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Perth City - Arts Precinct

The Perth Arts and Cultural precinct is not an official locality but again one I have separated out from Perth City and Northbridge for convenience. This area is bounded by Perth railway station to the south, and William, Barrack and James Streets. This area is on the eastern end of James Street. One time the only cultural building in the area was the Museum. A number of old buildings have been transformed into art and cultural centres, such as the old Technical school


Perth - Jubilee Building

The Jubilee Building, on the corner of Beaufort and James Streets, was completed in 1899. The intention was to have it ready for Queen Victoria's 1887 Jubilee year but that didn't eventuate. When constructed, it was intended that this building was to be a library, but in fact it opened as the art gallery and museum. The museum now occupies the whole complex including the adjacent Hackett Hall. The art gallery moved to other premises in 1977. January 2013. Photos Ref: PART001


Perth - Museum Entrance

The glass-fronted section is a late 1990's addition to the museum and is now the main entrance. It also serves as the link between Hackett Hall on the left and Jubilee Building on the right. January 2013. Photos Ref: PART002


Perth - Hackett Hall

Hackett Hall is located between the Alexander Library and the Jubilee Building. This was opened in 1903 as an extension to an earlier library which has since been demolished. Hackett Hall is now part of the museum. All library facilities are now housed in the nearby Alexander Library. This is looking at Hackett Hall from the west, from the front of the Alexander Library. January 2013. Photos Ref: PART003


Perth - Old Technical School

Opposite the Alexander Library on James Street is the former 'Tech School'. This is now the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. It was erected in 1897 as an infants school. Later it became the Perth Boy's School and later still the Perth Technical College James Street annex. June 2008. Photos Ref: PART004


Perth - Art Gallery Administration Building

This is the Art Gallery Administration Centre on James Street. The building was constructed in 1897. It was formerly the Police Headquarters and C.I.B., and before that the Police Barracks. June 2008. Photos Ref: PART005


Perth - Art Gallery Administration Building

The Art Gallery Administration Centre but this time viewed from around the corner near the Art Gallery entrance. June 2008. Photos Ref: PART006


Perth - Art Gallery

There is a lake with waterfalls and fountains just across from the Art Gallery entrance. This is looking back across the water to the Art Gallery. June 2008. Photos Ref: PART007


Perth - Art Gallery

The Art Gallery main entrance. All around here is a popular place for street vendors, performers, protesters and petitioners, particularly on the weekend. It all adds to the vibrancy. This gallery opened in 1977. The Alexander Library opened at almost the same time. June 2008. Photos Ref: PART008


Perth - Fringe World

The Fringe World festival is on at the time this photo was taken. All manner of tents, marquees and odd looking props and structures really makes the vicinity look extremely colourful and help bring it to life. February 2013. Photos Ref: PART009

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