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This locality is midway between Quairading and Bruce Rock. It is about 210 kms due east of Perth. The townsite was actually established before a railway siding was constructed here, which for these wheatbelt towns, is a little unusual. The railway siding was opened in 1913 but it was not until 1951 that the townsite was actually gazetted. The town and a nearby hill are named after Sir Ernest Shackleton. The locality was formerly known as Cokine


Shackleton - Town Sign

The town information sign 'The Town that Nearly Wasn't', says that Shackleton's prosperity peaked in the 1950's. Local industries include sheep and grain farming. So many of these towns struggle to survive today as their relevance is diminished probably by modern, fast road and rail transport. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN001


Shackleton - Jermyn Street

Part of Jermyn Street, the main street. The street is named after Dr Jermyn, a local pioneer medical practitioner and surveyor. The avenue of trees is impressive. The main Quairading - Bruce Rock road runs parallel to this, off to the left, over the railway lines. This view is looking west. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN002


Shackleton - Hall

At the eastern end of town is the Shackleton Memorial Hall which was constructed in 1955 when the town was far bigger than it is today. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN003


Shackleton - Anglican Church

On Venemore Street at the east end of town is St Giles Anglican Church built in 1954. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ven. L. Bothamley, Archdeacon of Northam on an undisclosed date. This building is no longer a functioning church. Venemore Street was re-named from Irvine Street in honour of a local soldier killed in WWII. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN004


Shackleton - Bank

This tiny bank is on Jermyn Street. It operated as an agency of the Agricultural Bank, and then the Bank of New South Wales (then later R&I and Bankwest) from the 1930's until 1997. During the war this was used as an aircraft observation post. At one stage the building also served as a child health centre. This building was originally a blacksmith's office in Bruce Rock and was relocated to Shackleton. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN005


Shackleton - General Store

The Shackleton Store incorporating the Post Office. This has been an important commercial centre in town since its construction in 1928. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN006


Shackleton - Club

Next door to the store is the Shackleton & Districts Club. Apparently there has never been an hotel as such in town. The nearest hotel was at Kwolyin, six kilometres west of Shackleton, but that burnt down about a decade ago. The club opened circa 1954. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN007


Shackleton - Jermyn Street

Another look west down the main street this time taking in the store and beyond. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN008


Shackleton - Railway

More or less across the road from the store is what remains of the rail siding. A sign and an old crane, and not much else. Along the track further east are the CBH grain silos and bulk handling equipment which dominate the landscape somewhat. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN009


Shackleton - Gallery

This delightful looking gallery is on the main street, a little further west from the store and club. The surrounds are dotted with an assortment of sculptures. Most are for sale. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN010


Shackleton - Gallery Sculpture

One of the clever sculptures adjacent to the gallery building. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN011


Shackleton - Gallery Sculpture

Another of the Gallery's sculptures. This speaks for itself. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN012


Shackleton - Steve's Art Studio

Beyond the gallery is Steve's Studio Workshop. This is the source of all the sculptures around the Gallery next door. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN013


Shackleton - Old School

At the western end of town is the old school. It no longer operates as a school as numbers dropped below the threshold so the few children left in town catch the bus each day to Quairading or Bruce Rock. A school was started in town in 1923 which was conducted in the town hall. An official school was constructed and opened in 1926-1927. The school closed in 1991. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN014


Shackleton - Old School

After 1927, the school expanded over the years with new rooms and teachers' quarters being added. At its peak, the school had 70-80 pupils. These building still look in quite good condition. Grass and weeds are starting to grow through cracks in the school playground. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN015


Shackleton - Old School

This building is part of the school complex, some kind of out-building. A new door and curtained windows suggests that someone is using the building probably as a residence. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN016


Shackleton - Old School

At the rear of the school this old building has fallen into considerable disrepair, or at least the small section showing on this side. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN017


Shackleton - Old Stove

Behind the school is this old stove which still looks serviceable. Perhaps in days gone by this was used to heat a classroom. The top of the stove says it was manufactured by Safety Burn of Perth W.A. June 2013. Photos Ref: SHKN018

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