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Wilson is adjacent to the Canning River and about 10 kms south of Perth. The Castledare name (as used in the miniature railway) is taken from a former local child migrant's home which is now an aged-care facility. Development here began in 1954 when the State Housing Commission resumed the land. The name Wilson comes from Mr G. H. Wilson, a landholder in the area and Road Board Chairman for 43 years. An alternate name for the area was Beeloo


Wilson - Castledare Mini Rail Sign

Here is the Castledare Miniature railway situated in Wilson in some bushland next to the Canning River. It's a picturesque spot and a great experience for rail buffs, young or old. Below the sign in the Niana signal box. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS001


Wilson - Castledare Wall Mural

Last time I was here I don't think this mural existed. It's painted on the side of a shed and visible from the Catholic Church precinct. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS002


Wilson - Castledare Engine Sheds

Here's a view from the overhead bridge of the tracks going into the engine sheds. Centre is a locomotive turntable. November 2007. Photos Ref: WILS003


Wilson - Castledare Castle Place Station

Looking back from the overhead bridge, you can see that signal box and the Castle Place station. November 2007. Photos Ref: WILS004


Wilson - Castledare Stanbridge

A train crosses the 'Jack Stanbridge' bridge. The Canning River is in the background. November. 2007. Photos Ref: WILS005


Wilson - Castledare Foot Bridge

Viewed from near the main station, this is the foot bridge which crosses over the tracks. Yonder are the engine sheds. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS006


Wilson - Castledare Niana Signal Box

A close view of the Niana signal box. This is the box you can see in the first picture of this series (beyond the sign). October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS007


Wilson - Castledare Signal Levers

Inside the Niana signal box are the levers which operate the track points. The are all operational. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS008


Wilson - Castledare Water Tower

Just past the foot bridge and close to the engine sheds is this miniature water tower, very similar to those used by 'real' locomotives in the days of steam. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS009


Wilson - Castledare Wilson Park Station

The Castledare rail track winds through the bush, alongside the road in places and close to the Canning River in other places, and runs right up to Wilson Park which is at the end of Kent Street. This is the Wilson Park station and this is the place where you generally purchase tickets and board the trains. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS010


Wilson - Catholic Church

The Catholic Church at the southern end of Bungaree Road, very close to the Castledare railway. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS011


Wilson - Canning River

The Canning River lazily wends its way out to Applecross where it will meet the Swan River. This photo is taken adjacent to the Castledare complex. Birds galore around today and a few people with lines in the river trying to snaffle a bream or perch for lunch. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS012


Wilson - Canning River

A little upstream from Castledare is Wilson Park, at the end of Kent Street. This is a view of a section of the Canning River, looking west. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS013


Wilson - Kent Street River Bridge

At Wilson Park there are many facilities, lawns, playgrounds, a cafe, an Eco-Education Centre, the Wilson Park Station, and this, the Kent Street weir. This bridge runs over the Canning River, underneath is the weir. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS014


Wilson - Kent Street River Weir

Viewing the bridge over the Canning River from the west side, you can see the weir. Many ducks around, kids playing, and the sound of the water cascading over the weir is relaxing. The weir was built as far back as 1928 with the intent of stopping salt (tidal) water moving from here upstream. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS015


Wilson - Canning River Cafe

In Wilson Park is the Canning River Cafe. Very pleasant outlook close to the weir etc. This is more of a fine dining restaurant rather than a snack bar. October 2012. Photos Ref: WILS016

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