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Carine is a northern suburb of Perth established in the early 1970's, which is south of Duncraig and 15 kms north of Perth. Originally Carine included the suburbs of Hamersley, North Beach and Waterman but these later became suburbs in their own rights. The Carine name was proposed by the City of Stirling and gained official approval in 1973. It is named after the Carine Swamps (big and little) which were named thus around 1865 by surveyor, R. Quin


Carine - Paperbarks in Wetlands

A paperbark forest alongside the Big Carine Swamp makes a good picture. This area is still regarded as a swampland although the lake boundaries are now mostly defined. Two lakes (or swamps) now exist and water levels are mostly dependent on rainfall and therefore can vary considerably throughout the year. Storm water is released through the drainage system into the Big Carine Swamp. November 2009. Photos Ref: CARN001


Carine - Carine Lake

This is the Little Carine Swamp, the one closest to Beach Road. It looks good today, full of ducks and other water birds, and still a lot of water in it after a long, hot summer. April 2010. Photos Ref: CARN002


Carine - Wetlands Bush

This piece of preserved bush is within the Carine Regional Open Space. It's a pleasant walk along the tracks in here. This is situated between the Big and Little Carine Swamps. April 2010. Photos Ref: CARN003


Carine - Helen Strickland Arena

The Riding for the Disabled Association, Carine, is adjacent to the wetlands. Pictured is the Helen Strickland Arena. There are 17 such centres in Western Australia. The head office is located in the State Equestrian Centre at Brigadoon. Horses are housed in this yard or graze in the paddocks off to the left. April 2010. Photos Ref: CARN004


Carine - Shopping Centre New Building

Pictured is a new wing of the Carine Glades shops built in 2011, where the swimming centre used to be. This is behind the main shopping block off Beach Road. Although called Carine Glades, the shopping centre is actually in Duncraig. Carine does not have a shopping centre within its suburban boundaries. October 2011. Photos Ref: CARN005


Carine - Tavern

Next door to the Carine Glades shopping centre is the Carine Tavern, again in Duncraig despite the name. The tavern has rather good fare in its restaurant and is recommended for supper though do try and pre-book a table. The restaurant is family friendly and has both indoor and outdoor dining areas. October 2011. Photos Ref: CARN006


Carine - Almadine Drive Deli

Right over in west Carine is this deli nearly on the corner of Almadine Drive and Marmion Avenue. It's been here for years. Behind is a Red Rooster. January 2018. Photos Ref: CARN007


Carine - Almadine Drive Block

Almost across the road from the old deli is this new business building. Current tenants include Ping Ming Health, Design Edge and Regular Coffee Company. January 2018. Photos Ref: CARN008


Carine - Ives Retirement Complex

Very slightly east of the above block is Gemstone Drive. St Ives retirement apartment community is here. January 2018. Photos Ref: CARN009


Carine - Gemstone Bvd Apartments

Further up Gemstone Drive and past St Ives are these modern apartments. On the other side is Marmion Avenue. Upper apartments would probably see the ocean. January 2018. Photos Ref: CARN010

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