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An historical and quaint settlement set off the South Western Highway not far from Mundijong. The town is set in the Darling Scarp and is 54 kms south-east of Perth. The named Jarrahdale is derived from the local timber. In 1872 the Government granted timber concessions and as a result the Jarrahdale Timber Company was formed which constructed a rail line to Mundijong to move its produce. Despite early growth, the town was not gazetted until 1913


Jarrahdale - Church

St Paul's Anglican Church, constructed in 1896, was originally located near Armstrong Road. In the 1950's it was moved to Atkins Street. It was subsequently moved to its present location in December 2008, only a few weeks before this picture was taken. January 2009. Photos Ref: JARR001


Jarrahdale - Church

Two years on and such a transformation. The Jarrahdale parishioners have done a splendid job in restoring and painting the Church and now it's one of the town's centre-pieces. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR002


Jarrahdale - Pardlo Garage and Machinery Museum

G. Pardlo Garage and Machinery Museum on the west end of town. There are lots of old steam rollers and tractors etc in here. January 2009. Photos Ref: JARR003


Jarrahdale - Pardlo Garage and Machinery Museum

The back yard of G. Pardlo Garage and Machinery Museum. Just look at it all. Museum of unrestored vehicles. And this is just a small glimse.You can get a guided tour for $5. August 2021. Photos Ref: JARR004


Jarrahdale - Witnish Cottage

Just to the right of G. Pardlo Garage and Machinery Museum is the Witnish Cottage. This could actually now be a part of the museum. There are a couple of spelling variations - Whitnish and Whittnish but I feel safer using what I have. August 2021. Photos Ref: JARR005


Jarrahdale - Tea Shop

This is Necessiteas for Life Tea Shop. It is not a tea shop where you sit down and sip, rather one where you can purchase tea and tea making paraphernalia. It's packed with interesting items. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR006


Jarrahdale - Historic Post Office and Bank

The historic Post Office and Bank Museum on Jarrahdale Road. The building was constructed in 1896. January 2009. Photos Ref: JARR007


Jarrahdale - Historic Post Office and Bank Rear

The rear of the Old Post Office Museum ocontains timber milling and sawing equipment from days gone by. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR008


Jarrahdale - Historic Post Office and Bank

The Old Post Office Museum on Jarrahdale Road from a different angle. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR009


Jarrahdale - Francesca's Garden

Bordering the main road on the south side is the rather magical Francesca's Garden. Is looks private. An enormous amount of work must have gone into this. December 2014. Photos Ref: JARR010


Jarrahdale - Holiday Carriages

Holiday Carriages is a rather well thought-out holiday concept. Some six carriages dot a large block. Each contain accommodation essentials. This is on the south side of the Mundijong-Jarrahdale Road, about half way along, and it is well sign-posted. August 2021. Photos Ref: JARR011


Jarrahdale - Highway

This is the road out of town, heading towards the South Western Highway. Rather a majestic sweep here in the road, and a pleasant drive. January 2009. Photos Ref: JARR012


Jarrahdale - Tavern

Set on a small hill overlooking the main road through town is the Jarrahdale Tavern. This building goes way back to 1896. It was formerly known as the Murray Arms Hotel. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR013


Jarrahdale - Heritage Trading Post

A newer building in town, The Heritage Trading Post, home to the Post Office, a fruit and veggie store, and a hardware shop. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR014


Jarrahdale - Heritage Park Project

The office building of the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Jarrahdale Heritage Park Project. Their project is to develop surrounding land which was jointly purchased by the Shire, the National Trust, and the local community back in 2000. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR015


Jarrahdale - Catholic Church

St Maria Goretti Catholic Church in Jarrahdale. According to the sign, Mass is held here "occasionally". Other times people have to go to St Kevin's in Serpentine. This church was built in 1960. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR016


Jarrahdale - Disused Shed

A disused shed on a large block of land on one of the back streets. This is probably used to house some kind of business. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR017


Jarrahdale - Chestnuts

Chestnuts Estate is in the south of town not far from the cemetery and on the way to Millbrook Winery. This is a relatively new development. The circular saw blade is a rather innovative marker. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR018


Jarrahdale - Disused Railway

A disused railway line crosses Nettleton Road north of town. This was used for hauling bauxite from Alcoa's nearby minesite. The mine operated from 1963 to 1998. The track joins the Perth - Bunbury line just south of Mundijong. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR019


Jarrahdale - General Store

This great looking building is the Jarrahdale General Store. This store was originally built in the 1870's at another location on Foster Way by the local timber company. It became Millar's Trading Store in 1902 when Millar's took over the local timber milling. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR020


Jarrahdale - General Store

The store was re-located to this site in 1959 and since then has had a variety of names - the Co-op, Four Square Store, King's Store and now the Jarrahdale General Store. This is a view of the front of the shop. Down the side is an out-door dining area. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR021


Jarrahdale - General Store

Despite the 'General Store' name, this place is, in fact, a well stocked restaurant with experienced and attentive staff and fine wares. Here is a look inside the store. April 2011. Photos Ref: JARR022


Jarrahdale - Millbrook Winery

The magnificent Millbrook Winery located to the south of the town. To get there, go past the cemetery and through Chestnut Estate. Vines were planted here as early as 1860. The grounds are of expert design and manicured to perfection. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR023


Jarrahdale - Millbrook Winery

Another view of the Millbrook Winery looking across a lake. The area is awash with the blue of agapanthus. The winery is a popular wedding venue. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR024


Jarrahdale - Millbrook Winery

A look across the grass to a couple of stone bridges which provide access to the main winery buildings. January 2014. Photos Ref: JARR025


Jarrahdale - Millbrook Winery

Rows of vines taking in the summer sun with a central grove of native trees which would date back maybe around 200 years. January 2016. Photos Ref: JARR024

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