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At 160 kms south of Perth, this is the first major town on the Albany Highway travelling south towards Albany. Settlement commenced in the 1830's but development was slow. Convicts built the highway to Albany including the bridge over the Williams River (discovered by Bannister in 1831). Hotel and public buildings construction followed. The town was gazetted in 1897 and is probably named after King William IV (crowned 1831), by Governor Stirling

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Williams - Albany Highway

A view looking down Albany Highway looking south. You can see the cafe, a sliver of the pub, and the garage. Beyond that is the Williams River and trotting track, and then on to the south. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM001


Williams - Shops

The Plum Tree and Ivy Cafe, and next door the Williams General Store on Brooking Street. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM002


Williams - Woolshed

The Williams Woolshed looks quite spectacular. It is a combined restaurant and information centre and is located on Albany Highway right in the middle of town - impossible to miss if you're passing by. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM003


Williams - Hotel

Quite glorious looking Williams Hotel, established in 1850, sitting on the Albany Highway. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM004


Williams - Hotel

Another aspect of the Williams Hotel. This is the side of the pub, the northern aspect. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM005


Williams - Post Office

Post Office Williams 6391 is on the corner of Albany Highway and Brooking Street. And this one is not for sale (as many other which are, or have been). November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM006


Williams - Shops on Brooking Street

Cute newsagency and real estate agency on Brooking Street, at the corner of Growse Street. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM007


Williams - Agricultural Hall

The Williams Agricultural Hall was opened on 22nd February 1898 by M. Quinn Esq. The hall was originally used for social events, church services, weddings, Road Board meetings and as a school. In the Second World War it was used as an aircraft spotting station. These days it is an arts and crafts centre. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM008


Williams - Rustik Rainbow Cafe

The Rustik Rainbow Cafe, home of art, honey, gifts, a gallery, a nursery, and of course a cafe. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM009


Williams - District Club

The Williams District Club Inc. on Brooking Street. The Foundation Stone was laid on 16th December 1958 by Mr W. C. Carne, J.P and Chairman of the Williams Road Board. I didn't see a Road Board building in town. I hope I didn't miss it as I collect them! November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM010


Williams - Shire Offices

The Shire of Williams offices on Brooking Street looks very 1950's - 1960's in design, as do so many of its peers around the country. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM011


Williams - Community Hall

Right next to the Shire of Williams on Brooking Street and probably around the same vintage is what appears to be the Shire Hall. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM012


Williams - Primary School

One wing of the Williams Primary School. Inside looks very pleasant including a large undercroft area for eating lunch and having assemblies. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM013


Williams - River

The Williams River flows under the Albany Highway road bridge, on the south side of town. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM014


Williams - Trotting Track

Action on the trotting track. A reins man puts his charge through its paces early on a cool Sunday morning. November 2011. Photos Ref: WLLM015

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