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A medium-sized town on the South Western Highway about 40 kms south of Bunbury. Famed for fruit, especially apples. The once thriving southern rail lines to Boyup Brook and Bridgetown diverged here. Early settler Mr George Nash named the town after the Donnybrook suburb of Dublin, Ireland. Settlers moved in around 1842 but it took another 52 years before the town was gazetted as such. East Donnybrook was once known as Minninup


Donnybrook - Soldiers Hall

Constructed of renowned, local Donnybrook stone is the Soldiers Memorial Hall situated next to the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup administration centre on Bentley Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by the then State Governor, Sir William Macartney, on 24th September, 1919. 'PRB' on the top of the building stands for Preston Roads Board. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN001


Donnybrook - Post Office

On the South Western Highway is the town post office. This building was constructed in 1898, a few years after the nearby hotel was completed. Prior to the existence of this building, Post Office activities (then the Preston Post Office) were carried out in the Minninup police station. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN002


Donnybrook - Railway Hotel

This is a restaurant/hotel on the main street between the post office and the Donnybrook Hotel. 'Swag' says one restaurant shingle ... 'cu@68' ... says another. The building was constructed circa 1910 and then known as the Goldfields Hotel (or sometimes Club). In 1910 the name changed to the Preston Valley Hotel, and again in 1915 to the Railway Hotel. The building is still referred to as the Railway Hotel today. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN003


Donnybrook - Hotel

The Donnybrook Hotel on the South Western Highway. A timber hotel was constructed on this site in 1895 through James Kelly (The Mug) and named the Terminus Hotel, shortly after the railway arrived. He added billiards tables through which they developed some veritable champions. In those days you needed a Billiards Table licence - imagine that! The hotel was re-named as the Donnybrook Hotel in 1898 by a new owner. In 1907 the then owner, Mr George Pittman, significantly modified the hotel by having the upper storey constructed. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN004


Donnybrook - Hotel

The Donnybrook Hotel again - this time viewed from (and through) the old railway station. The name 'Pittmans' is visible on the upper brickwork. The hotel used to have a timber verandah but that was removed in the 1950's. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN005


Donnybrook - Commercial Bank

This is the former Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd, Donnybrook branch. The building was purpose built as such in 1907 and operating as a bank, fronting the South Western Highway, for many decades. The branch closed sometime in the 1980's (or thereabouts), probably when the CBA was acquired by the Bank of NSW. Since then the premises have been used by a variety of businesses. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN006


Donnybrook - Former Hotel Outbuilding

This building is located at 62 South Western Highway next to the old Commercial Bank building (a portion of the bank building is visible on the left). This was once part of the Donnybrook Hotel (located to the right) and was built circa 1900. In the early days this place served at a tobacconist, a barber's shop and later as a TAB. In 2011 "A Touch of Yesterday" vintage homewares was here. By 2022 it seems now coffee is the order of the day. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN007


Donnybrook - Tiffany's Cafe

Tiffany's Cafe on the main street. This is a view looking north up the highway. The cafe is next door to the old Co-Op building. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN008


Donnybrook - Co-Op Building

The Donnybrook Co-Op building on the South Western Highway. Current tenants include Westpac, Donnybrook Pharmacy and Phil Jansen Optometrist. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN009


Donnybrook - Fusion

Fusion Home Furnishings and Feng Shui occupies the northern section of a row of old shops fronting the South Western Highway. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN010


Donnybrook - Railway Station

The railway station viewed from where the former rail yard once existed. The rail line from Bunbury arrived here in 1893. The original station on this site gave way to the current structure in 1929. These station buildings were altered in 1938. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN011


Donnybrook - Railway Station

The Donnybrook railway station has been faithfully retained and maintained. Today is market day and it was great to wander through the stalls and take in the old station architecture and sniff the history. This is the 'road' side of the station. The station buildings are now used as headquarters for the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Information Centre. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN012


Donnybrook - Railway Station

Another picture of the old station, this time on the 'track' side. Some of the market stalls spill over onto this side. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN013


Donnybrook - Railway Good Shed

Donnybrook was a rail crew swapping point for trains travelling up and down between Bunbury and Bridgetown or Boyup Brook. This freight shed used to be fronted by rail loops and a shunting yard. A loading platform (since removed) on this side of the shed was often piled high with hessian bags full of Granny Smith apples awaiting rail cartage to market. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN014


Donnybrook - Former Station Master's House

On the northern side of the railway station is this, the former Station Master's House. This is now the Community Resource Centre. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN015


Donnybrook - Station Rotunda

Outside the railway station is this pleasant rotunda set in gardens dividing the South Western Highway and the rail precinct. Visible through the structure is the Donnybrook Hotel. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN016


Donnybrook - Guide Hall

The colourful Donnybrook Guide Hall on Ramsay Terrace, on a rather wet day. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN017


Donnybrook - Scouts Hall

This is the Ray Bode Scout Hall home to the 1st Donnybrook Scout Group. July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN018


Donnybrook - Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of Australia, All Saints Church, Donnybrook, established in 1907. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: "AD Majorem Dei Gloriam. Hung Lapidem Posuit. Iohannes Winthrop Hackett LLD. XXV11 Oct. A.D. 1906". Photo - July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN019


Donnybrook - Catholic Church

St Mary's Catholic Memorial Church, Donnybrook. The Foundation Stone proclaims that the Church was Blessed and Dedicated by The Most Rev. Myles McKeon, Bishop of Bunbury, on 12th October 1969. St Mary's Primary School is adjacent to the Church. Photo - July 2014. Photos Ref: DONN020


Donnybrook - Masonic Lodge

On the South-Western Highway towards the south end of town is the Donnybrook Masonic Lodge No.87. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Rt Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Bishop of Perth, on September 6th, 1912. Photo - July 2018. Photos Ref: DONN021


Donnybrook - Bridge in Gnangangarich Park

This bridge spans the Preston River. It's off to the east side of the main street (visible are the backs of some of the main street buildings). The bridge leads down to the Preston River and weir. The area down there is called the Preston River Foreshore and/or Gnangangarich Park. Photo - February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN022


Donnybrook - Weir on Preston River

This small dam on the Preston River forms this weir. It's nicely over-flowing so there is a steady flow of water down-stream. It is very picturesque in the park by the river. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN023


Donnybrook - South Western Highway

This is the South Western Highway just south of town. That sandy streak on the left, winding off into the distance, covers the Donnybrook - Boyup Brook railway line. The track has been mostly obscured by the sand but the track itself has not been lifted. February 2011. Photos Ref: DONN024

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