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Arthur River

The settlement of Arthur River is strategically placed almost exactly half way between Perth and Albany and served as an important staging point in the early days of arduous country travel. It is 200 kms south of Perth on the Albany Highway and still serves as a travellers rest point and a business centre for nearby farms. Arthur River is named after an upper reach stream feeding the Blackwood River. Governor Stirling named the Arthur River in 1835


Arthur River - Store

Very early this Saturday morning the Arthur River Store waits for its share of sunlight. It looks like you could buy just about anything here. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR001


Arthur River - Roadhouse

On the east side of the highway is the Gull Roadhouse. Business is a little sparse at this time of day but it will pick up later. Fuel and food is the order of the day. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR002


Arthur River - Paddocks

Arthur River is a fairly small settlement on the Albany Highway and is located on the lateral roads that run out to Wagin in the east and Darkan to the west. You only have to go a few hundred metres from the townsite to see the summer-browned paddocks such as this one. Early morning sun slants off the stubble left over from the last harvest. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR003


Arthur River - St. Paul's Anglican Church

A little to the north of town is St. Paul's Anglican Church. The church was constructed in 1882 and falls within the Diocese of Bunbury. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR004


Arthur River - Pioneer Grave

Adjacent to the Church is the churchyard which includes many pioneer graves. A very hard life in the old days and a number died at quite a young age. Here is one of the ornate tombs dated 1884-1885, indeed pioneering days. Shown respectfully. Catherine Hamersley (32 years) died 1884 and Jane Spratt (65 years) died 1885. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR005


Arthur River - Hall

Next to the roadhouse and slightly to the south is the Arthur River Hall, the large rear section being obviously fairly recent. The stone section at the front is far older. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR006


Arthur River - Hall Old Section

This is a close-up of the old section of the hall. It was built in 1890 and has had various extensions and changes since then. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR007


Arthur River - Old Post Office

On the western side of the highway is a small historic 'compound'. This building is the original post office. The first post office operated out of the old inn (next door). Sometime around 1900 it moved to this building. Appointed in 1866, Mary Ann Spratt was Arthur River's first postal chief. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR008


Arthur River - Old Inn

Next to the old post office is the old Inn. This is apparently only a section of the Inn built in 1869. In 1934 some of the Inn was demolished and the stones were used to build the hall (shown above). February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR009


Arthur River - Rear Old Inn

This is the rear (or southern view) of the Inn, showing off it's glamorous stonework in the early morning sun. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR010


Arthur River - Old Well

Around 80 metres south of the old Inn is this well where the Inn host and guests would have drawn their water. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR011


Arthur River - Woolshed

Behind the old post office and Inn is this woolshed. Let's have a closer look at that car in there! February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR012


Arthur River - Car In Wool Shed

Inside the woolshed is this Morris Minor 1000 which looks in pretty restorable condition. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR013


Arthur River - Shearing Shed

A little to the south of town, next to the Wagin turnoff, is this former shearing shed. It is of timber and iron construction, built in 1910, and is heritage listed. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR014


Arthur River - Shearer's Quarters

And if you have a shearing shed, you'd need quarters to house the shearers. This building is next to the old shearing shed. It too was built in 1910 and is also heritage listed. February 2013. Photos Ref: ARTR015


Arthur River - South West Regional Broadcasting Station

Some 6 kilometres east of Arthur River on the Wagin Road is the rather forbidding looking South West Regional Broadcasting station. This was opened in 1936 as a relay for ABC radio 6WF to listeners in the south-west. It probably still relays but it's all behind multiple rows of fences and doesn't look very occupied by people anymore. December 2016. Photos Ref: ARTR016


Arthur River - South West Regional Broadcasting Station

The South West Regional Broadcasting station front gate. "w6a 1935" is etched into each gate pillar. I suppose someone must be around to run up and lower the flag, unless is flies around the clock? December 2016. Photos Ref: ARTR017