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Allanson is a small but thriving townsite set mostly on the north side of the Coalfields Road around 6 kms west of Collie. In 1898 land in the area was set aside for coal miners but as the land had seams of coal underneath, it was not developed. It was then called Collie West. In 1911 a new Collie West was gazetted which became known as Allanson in 1916. Arthur Allan Wilson was MLA for Collie from 1908 to 1947 and the townsite bears his middle name


Allanson - Store

The Allanson store on Railway Parade, the town's main street. It's open Monday to Friday. It's quite easy to miss because unlike most general stores, it's not got Daily News, Stokes Cool Drinks, Peters Pies, Neptune Petrol, Sunnywest Milk, The Sunday Independent, Four Square, Vote for Arthur Calwell, Bex Powders, Condy's Crystals, TruSol Soap, Ben Ean Moselle, Benson & Hedges, Hannan's Stout, Leyland P76, Bushells, Frist, Aeroplane Jelly or any other advertising material plastered all over the front of it. Good one! March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN001


Allanson - Railway Parade

Here is a section of Railway Parade. You might be able to make out the phone box. That is outside the store. March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN002


Allanson - Bushfires Brigade

On the main street is the Allanson Bushfires Brigades headquarters. In days gone by this building may have been a coal miner's cottage. March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN003


Allanson - School

This is what appears to be the original Allanson Primary School building which has been restored and preserved and part of the Allanson Old Bush School Restoration Project. This building would date back to approximately 1912. March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN004


Allanson - School

Allanson School is really quite large. This building looks to be very early, probably one of the first to be added after the original building. March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN005


Allanson - School

Another view of part of the Allanson School and this is only a part of it. March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN006


Allanson - Lakes

On the south side of town along Ferguson Road are two lakes with rather steep banks in some places. These are close to the Collie River but not part of it. Perhaps these are worked-out pits, the remains of old coal mines? March 2014. Photos Ref: ALAN007

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