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Originally established in 1910 as a new railway siding on the Picton - Pinjarra line, the town was then known as Boorekup. The spelling on the name changed the same year to conform with Lands and Surveys rules of Orthography (as did many others). Even though development of the area commenced around 1914, it wasn't until 1973 that the town was actually gazetted as such. The area contains rich farming country with a focus on dairying


Burekup - Town Sign

Welcome to Burekup, Henty Country. This attractive park is right in the centre of town. I don't know who Rus is but happy anniversary anyway. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE001


Burekup - General Store

A typical country town store which sells just about everything apart from fuel. This is on the main street, Russell Road. The store was constructed in 1914. Up until fairly recently above the door read "Welcome to the Burekup Store". Seems odd that this has now been painted out. Not welcome anymore? April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE002


Burekup - Hall

The solid Burekup Hall on the main street which was built in 1914 and now is home of the Burekup District Country Club. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE003


Burekup - School Mural

The River Valley Primary School located on Russell Road has this mural depicting local logging and wood milling activities from days gone by, along with farming and transport. The first school opened in Burekup 1913 but has been demolished. The River Valley school opened in 1999. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE004


Burekup - CWA Hall

The CWA Hall is more or less opposite the General Store on Russell Road. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE005


Burekup - Anglican Church

On the corner of Hutchinson and Russell Roads is the St John the Divine Anglican Church. It was consecrated on April 24th 1938 by Bishop Knight. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE006


Burekup - Road Bridge over Collie River

The South Western Highway crosses the Collie River just adjacent to the Burekup townsite. The wooden bridge shakes and creaks a little which is very evident if you are standing underneath when a truck passes overhead. This bridge dates back to 1929. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE007


Burekup - Rail Bridge over Collie River

Running alongside the Collie River road bridge is this concrete and steel rail bridge which has long been a familiar landmark for people travelling up an down the highway. It's always been a favourable place to view or photograph passing trains. April 2013. Photos Ref: BURE008

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