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Perth City - Wellington Street

Wellington Street is one of the main east-west thoroughfares of Perth City. Commencing in the east down near the W.A.C.A ground, it travels through the city and on through West Perth to Leederville. It is not a shopping precinct but more of a location for ancillary services such as the Perth Railway station, the Bus station, several mid-level hotels, Royal Perth Hospital and Government departmental offices. Possibly named after the Duke of Wellington


Perth - Old Buildings & Jewell House YMCA

Down near Hill Street and these two old buildings which I think are now annexes of Royal Perth Hospital, The tower at the rear is Jewell House, YMCA accommodation on Godrich Street. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL001


Perth - Country Health Services

Adjacent to the two old buildings above is this brick building which houses the W.A. Country Health Service. This was built in 1936. It was formerly the Perth Dental Hospital. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL002


Perth - Royal Perth Hospital

Royal Perth Hospital looms large as it lines part of the eastern section of Wellington Street. November 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL003


Perth - Electricity Substation No.1

Perth's Electricity Substation No.1 is located on the south side of Wellington Street next to Royal Perth Hospital. It was built in 1913. This building is now part of the hospital. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL004


Perth - Youth Hostels Association

On Wellington Street, the sandstone brickwork on the Perth YHA building stands out. Next door, to the right, is the Red Cross. November 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL005


Perth - Morris House

Just off Wellington Street on Pier Street is Morris House. Morris & Co are textile wholesalers. This building was erected in 1903 and from that year to 1930 it was D. & W. Murray Bulk Store. From 1930 to 1939 with was Menzies Clothing. Morris took over in 1939. That's a "For Lease" sign below the window. So Morris' long tenure comes to an end? May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL006


Perth - City Disposals Centre

The former City Disposals Centre (Army Surplus Store) on the corner of Wellington and Pier Streets. This was built in 1897 and doesn't seem to be beyond repair, at least what is left of it. You can see Morris House a little way down Pier Street. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL007



Perth - City Disposals Centre

Looking east down Wellington Street taking in the City Disposals Centre and the vacant land (behind the colourful boards) which used to be the Wellington Surplus Store. The rear of the building is being propped up by those beams. Perhaps more than just a facade this time? May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL008



Perth - Wellington Surplus Store

Wellington Surplus Store on Wellington Street has been operating as such for as far as I remember and probably equally as far back again. It was built in 1890. November 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL009

(Since demolished - at least the single storey part. April 2020)


Perth - Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel on Wellington Street just east of the railway station. This was erected in 1900 and has been known as the Grand Central Coffee Palace and also the Grand Central YWCA across the years. November 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL010


Perth - Akara Hotel

The former Grand Hotel now re-badged as the Akara. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL011


Perth - View South down Barrack Street

Looking down Barrack Street from Wellington Street. Visible in the distance is the Perth Town Hall. October 2007. Photos Ref: PWEL012


Perth - Railway Hotel

On Barrack Street just south of Wellington Street is the facade of the former Railway Hotel. The hotel was constructed in 1847 and apart from the facade, demolished in 1992. The premises have also been known as the Commercial Hotel and Romayne's Hotel. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL013


Perth - Laneway off Barrack Street

Not all Perth laneways are dingy. Someone's made a great job of brightening up this one. It runs off Barrack Street just a few metres south of Wellington Street. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL014


Perth - Wellington Street Looking East

Wellington Street looking east from the walk-way over this road between Myers and Perth railway station. Before the advent of dual-cab utes! October 2007. Photos Ref: PWEL015


Perth - Trouchettes Building

On the corner of Wellington Street and Barrack Street is this old building containing Cut Out Hairdressing, Marco Pinto gallery and The Stockade although it seems The Stockade has moved on elsewhere. This was built in 1910 as Trouchettes Building. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL016


Perth - Trouchettes Building

An update on the old Trouchettes Building though there is not a lot to say. It is as vacant today as how it was years ago and now the street veranda overhang has gone. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL017


Perth - Wellington Street Overpass

This is looking east along Wellington Street from near the front of the railway station. The overpass connects Myer and Murray Street shops with the train station and through to the art gallery and museum on James Street. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL018


Perth - Forrest Chase

A look south down Forrest Chase (formerly Forrest Place) from near the front of the railway station. Myer store is off to the left and to the right but out of picture is the Post Office. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL019


Perth - Railway Station

Perth railway station entrance looking like it has done for decades. The railway station was designed by George Temple-Poole and built between 1893 and 1894. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL020


Perth - Railway Station

Perth Train station. A little modernised but it still looks pretty much as it did many years ago. Only Metro passenger trains and the Australind run from here now. No more Westland, Kalgoorlie Express, Bunbury Shopper, Albany Progress, Midlander or Mullewa Express. October 2007. Photos Ref: PWEL021


Perth - Railway Station

A glimpse inside Perth train station taken from the old bridge which links platform 5 with 6 and 7, where the Fremantle trains leave from. Today three trains await commencement of their journeys. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL022


Perth - Railway Station

From the wooden footbridge, this photo takes in some of the fine architecture of Perth train station. Pictured is the 'main' platform - the one closest to Wellington Street. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL023


Perth - Railway Station

Here is the old wooden footbridge which links the main platform to that where the Fremantle trains depart. This is looking west, towards City West Station (and beyond). August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL024

(This bridge was removed during the remodelling of Perth station a few years ago and it was never returned)


Perth - Railway Station

Lenny Sexton (1911-1979) occupied a bench on the main platform of Perth station for over 30 years. Across those years he enjoyed the majesty of steam, the movements of all the country trains, the comings and goings of the metro railcars, and then the advent of diesel. Lenny was an authority on all of the timetables. Lenny's uncomplicated life touched many railway workers and passengers and should be remembered. And indeed through this stone on the platform and this photo it is, if just a little. June 2014. Photos Ref: PWEL025


Perth - Globe Hotel

The Globe Hotel on Wellington caught shining in the sun today. This was erected in 1884 and has always been known as the Globe. October 2007. Photos Ref: PWEL026


Perth - Globe Hotel

The Globe Hotel looks a lot more glamorous today than it did back in 2007. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL027

(Go to Murray Street and pic PMUR018 and you can see a rare glimpse of the rear of this building)


Perth - Globe Hotel

The Globe Hotel these days includes the taller building on the left which was constructed in 1906 and was once known as Baird's Building. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL028


Perth - Wellington Building

On the east corner of Wellington Street and William Street, just across the road from the Royal Hotel, is the Wellington Building. This was built in 1909. It has also been known as Higham's Buildings. July 2012. Photos Ref: PWEL029


Perth - Wellington Building

An update of the Wellington Building. This is the Wellington Street face. Down below is a 7-day Dental Centre, even open at 8.00am this Sunday morning. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL030


Perth - Royal Hotel

On the south-western corner of Wellington and William Streets is the Royal Hotel. The building was constructed as the Royal Hotel in 1882 and has continuously operated as such until present day. The cranes in the background are building the new Raine Square. 2007. Photos Ref: PWEL031


Perth - Royal Hotel

Move forwards five years from the above photograph and here is the Royal Hotel again, complete with the original iron-work lattice and upper verandah being reinstalled. Quite a transformation. The high-rise behind is the almost-finished Raine Square tower. July 2012. Photos Ref: PWEL032


Perth - Commercial Buildings

Former Commercial Buildings which were built in 1894, once shops below and residences upstairs. Only the facades remain. The interiors have been remodeled and it is all now a part of Raine Square. This is just a little down William Street, next door to the Royal Hotel. July 2012. Photo Ref: PWEL033


Perth - Queen Street Looking South

Here is a view down Queen Street from Wellington Street looking south to Murray Street. On the right is a car park, on the left are a number of fine buildings mostly built around 1910. Compared with King Street, it's still a bit sleepy here but this area of the city is undergoing something of an awakening. July 2012. Photos Ref: PWEL034


Perth - Entertainment Centre

The Entertainment Centre on Wellington Street. This complex opened in 1974 and was then known as Channel 7 Edgley Entertainment Centre. This was Perth's premiere large capacity entertainment venue, with seating for over 8,000, through to its closure in 2002. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL035.

(Demolished in 2011)


Perth - Entertainment Centre

The Entertainment Centre again looking from the west along Wellington Street six years after its closure. The car park has gone and the whole place has been somewhat neglected. I still have echoes of Genesis, Electric Light Orchestra, Bryan Ferry, 10CC, Elton John, Dr Hook and some I can't remember right now. It's a Livin' Thing. Well, it was. March 2008. Photos Ref: PWEL036.

(Demolished in 2011)


Perth - Entertainment Centre

An update on the Entertainment Centre. Now it's in a state of advanced demolition. In the background is the Telstra building. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL037.

(Demolished in 2011)


Perth - Glyde Chambers Building

Next to the Raine Square and the Bus Station overpass is the Glyde Chambers Building. This was built circa 1905 for Mr George Glyde whose business was buying and selling horses. The original front arched entrance was wide and high enough to admit horses and wagons. At the rear of the building were stables. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL038


Perth - Yagan Square

Yagan Square opened on this day - 3 March 2018 - and here it is. The Square is located between Perth Station and the former markets area redevelopment on the north side of Wellington Street. It was around here that the Entertainment Centre once stood. Since the railway was covered, you can now walk from Perth to Northbridge uninterrupted. March 2018. Photos Ref: PWEL039


Perth - Yagan Square

The building in Yagan Square is popular today as it has just opened. Lots of foods outlets inside. Be interesting to see how it fares on workdays as it is not very close to commercials. It seems quite pleasant but a bit pokey and its reason for existence unclear. Hope it goes well though. Pity about the mass of walkway tiles. A concrete jungle just unbearable on a hot Perth day. No shade at all. Imagine if someone decided to make this into an inner-city forest with real trees? March 2018. Photos Ref: PWEL040


Perth - Kings Square

West of Yagan Square are the King's Square office blocks, restaurants, pubs etc, on the north side of Wellington Street which were built on the site of the old Wellington Markets. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL041


Perth - City Oasis

The City Oasis building. A bit of the new Raine Square can be glimpsed in the background. This is a backpackers hostel and contains complimentary amenities such as a laundromat. The building was erected in 1897 and at one time was known as Regent House and at another time as Hassell's Buildings. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL042


Perth - City Oasis

The City Oasis building, what is left of it, seven years on. The building has been gutted and apparently there is a 39-floor student accommodation building going up (unless the plans have changed). Pretty tall, like one of those Hong Kong pencils. The facade will be retained by the look of it. March 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL043


Perth - City Oasis

The Switch - Perth Central. And after a little under 2 years, here it the final product. Pity about my window light reflections - I'll take another pic of this soon. April 2022. Photos Ref: PWEL044


Perth - Willis Building

Just east of the Paolucci Building at the corner of King Street is the Willis Building. That's the grey structure on the right built in 1920. The building on the left was constructed in 1898 and was formerly the Wesfarmers HQ. It is now part of the Willis business. May 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL045


Perth - King Street

A view down the narrow King Street taking in some of the building frontages. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL046


Perth - Paolucci Building

This building is on the corner of King Street. Currently the Paolucci building, this was built in 1906 for Mr W. J. Cotton who was a grocer and produce merchant. At one time this was known as Tranby House. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL047


Perth - Early Warehouses

These buildings are just east of Prince Lane and west of King Street. On the left is a convenience store and on the right IBMS. The convenience store is a former warehouse of Pilmer & Co., built in 1903. The building on the right was constructed in 1913 and was originally J. Robinson's warehouse. March 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL048


Perth - High Rise View

A good view of Perth looking south from an upper level in the P&N Building on Wellington Street. You can glimpse the river beyond. That's King Street running up picture to the south in the centre. First intersection is Murray Street. The Arts Centre and former City Hotel are easily seen. Beyond is Hay Street where you may spot His Majesty's Theatre and the Intercontinental Hotel. November 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL049


Perth - High Rise View

Looking down on Wellington and King Streets. The Paolucci building stands out on the corner of King Street. Prince Lane on the right of King runs up picture through to Murray Street. December 2019. Photos Ref: PWEL050


Perth - High Rise View

Looking slightly more to the west of King Street, you can see right down Prince Lane. Can you spot His Majesty's Theatre on Hay Street up in the top left? That vacant block of land to the right of the former Dept Housing building (below centre) used to be a Wilson's Carpark. It seems it has been bought by Roxy-Pacific, a Singapore outfit, destined to be a 332-room hotel. December 2019. Photos Ref: PWEL051


Perth - High Rise View

A view looking west down Wellington Street. Telstra on the left, a bit of the blue roof of the Perth Arena. You can see the old curved garage on the corner of Milligan Street and beyond the Four Seasons Hotel. December 2019. Photos Ref: PWEL052


Perth - High Rise View

A look east over Yagan Square, the Horseshoe Bridge and Perth Railway Station. The Art Gallery and Library are evident. Wellington Street is way over on the right of photo. Running through the centre is Roe Street. Those two grey-roofed buildings centre are entrances to the bus port. The rail lines have been covered but a lot of land around here is still a bit desolate. As you can see. December 2019. Photos Ref: PWEL053


Perth - Prince Lane

Prince Lane runs off Wellington Street, just west of King Street, south to Murray Street. The buildings on the left are the rears of King Street premises. On the right are rather nice looking apartments. Right down the end on Murray Street is the Arts Centre. Photos Ref: PWEL054


Perth - Department of Housing and Works Building

On Wellington Street is the Department of Housing and Works Building which looks rather grand. Originally this was the Works Board and the site of the number 2 water bore for Perth water supply. Later the building was used as the Railway Institute (for which it is better remembered). It was built in two stages - the first section in 1903 with additions in 1910. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL055


Perth - Film House

The former Film House at 623 Wellington Street was built in 1930. These are now the premises of Idli Dise restaurant, the Penthouse Club and a Vietnamese restaurant. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL056

(February 2020 update - this building has fairly recently been demolished. Peppers high-rise is now on this site)


Perth - Telstra Building

On Wellington Street near the end of Queen Street is the Telstra building. You can see the St George Building in the centre background. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL057


Perth - View from Rail Footbridge South

The old iron footbridge linking Wellington and Roe streets, spanning the train tracks, is still going strong. This is a view from up on the footbridge looking south to Wellington Street and beyond. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL058

(This footbridge was removed some years ago)


Perth - Old Garage corner Milligan Street

This curved building on the corner of Wellington and Milligan Streets used to be a garage and motor repair shop. It was simply known as Motor House and was built in 1936. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL059


Perth - Old Garage corner Milligan Street

A little up Milligan Street, this is the southern side of the Motor House. This used to be a service station and at this end were the petrol pumps. This was a favourite re-fuelling stop and base for taxis. It was one of a handful of petrol outlets across Perth which was not included in the former after hours opening roster system. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL060


Perth - Apartments corner Milligan Street

On the other southern corner of Wellington and Milligan is this huge block of apartments which actually look quite pleasing. Ideal for inner-city living. The building next to it, on the right, is the Citigate Hotel. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL061


Perth - Four Points By Sheraton

This hotel is just west of Milligan Street. Back in August 2011 when I took the above photo it was the Citigate Hotel. Now it's the Four Points by Sheraton. My trusty old 1987 street directory shows this as being The Orchard. The Orchard would have been an older, lower building taking in also the block to the left, next door. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL062


Perth - Wellington Street Townhouses

A row of townhouses at 725 Wellington Street just west of Four Points and across the road from the new Perth Arena. Back to at least 1987 this land was Perth City Carpark 3A. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL063

(December 2019 update. All the townhouses have been demolished. Now turf is being laid across the area. The big block contained 29 units and was bought by Singapore developer Bonvests for $33.5 million so it's fair to assume that something new will spring up here one day. Pity as these were snappy city units)


Perth - Wellington Street Townhouses

This is where the above townhouses used to be. Now a very expensive piece of lawn. You can see the Arena across the road and the Four Points Hotel to its right. November 2020. Photos Ref: PWEL064


Perth - Perth Arena

Some love it, some hate it, nevertheless it's here - or at least coming. This is the new stadium being built on Wellington Street west. This is a view from the iron-bridge overpass. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL065


Perth - Perth Arena

This view of the new stadium is from Wellington Street. It's taken years to build. This is the site of the old Wellington Street Markets. August 2011. Photos Ref: PWEL066


Perth - Perth Arena

And here is the Arena complete and in use. This is viewing the building from the western side. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL067


Perth - Perth Arena

In this area in the main entrance to the new Arena. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL068


Perth - Perth Arena

Wellington Street view of the Perth arena. For now RAC. December 2019. Photos Ref: PWEL069


Perth - Wellington Street Freeway Overpass

The western end of Wellington Street in Perth City. Behind us is West Perth. This is looking east through the Mitchell Freeway bridges. March 2013. Photos Ref: PWEL070

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