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Wagin is an historic and attractive medium-sized town which serves as a commercial centre for surrounding small towns and agriculturalists. It is located some 49 kilometres south of Narrogin and 229 kilometres south-east of Perth. The town was established in 1897 as a consequence of the Great Southern Railway and named after a local lake. In 1889, before the town was gazetted, the railway siding on the Albany to Beverley line hereabouts was called Wagin Lake


Wagin - Welcome Sign

The Wagin town welcome sign, home of the Giant Ram and Woolorama. April 2015. Photos Ref: WAGN001


Wagin - Moran's Wagin Hotel

Down near the rail yards and on Tudor Street is Moran's Wagin Hotel. The hotel was built circa 1900 with extensions being made in 1912. The first publican was Mr Arthur Tunney and the hotel was then known as Tunney's Hotel. Mr James Moran from Coolgardie bought the hotel in 1921 and the Moran family has run it ever since. On this site previously stood the 1889 James Spratt's Wagin Hotel which was later demolished for this one. Closed in 2017 so it seems. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN002


Wagin - Moran's Wagin Hotel

A view of the fine stonework of Moran's Hotel on the Tavistock Street side. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN003


Wagin - Town Hall

Here is the Wagin Town Hall which was completed in 1929. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sydney Stubbs M.L.A. on 7th May 1928. Mr Stubbs also opened the Dumbleyung Town Hall some 10 months later. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN004


Wagin - Municipal Chambers

Adjacent to the Town Hall on Tudor Street and on the Moran's Hotel side of it are the Municipal Chambers. The early morning sunlight helps to highlight the fine brickwork. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN005


Wagin - Courthouse

Immediately to the right of the Town Hall is the Wagin courthouse. It is of typical 1912 courthouse design. The first Resident Magistrate in this building was Mr Burt. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN006


Wagin - National Australia Bank

At 87 Tudor Street is the National Australia Bank. A majestic two-storey structure and the pale colour of its street face stands out vividly in the early morning sunshine. This was built in 1912 and has continuously operated as a National Bank branch. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN007


Wagin - Tudor Street

A view north along Tudor Street from across the road from the courthouse and National Bank, looking up towards Tudhoe Street and the Mitchell Hall Hotel. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN008


Wagin - Piesse (Butterick) Building

A good slice of this building is shown in the above street scene and is one of the most prominent in town. At street level is a laundromat, Mango's Cafe, Magic Touch Hair Studio and a couple of vacant shops. Upstairs looks like accommodation. This was constructed in 1905 as commercial premises by the Piesse brothers. The Piesse family were also active business people in Katanning. Mr Butterick purchased the building from the Piesse's in 1906. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN009


Wagin - Mitchell Hall Hotel

On the corner of Tudhoe and Tudor Streets is the Mitchell Hall Hotel. A few people are out there on the verandah this morning enjoying a long breakfast. This was built by Mr Mitchell in 1895-6. It was formerly known as the Federal Hotel. A few years after the hotel was built, due to lack of their own space, the Wagin primary school used the dining room for lessons. At that time however, the hotel did not possess a liquor licence. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN010


Wagin - Palace Hotel

A little east of the Mitchell Hall (Federal) Hotel and still on Tudhoe Street is the Palace Hotel. This was built in 1905 by Paddy Durack of the famed north-west cattle Durack family. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN011


Wagin - Railway Station

Across the road from Moran's Hotel and the public buildings are the rail yards. Years ago this place would have been hustle and bustle with loads of steam locomotives billowing out smoke all over town. Today the station is still here and a single north-south track that is used for grain haulage. This building was erected in 1911. The earlier smaller wooden station was moved elsewhere in town and then used as a house. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN012


Wagin - Railway Station

A look north along the platform. The gravel section used to be part of the platform too. The main line and three loop lines still exist. Red lights up ahead prevent movements over the Tudhoe Street level crossing. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN013


Wagin - Butterick's Buildings

At 50 Tudhoe Street is Butterick's Buildings built in 1912 which these days accommodate Great Southern Real Estate and Vivochem Chemists. This was specifically built for Mr Butterick. It should not be confused with the two-storey building on Tudor Street which is also known as Butterick's Building thus named more by popular usage rather than any official name actually being displayed on the building. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN014


Wagin - Bank of Australasia Building

On Tudhoe Street is the Australia Broadcasting Commission Great Southern studio and office. This building was formerly a Bank of Australasia branch from 1917, then a Commonwealth Bank branch from 1944 to 2002. The ABC took over the building in 2002. The ABC was set to close these premises in early 2015. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN015


Wagin - Wagin Argus

On Leake Way is the office of local newspaper, the Wagin Argus. This building was erected in 1905. This has been the local newspaper headquarters since inception. A number of publications were produced and printed by this company but the flagship name Argus appears to have survived. The actual printing works seems to be in another building over on Ranford Street. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN016


Wagin - Old Bank

This old building is on Tavistock Street. This was erected circa 1939 as the Wagin District Club. Later it became the premises of the West Australian Bank. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN017


Wagin - Post Office

The sunlight shines off the classic-style post office. This was constructed in 1912. An earlier post office existed next door which was used for postal staff quarters after the pictured building was opened. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN018


Wagin - Tudhoe Street

This is a view looking west along Tudhoe Street from around about where the Post Office is located. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN019


Wagin - Union Bank Building

The Union Bank building on Tudhoe Street, on the corner of Usil Lane. The building was erected in 1927. It was later the premises of Elder Smith & Co. Limited. Since 1979 it has been the local Community Centre and RSL sub-branch. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN020


Wagin - Road Board

Built in 1912, this is the Wagin Road Board building. At present the building serves as premises for the Shire of Wagin library. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN021


Wagin - Uniting Church

The Uniting Church of Wagin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Wesley Maley on 17th April, 1907. This is on Ranford Street. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN022


Wagin - St George's Anglican Church

Erection of St George's Anglican Church commenced in 1899 and was completed in 1902. This was the first church in Wagin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. A. Piesse on 29th July 1899. The land was donated by the Piesse family and they were also part of the building planning process. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN023


Wagin - St George's Hall

The imposing St Georges Hall is located across the road from the Anglican Church. This is the Parish Hall and construction was completed in 1912. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN024


Wagin - Masonic Lodge

Across the road from the Anglican church is the Masonic Lodge. It is Wagin Lodge No. 74 W.A.C. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. F. Goldsmith, Lord Bishop of Bunbury and Past Grand Chaplain on 27th November, 1907. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN025


Wagin - Big Sheep

A number of towns throughout Australia have "big" things which usually signify the importance (usually agricultural) of the town; pineapple, orange, trout etc. Wagin's is this fine merino ram over on the west side of town. Apparently this is Bart. Wagin is also noted for its annual Woolorama, the Wagin Agricultural Show, generally held in March each year. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN026


Wagin - Park

Near the western entrance to the town (near the Big Merino) is this rather attractive park complete with an enclosed waterway with bridges, benches and greenery. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN027

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