view. Behind though, the flats looks much the same as they ever did. I'd guess that these are all privately owned. Be very handy if you worked up on Adelaide Terrace. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT014


Perth - Goodearth Hotel

The Goodearth Hotel on Adelaide Terrace offers serviced-apartment style accommodation, right near the heart of Perth, at what look like pretty competitive rates. You can see a couple of nearby apartment towers left and right in the picture. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT015


Perth - Old Church

On Adelaide Terrace's north side near Bennett Street is this old church. The land is up for sale proclaiming this as a prime development site. The church was dedicated on 25th February 1940 by the Rev. R. H. Teed. Sometimes known as "The New Church", is has also been known as the Indonesian Mission Baptist Church. Photo - March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT016


Perth - Bennett Street

A Sunday view looking along Adelaide Terrace, eastwards across the Bennett Street intersection. So many apartment buildings down this end of town have been erected in the last decade or so. Quite a number of city convenience stores have also opened up in the vicinity. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT017


Perth - Exclusive Backpackers

Near the corner of Bennett Street is the Exclusive Backpackers. Quite an attractive old building. This is at 156-158 Adelaide Terrace. March 2013. Photos Ref: PADT018


Perth - Heritage Council Building

Near Plain Street is the Heritage Council building. It's across the road from the Hyatt Hotel. The building construction was managed by the Bishop of Bunbury. It was opened on 27 August 1904 by Governor Bedford. The Foundation Stone is inscribed with 'For Christ's Little Ones'. The was the Perth Girls' Orphanage. The Fisheries and Wildlife Department occupied the building sometime prior to the Heritage Council moving in. November 2010. Photos Ref: PADT019


Perth - Hyatt Centre

On the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Plain Street is the Hyatt Centre including the Hyatt Hotel. The Hyatt was formerly known as the Merlin Hotel. This was built in the early 1980's. On this site or slightly to the east of here once stood the Ozone Hotel. November 2010. Photos Ref: PADT020


Perth - Causeway Apartments

Right up towards the Causeway (east) end of Adelaide Terrace are The Causeway Apartments. They look of around 1950's or 1960's vintage, similar to the blocks on Terrace Road. November 2010. Photos Ref: PADT021


Perth - The Causeway

At the extreme eastern end of the city is The Causeway which links Perth City to Victoria park. The Causeway consists of two bridges (and a bit of road on the island in between) - this one which links Adelaide Terrace (and Hay Street) to Heirisson Island, and the other which links the island to Victoria Park. This is the first bridge viewed from the eastern side. April 2011. Photos Ref: PADT022


Perth - The Causeway

Underneath the bridge. There is a walk/cycle way under the bridge at this end. This picture is actually under the bridge where the river flows. It must be low tide right now. April 2011. Photos Ref: PADT023


Perth - The Causeway

A view of the bridge from the city side (western aspect). The current Causeway bridges were officially opened to traffic on 20th September, 1952. They were build to ease traffic congestion. There was an earlier, much narrower bridge, which was removed after these were opened. April 2011. Photos Ref: PADT024

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