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A small, attractive beach-side town, about 5 kilometres west off the Indian Ocean Drive and situated between Guilderton and Ledge Point and 100 kilometres north of Perth. Seabird was originally a place for squatters. The townsite was recognised by the Shire of Gingin in 1965 and gazetted in 1968. Then named Chalon, local pressure saw Seabird adopted, named after a ship of the same name which was holed and left stranded here in 1874


Seabird - Beach

The Indian Ocean off Seabird looking south. A bit of a brisk sou'wester today causes the choppy seas. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB001


Seabird - Beach

This view is looking northwards up the coast with lovely white beaches almost deserted on this summer's day. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB002


Seabird - Fish Factory

Fishing has always been a major industry up and down this coast. In particular rock-lobsters (crayfish). This looks like a seafood storage, processing and dispatching works. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB003


Seabird - Sunset Cafe and Deli

The all-purpose Seabird eatery, the Seabird Sunset Cafe and Deli. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB004


Seabird - Tavern

The Seabird Tavern. A modern structure reflecting the age of the town. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB005


Seabird - New Beach House

There are some really magnificent houses around Seabird, such as this one which overlooks the ocean. January 2001. Photos Ref: SEAB006


Seabird - Old Beach House

And some houses perhaps not so magnificent but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This house commands the same ocean view as its next-door neighbour, the house in the photo above. January 2011. Photos Ref: SEAB007

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