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Rivervale is an inner-city suburb located between Burswood and Belmont, on the Great Eastern Highway. The area was known as Barndon Hill up until 1884 as Mr Richard Barndon opened up his Brewers Arms inn in the area in 1843. The name Rivervale was first used for the local railway station and is descriptive of the area's location being next to the Swan River. The parcel of land around and including the Belmont Park Race Course used to belong to Rivervale


Rivervale - Apartments near Swan River

An apartment complex in Rivervale taken from across the Swan River at the end of the Maylands Peninsula. Many apartments are springing up on the strip of land between the highway and the river. On the east side of the highway are a string of mostly motels. Behind them, roads with unchanged 1940's style houses stretch off in parallel lines toward Kewdale. October 2010. Photos Ref: RIVE001


Rivervale - Red Castle Hotel

Constructed in 1968 is the Red Castle Hotel in Rivervale, here viewed from the back-end near the foot bridge over Great Eastern Highway. Update: There was a fire here today (11 Sept 2012). Interesting that Peter Newman of Curtin Radio said that this site used to be a brewery when he was young. The sweet smell of hops wafting down the street. So much history being lost but for people like Peter - thanks. Photo January 2009. Photos Ref: RIVE002 (Since destroyed by fire)


Rivervale - Red Castle Hotel

Passing along the Graham Farmer Freeway many times I assumed all was well with the Hotel despite the fire as I could always see the castle top. Recent curiosity made me pass close by and I was astounded to see that just the central lift shaft with the castle topping was all that remains. A loss of an icon. September 2014. Photos Ref: RIVE003


Rivervale - Apartments near Swan River

I think these are the same apartments viewed at the top of this page from Maylands. These are on the river (southern) side of Great Eastern Highway. January 2011. Photos Ref: RIVE004


Rivervale - Apartments near Swan River

Again on the river side of Great Eastern Highway, such a lot of development going on around here. Just look at the innovative design of this still-under-wraps apartment building. January 2011. Photos Ref: RIVE005


Rivervale - Empire Bar

The old Rivervale Hotel on Great Eastern Highway and Cornwall Street has recently undergone a considerable transformation to re-emerge as the Empire Bar. Nothing personal but it looks far worse than it used to. December 2012. Photos Ref: RIVE006


Rivervale - St Augustine Catholic Church

On Gladstone Road just up from the highway is St Augustine Catholic Church. It was opened on 11th December 1955 by Most Rev. J. J. Rafferty D. D., Bishop of Pharan. Next door is the St Augustine school. December 2012. Photos Ref: RIVE007


Rivervale - Metro Baldock Springs Factory

There is a small section of Rivervale north of the highway and bounded by the rail line to the west and up to about Brighton Road to the east which is crammed full of small industrial lots. The land value in this area must be high and the area is sure to be redeveloped sometime in the near future. On Goodwood Parade this typical factory is Metro Baldock Springs and is currently for sale. December 2012. Photos Ref: RIVE008


Rivervale - Old House

Here and there between factories are old houses in the northern industrial are some seemingly deserted houses such as this one. Probably built in the 1940's and has seen better days, this land would be ripe for redevelopment. December 2012. Photos Ref: RIVE009


Rivervale - Steam Locomotive PMR735

Still in the industrial area, it's amazing what you might see in a factory yard. Amongst other transport relics is steam locomotive PMR735, well at least the boiler and wheels. This might not be beyond restoration. December 2012. Photos Ref: RIVE010


Rivervale - Salvation Army Church

On Francisco Street near Kooyong Road is the Salvation Army Family Church. March 2017. Photos Ref: RIVE011


Rivervale - Kooyong Disused Shop

Facing Kooyong Road on the corner of Francisco Street is this disused shop and residence at the rear. You can faintly make out the word "Salon" on the overhang, with "Phone 361 3550". A seven digit phone number goes back quite a few years. March 2017. Photos Ref: RIVE012


Rivervale - Kooyong Shopping Centre

Running down the south-western side of Kooyong Road, between Francisco and Campbell Streets, is the local shopping centre. March 2017. Photos Ref: RIVE013

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