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Belmont is quite a sizeable inner-city suburb located just a few kilometres to the east of Perth City. The suburb is bounded by Rivervale, the Swan River, Rivervale and Cloverdale. Right up until at least 1987, Ascot was not a suburb in its own right, it was part of Belmont. The Belmont lands were acquired by Captain Francis Henry Byrne in 1831 and named after his English estate. It was not until 1882, after the land was Shepherd Smith, did development commence


Belmont - Belmont Hotel

The Belmont Hotel on Wright Street, which is actually in Cloverdale as is just about all of the Belmont Forum. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT001


Belmont - Wright Street Apartments

The Wright Street apartments on the north side of Wright Street, just across the road from the Belmont Hotel, could actually really be in Kewdale. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT002


Belmont - Council Statue

In front of the Belmont Council building on Wright Street is this handsome statue which seems to represent an 1899 - 1999 centenary. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT003


Belmont - Council Park

A watery park near the council chambers offers shade, greenery and a haven for local ducks and birds. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT004


Belmont - Catholic Church

Notre Dame Catholic Church, Cloverdale which is on Wright Street. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT005


Belmont - Belmay School

An entrance to the Belmay Primary School near the intersection of Epsom Avenue and Sydenham Street. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT006


Belmont - Cellarbrations Store

Cellarbrations Liquor Store on the corner of Epsom Avenue and Sydenham Street. An old store with a tale to tell. Along Cindered Street beyond, you can see the O'Toole's Realty and Precise Settlements building. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT007


Belmont - Nations Church

Nations Church on Epsom Avenue. This is a multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian church, one of three in Perth, the others are in Myaree and Port Kennedy. Reach and influence. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT008


Belmont - Old Anglican Church

On Epsom Avenue just north of Sydenham Street is this former Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Reverend R. W. H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth, on September 27, 1952. Right now this building is the Administration Office of Airport City Community Services Incorporated. This organisation provides food parcels and emergency relief vouchers to those in need. A worthy cause. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT009


Belmont - Former College

This Southern Cross Bible College on Epsom Avenue appears now to be closed. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT010


Belmont - Epsom Shops

Fusion Restaurant, Hindu Khan, Epsom Fish and Chips, Epsom Super Deli, Belmont Discount Drug Store and Jacaranda Community Centre, line up along Epsom Avenue to form part of the Epsom shops. December 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT011


Belmont - Jacarandas

Jacarandas lining Keymer Street add to Perth's spring splendour. November 2017. Photos Ref: BLMT012

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