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A small town east of Wooroloo and north of the Great Eastern Highway. Following a 1943 plan, the town was purpose-built as a home for workers in the nearby iron products plant and foundry. The townsite was gazetted in 1947. Wundowie is around 72 kms from Perth and 30 kms from Northam. The town name comes from the nearby Woondowing Spring. The original name was to be Wundowing. This was later changed to conform with spelling rules


Wundowie - Town Entrance

This information facility has been built at the entrance to the townsite. It was planned by the Wundowie Townscape Volunteers. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND001


Wundowie - Town Map

Here is a map and most of history of Wundowie you might want to know. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND002


Wundowie - One-Stop Shops

The one-stop shops in Wundowie. The town has a number of semi-circular streets lined with fibro and iron houses of period (1950's) State Housing style. I would think the town has not changed a lot since it was established. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND003


Wundowie - Thrifty Link

Thrifty Link seemed to be doing a good trade today selling bales or rolls of hay. The store is set between the IGA One-Stop shops and the Wundowie Warehouse. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND004


Wundowie - Old Garage

This old garage in Wundowie is a part the history. No fuel here now. Most employment in town would be at the local Iron and Steel Foundry. The Foundry was established in 1943 and many local houses were built in the 1940's and 1950's. The Foundry has continued under various guises and management from 1943 to present day. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND005


Wundowie - Chip Shop

Here is the local fish and chips & hot foods restaurant. In the 3-4 towns I've been through today (Gidgegannup, Bakers Hill etc) this is about the 3rd or 4th similar country business I saw which is up for sale. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND006


Wundowie - Squire's Kitchen

An update on the fish and ship shop. In fact the chip shop only occupies a portion of the building over on the left. The bulk of the building appears to now be Squire's Kitchen. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND007


Wundowie - Old Shops

A pair of disused shops close to Squire's Kitchen. Still vacant on my July 2018 visit, alas. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND008


Wundowie - Men's Shed

Across the road from Squire's Kitchen in the local Men's Shed. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND009


Wundowie - Former Garage

A former garage seems to be unused now but still in good repair. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND010


Wundowie - Hall

Part of the Wundowie Hall looking very 1950's or 1960's in design. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND011


Wundowie - Club

This is the Wundowie Club. There is no hotel as such in town. The closest tavern is down on the Great Eastern Highway about 5kms away near El Caballo, the Foot Loose Tavern. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND012


Wundowie - Day Care Centre

Most buildings in town seem to be fibro or asbestos. This is the Fluffy Ducklings Day Care Centre. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND013


Wundowie - Library

The smart library building is close to the hall and across from the IGA shopping centre. Photos Ref: WUND014


Wundowie - Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of St Simon and St Jude, Wundowie. This church was built in 1937 and was located at the Mogumber Mission until it was moved here in 1951. The church was dedicated on 12 August 1951 by Bishop Cecil Muschamp, and then again after renovations by Bishop Brian McDonald on 13 November 1966. The church is, as was Father Ted (priest here 1972-1975), in the Parish of Mundaring. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND015


Wundowie - Anglican Church

The Anglican Church in Wundowie. This time a view from the rear. The church is now somewhat run down. There are broken windows or some totally missing. Looking through a missing window frame, I see a mess. It looks like that the Anglicans might have left town. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND016


Wundowie - War Memorial

The War Memorial is set on the end of the town hall. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND017


Wundowie - War Memorial

The War Memorial this time 180 degree turn from the above picture. Small commemorative mosaic tiles are set on the seating tiers. Behind you can see the Anglican Church. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND018


Wundowie - Warehouse

This crisp white building, The Wundowie Warehouse, appears to be a furniture store. The owners obviously have a sense of history as they are sporting the signs 'Daily News' and 'Four Square', businesses that disappeared a long time ago. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND019


Wundowie - Warehouse

An update of the Wundowie Warehouse. It's changed a bit but as least it's still here! July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND020


Wundowie - For Sale

I over-heard a couple of people saying there is not a single place for sale in Wundowie. Well, this is, but hardly a house - a very small office, no bigger than a garage though I'm sure it never was. February 2011. Photos Ref: WUND021


Wundowie - House

A fairly typical Wundowie house. Great front fence. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND022


Wundowie - School

A wing of the local Primary School. The school was established in 1950. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND023


Wundowie - School Library

Adjacent to the main school buildings and sports oval is the school library. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND024


Wundowie - Oval

Looking across the sports oval you can see parts of the school and its library. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND025


Wundowie - Sports Ground Pavilion

Next to the oval is this pavilion. July 2018. Photos Ref: WUND026


Wundowie - Bradken Foundry

The Bradken Iron and Steel Foundry viewed across the paddocks on the road leading into town from the Great Eastern Highway. The Foundry went into full production in 1948 producing pig iron. Pig iron production ceased in 1981. The Foundry now manufactures steel castings. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND027


Wundowie - Entry Statement

On the Great Eastern Highway is this series of three sculptures entitled The Gathering. This is the Wundowie Community Entrance Statement. The artist was Stuart Elliott. The creation was unveiled on January 22, 2006. October 2015. Photos Ref: WUND028

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