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Serpentine Dam

Located up in the Darling Range, on Kingsbury Drive, around 12 kms south of Jarrahdale. The closest town to the dam is Jarrahdale although it bears the Serpentine name of the river and not the town. The town of Serpentine was gazetted as such in 1893. To add to the overall water capacity of Perth metropolitan and country dams, this dam was constructed between 1960 and 1961 and was officially opened towards the end of 1961


Serpentine Dam - Restaurant

This restaurant is in the upper parking area on the north side of Serpentine Dam. It may not look that spectacular from the outside but inside is spacious and has a fabulous dining/viewing deck to the rear. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD001


Serpentine Dam - Restaurant View

From the restaurant dining deck, this is the view that you can see whilst eating your lunch. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD002


Serpentine Dam - Water In Dam

The dam is reportedly only 22% full at present (31 million litres) - you can get an idea here of where the "normal" water level should be. The dam was constructed in 1960 and 1961, and was officially opened by the then Premier, The Hon. David Brand MLA on 20th October 1961. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD003


Serpentine Dam - Wall

The dry side of the dam. I believe the dam wall is actually earth which is ballasted up with those large stones to add support to both sides. This is looking down to where the Serpentine River should be. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD004


Serpentine Dam - Tower

This tower is actually out in the water. It looks like some kind of pumping control centre. No walking out along the bridge today as the gates are closed. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD005


Serpentine Dam - Spillway

The main spillway for an over-flowing dam. Quite a few years would have passed since water ran down there. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD006


Serpentine Dam - Road Over Dam

Looking south. Kingsbury Drive crosses over the dam wall on its way back down to the South Western Highway. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD007


Serpentine Dam - Buddhist Monastery

On Kingsbury Drive is the Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery. This is one of the main buildings within the Monastery walls. The Monastery was established in 1983 and covers some 39 hectares of land. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD008


Serpentine Dam - Buddhist Monastery

In the Buddhist Monastery is this dining or rest area. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD009


Serpentine Dam - Lookout Sign on Kingsbury Drive

Just west of the Monastery entrance is the Lookout. It is sign-posted. This plaque tells you in which direction to look for distant places. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD010


Serpentine Dam - Lookout on Kingsbury Drive

This is a view from the Lookout. Not nearly as clear as the naked eye, from here you can see the chimney stacks of Naval Base and port structures at Fremantle, and a sliver of ocean. April 2011. Photos Ref: SERD011

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