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Perth City - St Georges Terrace

St Georges Terrace is the heart of the City of Perth and forms the central business district. Perth is the capital city of the State of Western Australia. The Terrace runs from Victoria St in the east to Malcolm St in the west. St Georges Terrace is named after St George, England's patron saint. The name Perth comes from the city of the same name in Scotland. Governor Stirling thus named the city on the advice of Sir George Murray, Secretary for the Colonies


Perth - Barracks Archway

The remains of the old Barracks, the Barracks Archway, presiding over this end of St Georges Terrace. The road running up the hill is Malcolm Street, leading to Kings Park and parts of West Perth. The Barracks were built in 1863 for pensioners (old soldiers) who occupied it until 1904. The Barracks was a substantial building which was demolished in the late 1960's to make way for the construction of the Mitchell Freeway. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT001


Perth - Barracks Archway

Looking through the Barracks Archway and then east along St Georges Terrace. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT002


Perth - Christian Scientist Church

At the head of the Terrace is the First Church of Christ Scientist built in 1939. A rather imposing but seemingly a somewhat mysterious building as rarely are people seen entering or leaving (or it did seem that way when I was a young teenager a long time ago). In fact is it used on Wednesday evenings for testimony meetings and Sunday mornings for church and Sunday school. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT003


Perth - QVI and Woodside Buildings

They say if you want to appreciate the history of Perth buildings then look up. Often details of the building's original name/use/date are etched into the top. This is looking up, but not at old buildings. These are the QV1 and Woodside office towers close to the intersection of the Terrace and Milligan Street. November 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT004


Perth - Bishop's House

This is the front of Bishop's House, the one-time residence of the Anglican Archbishop of Perth. It was built in 1859 and is located in the triangle bounded by St Georges Terrace, Spring Street and Mount Street. It has been in secular hands since 1999. July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT005


Perth - Bishop's House

The rear of Bishop's House faces down towards Mounts Bay Road. On this side of the House are fine gardens which are open to the public during the day. Since 2010 the building has been used as a Lamont's Restaurant. July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT006


Perth - St Georges House

On the corner of St Georges Terrace and Mount Street is St Georges House. This was built in 1891 and across the years has variously been known as Cardigan House, Bishops Grove and Ingle Hall. Since 2012 this has been known as the Terrace Hotel. November 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT007


Perth - St George's Square

At the west end of St George's Terrace, not far from Mount Street, is the St George's Square office block. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT008


Perth - Forrest House Reconstruction

At the rear of St George's Square is Rigby's Bar and Bistro. On this site stood Forrest House, built in the 1870's, which was demolished in 1981 probably to make way for the construction of St George's Square. This building is a re-construction of the original Forrest House. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT009


Perth - St Georges Terrace View East

From near the front of St George's Square is this view looking east along St Georges Terrace. You can see The Cloisters with Mount Newman House at its rear. The brown building belong is home to HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation). July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT010


Perth - Cloisters

The Cloisters looking front-on from the top of Mill Street on a sunny winters day. Mount Newman House looms at the rear. July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT011


Perth - Cloisters

The Cloisters on St Georges Terrace at the top of Mill Street. The building was designed in 1858 and has served (over time), as a boy's school (original purpose), a girl's school, a clergy training facility, the Dutch Club (perhaps 1940's), private residences and a university hostel. The building was more recently used as an Ansett Airlines office and these days (2022) by Schmears restaurant and In Stitchu tailors. Some history. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT012


Perth - Bank of China

A sign of the times. Perth is coming of international age. This Bank of China branch soon to open on the Terrace. Almost directly across the road from the HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp) Building. March 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT013


Perth - Parmelia Hotel on Mill Street

On Mill Street the Parmelia Hotel. Once upon a time this was the only top class hotel in Perth. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT014


Perth - Old Perth Boys School

Tremendous looking stone work on the Old Perth Boys School. This was built in 1854. It was taken over as a Technical College in 1898 and is now owned by the National Trust. The building was recently renovated March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT015


Perth - Technical School

The former Technical School on St Georges Terrace is boarded up for what looks like renovations on this day. This building was constructed in 1910 as Perth's first purpose-build tertiary education facility. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT016


Perth - Technical School

The former Old Technical School, renovations completed, sits within a row of heritage buildings preserved along the Terrace. It lies between the Old Boys School and the W.A. Trustees Building. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT017


Perth - WA Trustees & Royal Insurance Buildings

The Royal Insurance Building on the left and the W.A. Trustees Building on the right, both sandwiched between the Old Technical School and Newspaper House. These were constructed in 1925. They have recently been extensively renovated. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT018


Perth - Royal Insurance Building Old Directory

Post-renovation, the present owners have thoughtfully retained early building tenancy directories. Here is a composite look at the directories which flank the main entrance. July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT019


Perth - Newspaper House

The renovations have also been completed on the 1930 Newspaper House. This is being displayed in all its finery for the first time in years. Over on the left there is a laneway which used to run down to the rear section of Newspaper House (now demolished) where the newspapers were printed. The presses were at the back and one level below this street level. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT020


Perth - Newspaper Arcade

Here is a look down Newspaper Arcade, running from the centre of the building from the Terrace. Halfway along on the left is a stairway and old lift used to access upper floors. The stairway is still there but the lift is decommissioned (but retained). A new lift has been installed across the hall. At the end of the arcade was the W. A. Newspapers sales and accounts public office. July 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT021


Perth - Newspaper House

This is a view along the Terrace taking in Newspaper House in the foreground, then Royal Insurance, W. A. Trustees and finally the Old Technical School, taken just before work finished and the last street level barriers were removed. March 2012. Photos Ref: PSGT022


Perth - St Georges Terrace View East

A Sunday view down St Georges Terrace from outside the Old Perth Boys School looking east. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT023


Perth - Palace Hotel

Once a popular lunch venue for Terrace lawyers, accountants and financiers, this is what remains of the 1896 Palace Hotel. The hotel no longer operates as such. It simply provides a foyer and access to the office tower at the rear. The office tower (Bankwest Building) was constructed in the early-mid 1990's. May 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT024


Perth - Trinity Uniting Church

The Trinity Uniting Church right in the centre of the Terrace and therefore Perth. The Church was completed in 1897. There are two Foundation Stones - one laid by George Randall on 22nd March 1893, and the other by Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson, Governor of Western Australia, on the same date. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT025


Perth - Trinity Arcade

A view of the side of the Trinity Church and the start of Trinity Arcade, near St Georges Terrace. October 2007. Photos Ref: PSGT026


Perth - Trinity Arcade

Trinity Arcade covers two levels. A section running off St Georges Terrace, then up some steps to this section which contains some rather exclusive shops, eventually terminating in the Hay Street Mall. Here is a section of the upper level. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT027


Perth - London Court

The St Georges Terrace end of London Court which looks almost completely identical to the Hay Street end. London Court was built in 1938 by Claude de Bernales. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT028


Perth - Western Australian Club

At 101 St Georges Terrace, almost opposite Trinity Church, is the Western Australian Club. This building was erected in 1887. The Club was established in 1893. The premises have also been used by Australian Provident Mutual Society, The Royal Bank of Australia, the English Scottish and Australia Bank, and the Rural and Industries Bank, variously across the decades. March 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT029

By June 2019 the W.A. Club shingle has been replaced by GuyLian


Perth - Old Treasury Building

The old Treasury Building is a piece of fine architecture on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street. The Treasury vacated this building some years ago. This used to be known as the Central Government Offices and was built in 1874. The Land Titles Office also used to be in here. July 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT030


Perth - St Georges Cathedral

St Georges Anglican Cathedral. Who can recall in the 1970's when Rock Masses were popular in churches? Perth band Bakery used to play in here. This Cathedral was designed by Edmund Blacket and was built between 1879 and 1888. July 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT031


Perth - Burt Memorial Hall

A little bit further east from St Georges Cathedral is the Burt Memorial Hall which is part of the Cathedral complex. The hall was erected in 1918. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT032


Perth - St Andrew's Uniting Church

St Andrew's Uniting Church. The Foundation is inscribed thus: 'St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, founded 1879. This stone was laid by Sir Frederick C. D. Bedford, Governor of Western Australia on 1st September, 1906. April 2013 Photos Ref: PSGT033


Perth - The Deanery

The Deanery, which was the home and office of the Dean of St Georges Cathedral, sits facing St Georges Terrace. This was built in 1859. The building is now used as an Anglican Church administration centre. July 2010. Photos Ref: PSGT034


Perth - Council House

Council House was built in the 1960's and, at the time, was the tallest building in Perth. Council House later fell out of grace with some city designers and armchair critics due to the perceived bland 60's architectural style. However, the building is back in vogue again so it will remain. This year thousands of coloured lights were fitted to its exterior so it lights up in waves of synchronized tones after dark. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT035


Perth - Government House

The Governor's residence is set behind walls in sumptuous gardens a little east of the Supreme Court. The Foundation Stone was laid in 1859 and the building took around 5 years to build. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT036


Perth - Concert Hall

The purpose built Concert Hall has always been used for the more refined audio arts rather than rock music. The Entertainment Centre closed in 2002 but the Concert Hall keeps on going. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT037


Perth - Duxton Hotel

Very close to Victoria Street is the Duxton Hotel. This was originally constructed as the Australian Taxation Office building. The tax office moved to Northbridge and Duxton bought and refurbished the building. At this site (1 St Georges Terrace) before the present building used to be the Perth Christian Brothers College. April 2013. Photos Ref: PSGT038

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