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Brookhampton is a small hamlet situated off the South Western Highway, around 8 kilometres south of Donnybrook. It was first called Thomson's Brook. Originally settled for the timber industry, the area is now very diversified, boasting thriving wine, sheep, fruit growing and dairy farming. The locality was established when a rail siding was built here on the Donnybrook to Bridgetown rail line around 1898. Actual settlement would pre-date that by decades


Brookhampton - Hall

The Brookhampton Hall. This is on Brookhampton Road, just south of the Sandhills Road junction. The hall was constructed in 1899. The stone next to the hall has a plaque affixed commemorating the 1999 hall centenary. Pictured is the front of the building. Off the the right is a very large oak tree. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP001


Brookhampton - Hall

A look along the front verandah of the Brookhampton Hall. It is made of jarrah panels, with a tin roof, and it is in very good condition. Inside it is clean, spacious and includes kitchen and ancillary facilities. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP002


Brookhampton - Hall

The rear of the Brookhampton Hall. You can see the oak tree. The brick chimney contrasts with the dark jarrah woodwork. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP003


Brookhampton - Livestock Pens

Adjacent to the hall are paddocks and these sheep pens and loading ramp. A sight so typical in rural Australia. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP004


Brookhampton - School Site

Across the road from the hall is the former school site, 1898 to 1939. Nothing is left of the school now. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP005


Brookhampton - War Memorial

The local war memorial. Such a small community lost so many. You can see a sliver of the hall to the right. January 2015. Photos Ref: BHAMP006

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