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A residential suburb about 28 kms south-east of Perth on the junction of the South Western and Albany Highways. The suburb gains its name from the railway station built here in 1893, which in turn was named after either one of two Scottish towns bearing the same name. Since the 1980's parts of this large municipality have been split off and re-named as suburbs in their own right. These new localities include Mount Nasura, Mount Richon and Brookdale


Armadale - Railway Hotel

The former Railway Hotel at the end of Jull Street, across the road from the railway station. The hotel was opened in 1902. The main face once had verandahs on both the upper and lower levels. The premises are currently occupied by Rainier Gallery Cafe. Photos Ref: ARMD001


Armadale - Fox and Hound Tavern

The Fox and Hound Tavern in the Jull Street Mall, looking fine in its mock-Tudor style. It's next door to the Tudor Arcade and also the former Railway Hotel. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD002


Armadale - Jull Street Mall

Jull Street looking a little deserted on a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the football today is keeping everyone away? Photo - July 2008. Photos Ref: ARMD003


Armadale - Jull Street Mall

Jull Street again - a pleasant view of the cinemas and ANZ bank seen through the bare winter tree. Photo - July 2008. Photos Ref: ARMD004


Armadale - Jull Street Sculpture

Jull Street statue depicting a pioneer and waterwheel. Sculptor Owen Davies is the creator and the work was unveiled in 1994. Photo - July 2008. Photos Ref: ARMD005


Armadale - Post Office

A post office in transition. The "Post Office" sign has gone but business here continues as usual. I wonder to which use this building is destined? Perhaps a community centre or craft shop? I must go back and have a look. Photo - July 2008. Photos Ref: ARMD006


Armadale - Ye Olde Narrogin Inn

Ye Olde Narrogin Inne, on the junction of Albany and South Western Highway, has long been a local landmark and has always looked really attractive. The hotel was built in 1853, shortly after a decent road was constructed between Perth and Armadale. In those days it was simply known as The Narrogin Inn. Now the hotel is part of the adjacent Pioneer World complex. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD007


Armadale - Ye Olde Narrogin Inn

The motel units behind Ye Olde Narrogin Inn. Very smart. They look recently built to appear old. Photo - November 2016. Photos Ref: ARMD008


Armadale - Old Hall South Western Highway

At 10 South Western Highway, next to the Old Narrogin Inn, is this old hall. The front appears to be a later addition. Currently occupied by Phoenix PS Studio. Photo - November 2016. Photos Ref: ARMD009


Armadale - Old Hall South Western Highway

The rear of the old hall still sporting the name of a bygone tenant - Armadale Real Estate. Photo - November 2016. Photos Ref: ARMD010


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer World. Some lovely shops and restaurants and a good place for a browse or just an ice cream. This is looking up the street near the entrance. Pioneer World is a replica of an early gold mining village and was opened in the early 1980's. Photo - January 2009. Photo Ref: ARMD011


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer Village School. That is a classroom or school office behind that old cart. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD012


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer Village School. Another classroom - one of many. This one remind me very much like some buildings in the historic Fairbridge village (near Pinjarra). The old petrol pump adds a nice touch. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD013


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer Village School. An integral part of Pioneer World. It is amazing to see a functioning school here. I wonder how the children like it? The school was opened in 1981 with a mere 24 students. These days is has well over three hundred enrolled from kindergarten through to year 7. It is a private and non-religious school with exemplary values. Their motto is "Aim for Excellence". Photos - January 2009. Photo Ref: ARMD014


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer World. This is Violeta's Garden Restaurant. Should try it some day. A few people were relaxing on the verandah enjoying a good lunch and perhaps a wine or two. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD015


Armadale - Pioneer World

Lovely looking building in the Pioneer World - The Wild Rose Restaurant. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD016


Armadale - Pioneer World

Pioneer World. Another view of the Wild Rose Restaurant. Photo - January 2009. Photos Ref: ARMD017


Armadale - St Matthews Church

St Matthews Church on Prospect Road. This looks like the original section. Off to the right, a new section has been added on. There is a Church Cafe just off to left of picture. The original Church was completed in 1904. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD018


Armadale - Therapeutic Family Services

More or less right behind St Matthews Church is this very attractive old building, beautifully maintained and probably originally used as a dwelling. It is now the home of Therapeutic Family Services. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD019


Armadale - Hall

On Jull Street is the imposing Armadale District Hall. Originally built in 1936 in "Inter-war art deco style", the hall has had a number of face-lifts over the years. It was saved from commercial redevelopment by concerned citizens in 2001. Now on the interim Heritage List. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD020


Armadale - Minnawarra Park

Next to Armadale Road is Minnawarra Park. It boasted a pleasant water-feature, plenty of ducks and other water birds, and this impressive looking bridge. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD021


Armadale - Minnawarra Park - Church

Adjacent to the Minnawarra Park itself is the Minnawarra Historic Precinct. This photo is of the Congregational Church, originally built in 1903 and re-located to this site in 1988. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD022


Armadale - Minnawarra Park - Old School

Another fine old building in the Historic Precinct is the original Armadale primary school which was built in 1900 and relocated to here in 1987. From 2003 the Birtwistle Local Studies Library has occupied the building. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD023


Armadale - RSL Hall

The old RSL Hall, still in use today. This was constructed in 1935 and the hall is apparently available for hire. It is on Streich Avenue South, very close to the railway station. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD024


Armadale - Telegraph Office

The replica Telegraph Office in the Armadale Tourist Centre at 40 Jull Street. Also in this centre is the Bert Tyler Vintage Machinery Museum. January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD025


Armadale - Red Rooster Corner

Down at the end of Third Avenue is this eye-catching circular building. Underneath is a drive-through Red Rooster. The round bit probably contains offices? January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD026


Armadale - Railway Station

One of the few stations on the Perth network that probably looks better now than it did in the past. Nice design and good craftsmanship in the building. Those old railway sleepers laid out the front add a nice touch. Well done those involved. This will last 100 years! January 2012. Photos Ref: ARMD027


Armadale - Early Church of God in Christ SAM

The Early Church of God In Christ SAM. This is at 201 South Western Highway, just south of the main Armadale townsite. The church could be of Pentacostal origin but the history seems somewhat obscure. Many cars parked around here today suggests a healthy congregation. Would appreciate more information. November 2016. Photos Ref: ARMD028


Armadale - Masons Hall

On the corner of Fourth and Church Avenues is the Masons Hall. There are two foundation stones. The earlier reads: "To the Glory of God. This stone was laid by Mr Henry Wright, President Churches of Christ Conference WA, March 13th, 1926", and the second: "Goolamrup Lodge No. 94 W.A.C., This tablet was unveiled by M.W. Bro. F. A. McMullen, Grand Master - Grand Lodge of W.A., to commemorate opening Masonic Hall Armadale, July 28th, 1934". Goolamrup was the Noongar name for Kelmscott where the Lodge met until it moved to Armadale in 1934. June 2014. Photos Ref: ARMD029

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