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Roelands is a small town on the South Western Highway only 3-4 kms south of Brunswick and adjacent to the Coalfields Road junction, the road that leads to Collie. Interestingly, Roelands was originally called Collie, named after the Collie River which flows nearby. However, the named caused confusion with the nearby town of Collie (originally called Colliefields) but all this was sorted out in 1899 when both towns settled their new names


Roelands - School

Here is the original part of the old Roelands primary school. It is now used and kept in immaculate condition by the Hope Christian College which enrolls children from kindergarten all the way to year 12. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL001


Roelands - School

Another look at the former Roelands primary school this time taking in part of the 100 year-old oak tree which is a local landmark. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL002


Roelands - Old Shop

On the street up from the Hope Christian College is what looks like an old shop. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL003


Roelands - Hall

The Roelands Hall and community centre. It is located next to the Roelands Progress Federation Grounds. The hall dates back to 1900. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL004


Roelands - Anglican Church

This former Anglican church which was constructed in 1954 looks really picturesque and is now in private hands. The church congregation became too small to support this and other churches in Brunswick and Burekup so this one was sold. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL005


Roelands - Memorial

In the Roelands Progress Federation Grounds is this war memorial commemorating locals who served in the forces during times of conflict. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL006


Roelands - Forestry Implement

In the park alongside the rail track is this whim (horse-drawn winch) and log placed here by the Roelands Progress Association in 1992. This machine was used to move logs from the bush at Tynedale (near Burekup) in 1957 and 1958. April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL007


Roelands - Rail Traffic

Rail traffic trundles past Roelands. This one is on its way to the Picton yards. Over to the left is the highway. Decades ago there was a large Golden Fleece service station by the highway, once run by popular entrepreneur Mr Kel East, who was a well-known function caterer in Bunbury (1960's). April 2013. Photos Ref: ROEL008


Roelands - Rail Traffic

Each time I stop at Roelands it seems I hear the toot of an approaching train and I can't resist taking a photo. This is ACN4174 heading north towards Brunswick. March 2014. Photos Ref: ROEL009


Roelands - Station Sign

On the east side of the rail line is this sign probably where the original Roelands station was located. March 2014. Photos Ref: ROEL010

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