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This locality is nestled up in the hills east of Perth, near Walliston and Carmel, and about 24 kilometres from the city. Bickley was originally called Heidelberg (or Heidelberg Grove) but this was changed during World War One as it sounded too 'German'. There remains, however, a Heidelberg Road in the district. Early resident George Palmateer was responsible for the Heidleberg name. Bickley is named after local pioneer and MLA, Wallace Bickley


Bickley - Valley

A lovely green valley up in Bickley in late autumn. Very picturesque. Due to the area's location in the hills, Bickley usually receives a much higher annual rainfall than that recorded at the Perth (Mount Lawley) weather station, down on the coastal plain. I was wondering where exactly is the rain gauge? May 2010. Photos Ref: BICK001


Bickley - Valley

Another view of the green valley up in Bickley. May 2010. Photos Ref: BICK002


Bickley - Valley

Swivel around and face east from the above photo and this is what you see. Someone's carved up and flattened a bit of that hill to build their home. May 2010. Photos Ref: BICK003

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