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Perth City - Victoria Square

Victoria Square is located at the eastern end of Murray Street and as the name suggests, it is a rectangular street enveloping the grand St Mary's Cathedral. Victoria Avenue runs off to the south and Lord Street to the north. Around Victoria Square are predominantly Catholic properties including the Cathedral, Mercedes College, the Convent Mercy and Catholic Migration. The Square would have undoubtedly been named after Queen Victoria


Perth - Royal Perth Hospital

Royal Perth Hospital. This is the main entrance just off Murray Street on Victoria Square. November 2008. Photos Ref: PVSQ001


Perth - St Mary's Cathedral

The centre-piece of Victoria Square is St Mary's Cathedral. It has been closed for some time whilst renovations are carried out. The Cathedral commenced construction in 1863 and was completed in 1865 but over the years there have been many subsequent additions and changes. November 2008. Photos Ref: PVSQ002


Perth - St Mary's Cathedral

Two years later and the renovations have been completed. The cranes and scaffolding have gone and the Cathedral is open again. August 2010. Photos Ref: PVSQ003


Perth - Catholic Migration

Here is the Catholic Migrant Centre building on Victoria Square. This building is one of a row of four cottages constructed in 1897. November 2008. Photos Ref: PVSQ004


Perth - Mercedes College

In Victoria Square, here is a view of one of the buildings which make up Mercedes College. This would be the oldest building in the complex and it dates back to 1843. August 2010. Photos Ref: PVSQ005


Perth - Mercedes College

Mercedes College facing Victoria Avenue. This would have been the school's main entrance in the very early days. August 2010. Photos Ref: PVSQ006


Perth - Convent of Mercy

The Convent of Mercy is on Victoria Square. This is now part of Mercedes College and would have been constructed in the very early days, in or not long after 1843. November 2008. Photos Ref: PVSQ007


Perth - St John's Pro-Cathedral

St John's Pro-Cathedral on Victoria Square. Erected in 1843, this is the oldest surviving church in Perth. This church served as Perth's Cathedral between 1845 and 1865. In 1865, St Mary's Cathedral opened. Bishop Sir Launcelot Goody oversaw restoration of the building in 1977. August 2010. Photos Ref: PVSQ008


Perth - Archbishop's Palace

The Catholic Archbishop's Palace facing Victoria Square. This was built in 1855. It has also been known as the Catholic Church Office and also the Roman Catholic Presbytery. March 2015. Photos Ref: PVSQ009

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