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Fremantle - East End

The eastern part of Fremantle, particularly near the port, has long been dominated by the Wool Stores and indeed still is. Queen Victoria Street is the main road in and out of Fremantle (to the north and east). The road leads from the City Centre east to the old Traffic Bridge. New apartment blocks in this area are heralding a resurgence in inner-city living. However, a healthy number of historic buildings remain


Fremantle - Arts Centre

These days it is the Fremantle Arts Centre, in the old days it was a lunatic asylum. This was built between 1861 and 1864 and is a fine piece of period architecture. It was also used one time as an old woman's home. During WW2, these buildings were used as the headquarters for U.S. forces stationed in Fremantle. It has also served as part of the Technical Education system. This is on Ord and Finnerty Streets. January 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE001


Fremantle - Caledonian Hall

Oliver's Fine Foods currently occupy 13/15 James Street, on the corner of Quarry Street. This building was erected in 1903 as the local Caledonian Hall. Some decades later, Tree's Panel Beaters operated from here. There was then a billiards room upstairs. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE002


Fremantle - Australia Hotel

This used to be a predominantly wharfie's pub, and was known as Hotel Australia. It was built in 1899. This is located on the corner of Parry and Beach Streets, just across from the rail footbridge from the port passenger terminal building. Now it's the Flag and Whistle Tavern. It is the premises for Chevron International Backpackers, at least in part. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE003


Fremantle - Australia Hotel

It seems that what was once the Flag & Whistle has now reverted to its earlier name - Australia Hotel. Or close enough. This view takes in the eastern face of the building soon to be out of sight almost forever when the proposed new seven-storey commercial and residential tower goes up on the now vacant lot to the left of picture. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE004


Fremantle - Beach Street Buildings

These buildings are on Beach Street a little to the east of the Australia Hotel. They probably would have been associated with the wool stores years ago but now host new businesses and by the look of it a few residential units upstairs. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE005


Fremantle - Rail Bridge Kiosk

On Beach Street at the southern end of the bridge which crosses the railway line, linking the port passenger terminal area to the city, is this small food kiosk. This has been here in various names and guises for many decades. At present this is Captain Munchies. You can see part of the bridge and passenger terminal and a ship in port. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE006


Fremantle - Modern Apartments

New apartment buildings springing up in this part of Fremantle. This block is on the corner Parry Street and Elder Place, next to the old wool stores and across from the Flag & Whistle Tavern. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE007


Fremantle - Stella Maris Centre

On Queen Victoria Street is the Stella Maris Centre otherwise known as the Stella Maris Club. This was erected in 1905 as a private residence for Captain Jackson, thence Mr Humble, principal of the nearby Boys' School. In 1947 it became the Stella Maris Centre, an organisation providing care for seaman. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE008


Fremantle - Stella Maris Centre

A view of the southern face of the Stella Maris Centre from Beach Street near the Australia Hotel. This aspect will soon be largely obscured when the foreground block is developed. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE009


Fremantle - Proclamation Tree

The Proclamation Tree which is located at the junction of Adelaide and Parry Streets. All the information is on the sign in the picture. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE010


Fremantle - Former Garage

On the corner of Queen Victoria Street and Parry Street is this former garage, now the home of Bike Force. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE011


Fremantle - Former Garage

Another view of the old garage accenting the wall on Queen Victoria Street which one probably housed the petrol pumps. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE012


Fremantle - Quarry Street Corner Store

This is former commercial premises at 23 Quarry Street. At one time is was known simply as The Corner Store. This was built in the early 1900's. Partially visible above door seems to read "Ales Wines Spirits" (then almost undecipherable but could be) "Retailed Here". January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE013


Fremantle - Charles Buildings

Mr George Frederick Charles had his shop and residence constructed here at 55 Queen Victoria Street in 1929. During the 1950's this was a milk depot. These days Megan Salmon, a women's fashion store, occupy the premises. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE014


Fremantle - Victoria Hall

The Victoria Hall stands on the east part of High Street, near Josephson Street. The hall was constructed in 1897 as the Parish Hall for nearby St John's Church. It was named thus as it was constructed in Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee year. Public concern saved the hall from demolition in 1974. The hall is now vested in the City of Fremantle. April 2011. Photos Ref: FTLE015


Fremantle - Wool Stores

Fremantle wool stores. This building is sadly now rather derelict with hardly an intact pane of glass. I have read in the press that the owners would like to redevelop but have had on-going issues with authorities over the plans and such like. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE016


Fremantle - Wool Stores

The wool stores buildings occupy and area bounded by Elder Place and Cantonment Street, and east from the end of Queen Street up to Parry Street. These were built progressively from 1918 for the storage of wool consignments bound for England. The buildings were owned and operated by Elder Smith who later became Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort. The buildings ceased operating as wool stores in 1982. Individual buildings are now owned by various interests. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE017


Fremantle - Wool Store

For any immigrant arriving into Fremantle by ship across so many decades, this would have been their first view of Australia. The wool stores buildings dominate the view across the railway yard. The view has hardly changed at all across the last 80 years or so. March 2009. Photos Ref: FTLE018


Fremantle - Clancy's Fish Bar

Fremantle's Clancy's Fish Bar (there are others too in least Applecross and City Beach). This is next to the Theatre and old Education building in Princess May Park, on Cantonment Street, near Parry Street. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLE019


Fremantle - Princess May Building

This aspect of the Princess May Building faces Cantonment Street, on the corner of Parry Street. This was constructed in 1854-1855 as the Fremantle Girl's School. This is currently used by the Fremantle Community Education Centre. Photos Ref: FTLE020


Fremantle - Princess May Building

This is the rear of the Princess May Building from inside Princess May Park. It's not often a rear of a building looks as pleasing as the front. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLE021


Fremantle - Princess May Building

A view of the Princess May Building as seen from Parry Street. This appears to be the front and main entrance to the building. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE022


Fremantle - Boys' School

The old Fremantle Boys' School facing Adelaide Street. This is in the same precinct and slightly west of the Princess May Building. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE023


Fremantle - FTI Bohemian Outdoor Theatre

Part of the former Fremantle Boys' School is the old Theatre building. Now this is the FTI (Film and Television Institute) Bohemian Outdoor Theatre. I recall this place once being known as PIFT. This is in Princess May Reserve. The building was constructed in 1854 as part of the old Boys' School. January 2012. Photos Ref: FTLE024


Fremantle - Catholic Church

The Basilica of St Patrick (Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate) on Adelaide Street, Fremantle. This is no Foundation Stone on the building. The church was constructed in 1900. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE025


Fremantle - Catholic Church Presbytery

Adjacent to the Basilica of St Patrick is its Presbytery. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Reverend Archbishop Clune on June 11th, 1916. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE026


Fremantle - Catholic Church and Presbytery

A view along Adelaide Terrace looking west taking in both St Patrick's Basilica and the church's Presbytery. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE027


Fremantle - Parry Street Cottages

A row of old sandstone cottages on the corner of Parry and Holdsworth Streets. Once upon a time residences, these are all now used as business premises by medical and other professionals. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLE028


Fremantle - Electricity Substation

This former electricity substation is at 12 Parry Street near Quarry Street. The building was erected in 1932. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE029


Fremantle - Park Hotel (former)

The premises at 9-11 Parry Street, on the north-west corner of Ellen Street are unmarked. It is almost certainly the former Park Hotel, built in 1893 and owned by the Josephson family for over 80 years. Structural problems in the 1990's caused the building to be significantly re-modelled. It seems that these days the building is used by St Patrick's Catholic Church as a care centre. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE030


Fremantle - Legacy

This building was erected around 1896 as premises for the Independent Order of Rechabites, a friendly society. The upper floor was added in 1904. Legacy acquired the premises in 1966. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE031


Fremantle - Christian Brother's College

One of the principal buildings of the CBC (Christian Brother's College) on Ellen Street, Fremantle. The school traces its history back on this site to 1882. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE032


Fremantle - Christian Brother's College

Another early building in the CBC (Christian Brother's College) campus. The establishment has also been known as St Patrick's School. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE033


Fremantle - Dalkeith House

Dalkeith House is located at 160 High Street and dates back to 1897. This was built as a home for Mr James Gallop. In the early 1900's Mr William Frederick Samson, former Mayor of Fremantle (1892-3), lived here. By 1974 the building had fallen into disrepair but was saved from demolition. Later occupants include the Fremantle Community School, the Rajneeshees, and a Buddhist meditation centre. Currently St John of God Murdoch Hospital use the premises for counselling purposes. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE034


Fremantle - High Street Terrace

A row of four colonial terraced houses at 207-215 High Street. These appear to used as hotel-style units at present. They would have been erected as private residences back in the late 1800's. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE035


Fremantle - Church of Christ

The Church of Christ at 217 High Street was built 1898. There is no evidence of a Foundation Stone. The front section of the church appears to be a later addition. January 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE036


Fremantle - Fothergills on Ord Street

At 18 and 20 Ord Streets is this fine brace of buildings which now make up Fothergills of Fremantle Luxury Bed and Breakfast. These were built as residences circa 1892. July 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE037


Fremantle - Letchfords Factory on Hampton Road

W. Letchford was an aerated waters (soft drink) business. The company was established in 1878 and the first factory of Crowder and Letchford was on Pakenham Street in Fremantle central. This factory building at 88 Hampton Road came later. It is now the premises of Painted Earth. July 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE038


Fremantle - Old Church

This old church is at 200 High Street, just across the road from the entrance to Monument Hill. Construction commenced in 1885. This was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was later part of Fremantle Grammar School. Although now seemingly occupied as a private residence, it looks to be falling into some disrepair. June 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE039


Fremantle - Moondyne Tavern

On the corner or Wray Avenue and Hampton Road is the Moondyne Tavern. This used to be known as the Beaconsfield Hotel (although it is not in Beaconsfield at all). It was constructed in 1894-1895 and has undergone various internal and external changes over the decades. July 2011. Photos Ref: FTLE040


Fremantle - Hampton Road Businesses

A row of old buildings on Hampton Road, on the north side of South Street. The double storey building is at 142 which was built as a shop and house in 1900. This has recently been a Tourist Hostel. The veterinary clinic on the right at 144 was constructed as a residence in 1895. July 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE041


Fremantle - Monument

The Fremantle War Memorial atop Monument Hill. The monument was erected in 1929. The hill provides panoramic views of the City of Fremantle. June 2016. Photos Ref: FTLE042


Fremantle - Old Signal Station

Driving across the wooden traffic bridge towards Fremantle, the Old Signal Station is a familiar sight. It's perched high on a hill next to what is now the Artillery Barracks Army Museum of W.A. September 2010. Photos Ref: FTLE043


Fremantle - Rail Bridge

This bridge carries the rail line from Fremantle across the Swan River to Perth. It's used for passenger trains, one is seen crossing here, and also freight trains servicing the port's north wharf. September 2010. Photos Ref: FTLE044


Fremantle - Traffic Bridge

This is the 1939 road traffic bridge bridge spanning the Swan River. A number of previous bridges existed on this section of the river before this one but as they were built they were soon found to be inadequate due to increasing traffic thus a new one was built and then the former one demolished. The pictured bridge was the only road bridge connecting Fremantle to the north up until the 1970's when the Stirling Bridge was built a bit upstream in East Fremantle. September 2010. Photos Ref: FTLE045


Fremantle - Traffic Bridge

Underneath the old traffic bridge. You can see its made almost completely of wood. The bridge was closed quite a few years ago for maintenance during which some of those beams and pillars were replaced. September 2010. Photos Ref: FTLE046

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