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Brunswick Junction

A dairying centre on the South Western Highway only 25 kms north of Bunbury and 160 kms south of Perth. Once an important rail junction servicing traffic on the Perth - Bunbury line, and also the line running up to Collie. The town was established in 1898 and named after the local river which in turn was named after the House of Brunswick.  A major purchaser and processor of milk, Peters Creamery, is located in the town. Many dairy cow sculptures dot the town


Brunswick - Welcome Sign

Brunswick Junction, the cream of the South West which refers to the local milk production of course. July 2015. Photos Ref: BRWJ001


Brunswick - Memorial Hall

The Brunswick Memorial Hall on the South Western Highway. The jacaranda offers great additional colour. The hall was built to commemorate those who fell in World War I. This front section of the hall would have been built around 1920. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ002


Brunswick - Memorial Hall

This is a side view of the hall. As it shows, this face and the rear of the hall were added in 1936. December 2013. Photos Ref: BRWJ003


Brunswick - South Western Highway looking south

The main street of Brunswick, the South Western Highway, looking south. In the distance you can see the Peter's Creamery. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ004


Brunswick - Tavern

Erected in 1904, this is the Brunswick Tavern formerly known as the Brunswick Hotel. There used to be another hotel in town, the Black Swan, which was apparently located close to the railway station. The Black Swan pre-dated the Brunswick Hotel. December 2013. Photos Ref: BRWJ005


Brunswick - Post Office

Again on the main street, here is the Post Office. Not sure if it still functions as such due to the "Jones Trading Post" shingle. Cows like the three in the picture are all over town, some made out of bits of metal and cans etc. It all adds to the charm of the town and the pride they obviously take in being a dairy centre. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ006


Brunswick - Old Shops

Facing the South Western Highway is this brace of shops which at present are unoccupied. December 2013. Photos Ref: BRWJ007


Brunswick - Re-Stumpers Shop

On the South Western Highway is this really small historic building currently occupied by a housing re-stumping and floor levelling business. March 2014. Photos Ref: BRWJ008


Brunswick - Anglican Church

St Peters Anglican Church Brunswick within the Anglican Parish of Brunswick/Burekup. The Foundation Stone was laid by K. M. Eastman Esq., W.M. of the Lodge of Freemasons of St Matthews in 1907. The stone is too worn to read some words. December 2013. Photos Ref: BRWJ009


Brunswick - Peter's Creamery

Peter's Creamery Factory has been here for decades. Once upon a time the 3 major creameries had their factories in locations all around 20-30 km from Bunbury. Peters here in Brunswick, Watsonia in Capel, and Sunnywest in Boyanup. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ010


Brunswick - Cow on the Corner

'Cow On The Corner' welcomes passers by on the north side of town. There are many miniatures all over town and beside the incoming roads. Even all the street signs have little cows on them. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ011


Brunswick - Dunny

An iconic Aussie dunny (you can see it in the background in the above 'Cow' photo). It sits behind the hall. Not sure as to its functional status but never mind - these buildings are disappearing fast off the Aussie landscape and therefore worth capturing - on camera anyway. December 2010. Photos Ref: BRWJ012


Brunswick - Town Cows

On the main street, opposite the old post office, are these rather cleverly built Friesian cows. They are everywhere (well, almost) - the town has well and truly adopted the cow as its emblem, and as a very important dairying centre. February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ013


Brunswick - Railway Station

Brunswick railway station as it is today. A few decades ago there was a very grand two-story railway station building here that occupied the site between the tracks, off where those bushes are on the left. This is viewed from across the highway in front of Peters. February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ014


Brunswick - Cricket Club

Inside the Brunswick show-grounds, off a bit to the west of the main street. This is the Brunswick-Roelands Cricket club pavilion. In this area is also home of Harvey-Brunswick-Leschenault Football Club. February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ015


Brunswick - Guide Hall

Also in the show-grounds area is the Brunswick Guide Hall which overlooks the football oval. This building was formerly the Chapel at the Anglican Sisters of St Elizabeth of Hungary Convent at 192 Spencer Street in Bunbury. It was constructed in 1928 and would have been moved to Brunswick after the Sisters returned to England in 1957. February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ016


Brunswick - Guide Hall

Another look at the Guide Hall some seven and a half years on. July 2018. Photos Ref: BRWJ017


Brunswick - Brunswick River Weir

The Brunswick River tumbles over the weir surrounded by parkland at the north end of town. March 2014. Photos Ref: BRWJ018


Brunswick - Brunswick River

A view of the Brunswick River as it heads west, under the South Western Highway Bridge. March 2014. Photos Ref: BRWJ019


Brunswick - Rail Bridge

About 500 metres of so east of the South Western Highway, the railway line crosses the Brunswick River. March 2014. Photos Ref: BRWJ020


Brunswick - Last Word on Cows

The last word? Well, maybe. This was spotted in a paddock a kilometre or two north of town. It turned my head. Very clever. February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ021

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