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The Dale

The Dale is a small rural locality situated on the Beverley - Westdale Road, approximately half way between the town of Beverley and the Brookton Highway road junction. It is just west of the York - Williams Road crossing. This district was settled in the mid-late 1890's. The named of Dale is used quite frequently around here, Mount Dale, Westdale and the Dale River. Dale was named after Ensign Robert Dale who was an explorer in the area in 1831


The Dale - Locality Sign

The locality of The Dale is within the Shire of Beverley. Here is the sign. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE001


The Dale - Westdale Road

A view looking west down the Westdale Road in The Dale. This shows just how impossible it is to miss seeing the hall and also the church to the rear. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE002


The Dale - Hall

This Hall was constructed the early settlers in 1904. Inside is the large supper room and two other small (cloak) rooms. The two small rooms are out at the back. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE003


The Dale - Hall

The Dale Hall in its entirety. The structure was extensively restored in 1978. The original rear weatherboard rooms were replaced. There is also a new toilet block at the rear. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE004


The Dale - Hall Sign

Attached to the hall over the brown side door is this plaque. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE005


The Dale - Church Front Sign

Slightly to the left (east) and rear of the hall is the St John's In The Wilderness Anglican Church. This is the outside sign. You can see part of the church and also some burial plots. The graves date back to the pioneer days but is still very much in use. Whereas many graves are marked, there are a number of old unmarked graves in the church yard. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE006


The Dale - Church Front

The front of St John's In The Wilderness Anglican Church. The church fell into disrepair by the 1970's but along with the nearby hall was restored in the that decade and is still in use today. The restoration of this and the hall are an absolute credit to those who did it. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE007


The Dale - Church Rear

A rear view of St John's In The Wilderness Anglican Church. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE008


The Dale - Church History

This sign is attached to a wall in the porch of St John's In The Wilderness Anglican Church. "St John in the Wilderness. This little Church was built almost single-handedly by Mr A. E. Woodruff, student of St Paul's College, Burgh, near Lincoln in England and lay-assistant to Canon C. E. Groser, the second Rector of Beverley. It was consecrated on May 22nd 1895 by the Rt Rev C.O.L. Riley, 3rd Bishop, later first Archbishop of Perth". September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE009


The Dale - Church

St John's Church front from a little further back. The gate and fence are a nice touch. They seem as being almost symbolic of a crossing, a threshold. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE010


The Dale - Memorial

On the other side of the road from the hall and church is this stone memorial. It reads "This plaque was erected in memory of the early pioneers of the Dale area and their families". The lower plaque reads "Hillside. 1855 - J. Whitnell. 1864 - A Strange. 1909 - R. J. Strange. 1948 - J. F. Woods". September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE011


The Dale - Ruins

Behind the above memorial are these ruins. I can only assume this was Hillside. The gate into this paddock is very locked. Nearby are supposed to be ruins of an old barn dating back to the 1890's. I looked but didn't find that. September 2016. Photos Ref: DALE012

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